Salaries For Program Associate

A program associate takes responsibility for the budget, donor programs, expenses, and funds from other organizations. You must have the ability to plan events and organize skillfully as this is one of the vital roles. The salary ranges will give us an idea of which state or city offers the best opportunity.let us know about that the Salaries For Program Associate.

Salaries For Program Associate

Answer Paragraph:

A program associate has several responsibilities and roles to play for an organization or institution. You have to cover the roles of an office administrator, project manager, and strategic planner. Like many jobs, the salary range varies among cities, states, and location-wise. The average salary of a program associate in the US is $76 784 per year. The salary ranges from $23 718 to $165 380. From this 57% makes $72 510 to $94 500 and 86% make $165 380. Apart from this, the program associate needs to pay a federal tax of 22% and this comes down to $63 952 average per year as a take-home salary. The highest paying salary is in Portland, Oregon which is estimated to be $99 734. This is 30% more than the whole US average. 

Salaries Of A Program Associate Area-Wise:

The salaries of program associates vary according to their living costs and locations as we will see here. According to reports the salary distribution is given as follows: 

  • Fremont, California- An average of $64 500, a fed tax of 22%, and a California state tax of 9.3% make it $51 367. The salary ranges from $60 000 to $70 000.
  • Wichita, Kansas- An average of $78 781, a fed tax of 22%, and a Kansas state tax of 5.7% make it $61 554. The salary ranges from $24 335 to $169 680.
  • Seattle, Washington- An average of $39 000, a fed tax of 22% makes it $34 481. The salary ranges from $31 200 to $46 800.
  • Oakland, California- An average of $64 500, a fed tax of 22%, and a California state tax of 9.3% make it $51 367. The salary ranges from $60 000 to $70 000.
  • Washington, DC- An average of $62 099, a fed tax of 22%, and a District of Columbia tax of 8.5% make it $$48 819. The salary ranges from $30 000 to $165 380.
  • Lubbock, Texas- An average of $83 234, a fed tax of 24% makes it $68 969. The salary ranges from $25 710 to $179 272.
  • Raleigh Durham, North Carolina- An average of $79 390. A fed tax of 22% and a North Carolina state tax of 5.5% make it $61 619. The salary ranges from $24 643 to $171 830.
  • Laredo, Texas- An average of $68 999, a fed tax of 22% makes it $57 879. The salary ranges from $21 417 to $149 338.
  • Stockton, California- An average of $64 500, a fed tax of 22%, and a California state tax of 9.3% make it $51 367. The salary ranges from $60 000 to $70 000. 
  • Sacramento, California- An average of $64 500, a fed tax of 22%, and a California state tax of 9.3% make it $51 367.

Highest Paid Cities For Program Associates In The US:

Program associates have several job opportunities in the US but you need to choose the right location and consider the costs involved to live in that particular area. These are the highest paying cities in the US:

City                                                                          Annual                     Monthly

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Atkinson, Nebraska                                              $54 454                   $4 537

San Jose, California                                             $52 416                   $4 368

Frankston, Texas                                                  $51 823                   $4 318

Seattle, Washington                                             $50 653                   $4 221

Barnstable Town, Massachusetts                     $50 283                   $4 190

Concord, California                                              $49 884                    $4 157

Inverness, California                                            $49 870                    $4 155

Wasilla, Alaska                                                     $49 358                    $4 113

Dimondale, Missouri                                            $48 620                   $4 051

Manhattan, New York                                          $48 188                   $4 015 

There are many related jobs to a program associate in the US such as program strategist, program management, program manager, or associate program manager. These jobs have a salary ranging from $72 773 to $103 596 yearly. 

The Life And Costs Of A Program Associate:

A program associate in the US gets an average base salary of $76 451 in a year and a bonus of $333. The monthly salary comes to $5 329 and has to pay rent of $2506 per month. This is 47.02% of their monthly take-home salary. Whether you want to work in New York or Nebraska, you need to consider the living costs before you move to a new location. Remember to check on the listings for apartments and costs for other necessities. Besides the costs of living and other expenses, the program associate also has to pay federal taxes. So, if you are looking for good pay you should plan your steps before going to a better job as a program associate. There are variations in salary in different areas, for example, a program associate reported that she makes $48 000 per year in Washington. Another person said he makes $80 000 per year in Los Angeles. While another report said that a program associate makes $73 500 per year in San Francisco. 


Program associates are responsible for the overall program and management of a project so that it runs smoothly. He or she has to be good at organizing events and carrying out all the required tasks, such as researching and analyzing data, and planning and executing any event smoothly. If you are willing to find the best paying place then you meet the requirements as well. 


What qualifications are needed to become a program associate?

The program associate’s qualification is a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field and some experience in planning and executing events.

Which is the lowest paying state in the US for program associates?

The lowest paying state would be Chicago, Illinois with $38, 480, which is 50% lower than the US average.

Where do program associates get the highest in the US?

The highest salary paid to program associates in the US is in Portland and Boston is the second highest.

Salaries For Program Associate

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