Salaries For E2 Seaman Apprentice Navy-Know More

The United States Navy E2 Seaman Apprentice (E-2) is an enlisted job in the U.S. Navy that can provide sailors with a career with opportunities for progression and rewards. They are considered entry-level jobs requiring some training and experience before a promotion to the rank of E3 or higher. For many sailors, this is their first posting in the Navy, although not needed as long as you have at least 45 days of active duty time on your record before joining the program. The Navy’s E-2 program provides a few options to those wishing to make the transition from civilian life to military service. let us know more about that the Salaries For E2 Seaman Apprentice Navy-Know More.

Salaries For E2 Seaman Apprentice Navy-Know More

Salaries For E2 Seaman Apprentice Navy 

The salaries for an E2 Seaman Apprentice Navy range from $15,437 to $24,462 per year. A Seaman Apprentice is promoted to E-3 after three months of active duty service. Navy enlisted rank insignia are also called ‘rate,’ and pay is determined by a combination of the rank and number of years in service at the time of detachment. It is common practice to list all pay rates received whenever, showing all salary averaging across the council. The military uses a mixed mean throughout a career rather than annualized amounts.

How The Pay Is Calculated?

Enlisted personnel is paid using the 2016 military pay tables, although new enlistees receive smaller percentages of their minimum wage until they amass good points to commensurate their rank. Active duty enlisted members may reenlist for future active duty or period extension periods without renumerating any further enrollment bonus. They may persist on active duty in the Selected Reserve, Ready Reserve, or Inactive Ready Reserve (IRR) at no supplementary charge. (United States Navy and U.S. Marine Corps enlisted personnel are paid monthly, while U.S. Coast Guard enlisted members are paid bi-weekly.)

Pay Per Experience

Enlisted sailors at this rank with more than two years of experience (and, in some minimal situations, up to four years) may be eligible for a special incentive on advancement called a “selective reenlistment bonus” or SRB. Pay varies by year of service and number of “points.” credited. Credit for time served in the United States Army or previous service in any constituent of the U.S. Armed Forces (including the National Guard) is awarded a point for every month served. These points are awarded retroactively to the posting date so that SRB for a sailor with four years in the Navy will be calculated beginning at four years and ending and increasing until 16 years, when it is capped. The SRB may be awarded to sailors reenlisting for the following ranks: E-4, E-5, and E-6.

Your Career As An E2 Seaman Apprentice

Entry Level Jobs In The Navy

The United States Navy EC2 Seaman Apprentice (EC-2) is an ENTRY LEVEL job in the U.S. Navy. 

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The United States Navy’s highest enlisted rank is Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON). Ranked just above the CPO of the Navy, MCPON is a special chief petty officer who assists the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) in all matters affecting the morale, well-being, and sizeable welfare of enlisted sailors.

The CNO, an admiral, is the only person who can promote an enlisted sailor to the rank of MCPON. All chief petty officers in pay grade E-9 are eligible for selection to MCPON. The current MCPON is Steven S. Giordano, sworn into office on May 19, 2016.

Navy Ranks: What Is The Difference Between Them?

The U.S. Navy is one of the world’s largest and most progressive forces. To keep track of it all, the Navy has a ranking system, and within this ranking system are four different pay grades.

U.S. Navy Officer Pay

The Navy is the smallest of three branches, but according to the military pay scale for officers, its personnel is paid more than any other service. The average base pay for an officer with 0-5 years experience is $4,055 per month and rises with each level up to $9,029 per month on average at 20-25 years experience.

U.S. Navy Enlisted Pay

While the Navy’s enlisted personnel are paid less than officers, they are compensated with benefits and furtherance opportunities in return for their service. The minimum pay for an enlisted sailor is $1,962 per month, rising with every pay grade up to $2,932 at E-8 (18 years of experience).

U.S. Navy Recruit In Bonus

Like the Marine Corps’ “The Old Man & The Mascot” enrollment bonus, the recruiting bonus is a one-time bonus offer that occurs once a year after joining the Navy (or whichever service you are joining). The bonus is $8,000 annually for four years ($32,000), spread out in $1,000 increments. The bonus is customarily paid over several months once you have completed the basic conditions of boot camp and are about to begin job training.

The Navy has a comprehensive network of opportunities available for all men and women who wish to serve, including options for those looking for college tuition assistance through the Navy College Program. 

Their remote areas can be just as dangerous, as was demonstrated when nine sailors were killed when their MH-53E Sea Dragon helicopter exploded into flames while returning from anti-piracy operations in Africa.

Navy Rates and their Ranks

The “Seaman” title is the pay grade given to all Navy enlisted personnel, regardless of branch or job. The “Apprentice” title is assigned to E-2 sailors but is sometimes held by those with pay grades of E-3 and below. This article will focus on the job of a Seaman Apprentice, with information on the other jobs in the same pay grade provided where possible.

Basic Navy Pay Ranks

In addition to this pay, the following allowances are authorized for all E-2s:

All of these allowances are paid monthly from September through March. The NAFI allowance is paid in two payments, one around the 1st of each month and another at the end of each month. For example, a sailor’s “first of month” allowance can be paid on September 1, and their last payment is sent out on October 31. When sailors separate from active duty, they may continue to receive their NAFI allowance until they reach eligibility age.


In conclusion, Seaman Apprentices earn a salary that begins at the basic pay for an E-2 of $1,596.50 per month and is capped at a maximum of $2,932.00 per month, for an increase of $335.50 each year of service (not including bonuses). Luckily for most military service members (especially those in the Navy or Coast Guard), room and board are paid either in part or whole by the government during their enlistment, depending on rank and whether they live in a dormitory or off base.

Salaries For E2 Seaman Apprentice Navy-Know More

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