What Are The Salaries Of Account Coordinators?

Perhaps being an account coordinator interests you; you probably want to know how much salary you would make. Your answers are right here. This article gives a run-through of how much account coordinators make and if you are looking in the right direction. Read on. Let us know ‘What Are The Salaries Of Account Coordinators?’.

What Are The Salaries Of Account Coordinators?

How Much Do Account Coordinators Make Yearly?

As with other jobs, a salary is a must-consider option while seeking a position. That said, how much should you expect as an account coordinator? An average account coordinators salaries is $43,500. Many US account coordinators also testify to receiving a bonus that’s about 4% of their salaries. However, pay is also dependent on the company’s size, location, and the candidate’s level of experience and qualifications. 

What Do Accounting Coordinators Do?

An account coordinator is a subsidiary of an account manager. They help the company maintain effective communication with clients and adequately manage their accounts. 

Accounting Coordinators work hand in hand with the marketing and sales team to inform them how the accounts are faring; this helps marketers set reasonable goals. Plus, they also assist account managers in managing and overseeing clients. 

Duties and Responsibilities of Account Coordinators 

Every job position has specific duties they have to undergo in the company they are in. For instance, the account coordinators are the business client’s first contact with the company. More so, account coordinators also handle administrative tasks related to accounts. Other primary responsibilities include: 

  • Attending to clients’ questions and problems
  • Stays in touch with clients to update them on products and technical support. 
  • Puts together promotional items for both existing and new clients
  • Overseeing the company’s budget and keeping account managers informed on any issues

Required Skills and Qualifications for Account Coordinators

To make it in the industry as an account coordinator, you must have a particular skill set. Here is a list: 

  • Communication skills– An account coordinator regularly communicate with clients. The ability to communicate the company’s intentions properly is imperative! The only way to do that is by honing the right communication skills. 
  • Attention to details– As an account coordinator, you must inspect several account statements. Hence, the ability to spot an error or something that doesn’t look right is critical! 
  • Problem-solving/critical thinking skills– How you decide to tackle a problem as an account coordinator is essential. To properly do this, you need to master the art of problem-solving! 
  • Ability to multitask– Being an account coordinator means having much to do. To succeed in the field, you have to know how to execute different tasks within a short time. 
  • Organizational skills– This skill is integral across the various accounting jobs in the industry. The account coordinator is no exception. 
  • Computer literacy– An account coordinator will be in regular contact with computers. The ability to navigate and use the computer as required can’t be overemphasized. 
  • Thorough understanding of their company’s products– When an account coordinator understands the product their company sells, he knows how to communicate more professionally with clients. It gives an appearance of certainty, which bolsters trust. 
  • Creative thinking

Education and Experience Requirements of an Accounting Coordinator

The experience requirements are close to none since the account coordinator’s role is more or less an entry-level position in most companies. However, some employers prefer candidates with at least two years in marketing, sales, or business administration. Also, an experience with the company’s products can give candidates an edge. 

An accounting coordinator applicant should have a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in advertising, business, or marketing. However, a high school diploma applicant can be employed by companies that host a training program. 

 How Much Should an Account Coordinator Expect?

An account coordinator’s position in a company is not top tier. However, it is a great start to climb up in your career as an accountant. That said, an account coordinator earns about $43,000 annually. Nonetheless, the salary range can vary depending on your qualifications, the company’s size, and where the business is situated. 

Other Jobs Similar to Account Coordinating 

Perhaps you don’t quite fancy the account coordinator job description; here are other picks you might want to consider: 

  • Account manager
  • Account executive 

Both of the jobs above have similar responsibilities to being an account coordinator. You can check them out and see if they are closer to what you are looking for.


Being an account coordinator is an excellent choice for starting as an accountant. However, it comes with its checklist, like with other professions. One of the items on this checklist is salary. It is integral that you know how much an account coordinator stands to gain in the company you are interested in. There are no fixed salary ranges, and note that, different regions and state have different salary ranges for the same job. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Being an Account Manager the Same as an Account Coordinator?

An account coordinator and manager have different responsibilities. For one, an account manager oversees clients’ accounts broadly. Hence, they are in the position of resolving problems tendered by the account coordinator. At the same time, an account coordinator is a subsidiary of an account manager. They are responsible for regular communication with the company’s clients. 

  • Can an Account Coordinator Become an Account Manager Later on?

An account coordinator can become an account manager. Perhaps a company acknowledges how well an applicant had worked as an account coordinator; when the role of an account manager becomes vacant, Thu can promote them. 

  • Who Do Account Coordinators Work With?

The company’s clients first contact our account coordinators. Account coordinators report to superior accounting executives like account supervisors, managers, and directors. 

What Are The Salaries Of Account Coordinators?

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