Salaries For E-4 Petty Officer 3rd Class Navy

Navy and marine corps enlisted personnel are grouped into pay grades with enough training, experience, and responsibility levels. A seaman with less than two years’ service at the entry-level is assigned to pay grade E-1. A seaman who has served two years or more is promoted to the E-2 pay grade. The next step is the E-3 pay grade, representing petty officers (noncommissioned officers). These sailors are regarded as specialists and instructors for other sailors in their divisions. Promotions to this grade are based on time in service, performance evaluations, and their commanding officers’ recommendations.let us know about that the Salaries For E-4 Petty Officer 3rd Class Navy.

Salaries For E-4 Petty Officer 3rd Class Navy

Salaries For E-4 Petty Officer 3rd Class Navy

Officers in this pay grade receive a salary of $12,710 to $50,000. Sailors in this position aiming at a higher-paying career may be expected to take a pay cut when they begin their training by accepting lower salaries. These sailors are promoted to higher pay grades based on specialized training results.

Detailed Job Description: What An E-4 Does?

A petty officer third class serves as one of the midshipmen for a vessel. They help keep order among their sailors and ensure tasks are completed competently by their fellow seamen. Petty officers keep their superiors informed of their progress and any concerns they have to ensure there are no gaps in the completion of an order.

Petty officers are expected to possess strong leadership qualities and be willing to take command if the situation demands it. They supervise crewmembers performing duties, such as cleaning or cooking. Petty officers train sailors under their supervision and engage in activities that will prepare them for advancement in rank. A petty officer third class may be promoted to E-5 after serving three years in this pay grade only if they demonstrate superior leadership ability and can complete the training necessary for the new rank.

Factors Affecting The Salary

In addition to proficiency in their job and advancement in rank, salary increases are based on various factors. A seaman who has served less than two years will receive $1,026 monthly. A petty officer third class who has served two to three years will be given $1,422. Those with over three years of experience can earn up to $2,570 per month.

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Education Requirements

Petty officers are expected to advance their education and increase their pay by taking specialized training programs approved by the navy or marines. These programs include only the most essential subjects to ensure sailors get the best possible training for the military environment. Advancement in rank will be based on a sailor’s training, performance, and the commanding officer’s recommendations.

Advancement Opportunities

Promotions to higher pay grades are dependent on a sailor’s specialization. Those who demonstrate strong leadership skills are promoted faster. Sailors often need to learn new skills to advance in rank. The skills can include navigation, training programs for sailors in their division, or supervisory abilities tested by the advancement board and proven successful.

 Salaries Across The USA

Salaries for E-4 petty officer 3rd class navy may vary across the States, but they generally range within the above range. Some of the highest paying states are Alaska ($42,240), Hawaii ($33,680), and California ($33,680). In terms of lowest paying states, the lowest paying state is Hawaii ($26,740).

Salaries For E-4 Petty Officer 3rd Class Navy in various cities

Various cities have variations in the monthly payment range for an E-4 petty officer 3rd class navy. The highest-paying city is Honolulu, with a yearly salary of $51,590. The lowest-paying city is San Francisco, with a yearly salary of $29,470.

How To Become An E-4 Petty Officer 3rd Class Navy?

Those who want to become third-class petty officers must enlist in the Navy and participate in boot camp. After completing basic training and any additional training, they are required to complete by the Navy; they can enter advanced pay grade training programs. They will train for an average of 12 months to become E-4 petty officers third class. The applicants must pass a physical inspection at the time of or before completing their training to ensure they meet the minimum health requirements to begin receiving their salaries and benefits.

How To Advance As An E-4 Petty Officer 3rd Class Navy?

Those who have served in this pay grade may be promoted to E-5 if they show abilities and skills that make them desirable for progression up to their next rank. It takes three years’ service as an E-4 petty officer third class to be considered for promotion, and those selected must complete specialized training courses to be promoted. The techniques are administered in both classroom and on-the-job settings and may take up to an extra year.

A Petty Officer 3rd Class Navy With Only Four Years Of Experience Makes Around $12,000 A Year. Those Who Serve In This Pay Grade for at least five years are Promoted to E-5 and make around $50,000 a year. As a Senior Petty Officer 3rd Class, You Will Have The Chance To Earn A Base Pay Of ~$60,000 With The Opportunity To Earn Additional Pay For Your Leadership And Special Skills. Click the Below Link to Learn More About the Navy’s Enlisted Sailors:

Other Benefits For E-4 Petty Officer 3rd Class Navy

The officer is entitled to other benefits such as health care, retirement, vacation, paid holidays, and sick leave. The officer is also entitled to cost of living increases in base pay each year. In addition, the officer receives special compensation for designated hazardous duties, such as diving and parachute jumping. The officer can also be eligible for hostile fire and imminent danger pay.

Career Pathway

After attaining the rank of petty officer third class, advancement to the next pay grade, E-4, is determined by biannually scores on a Navy-wide exam. The following two steps up the career ladder are petty officers first class (E-5) and chief petty officer (E-6). The highest enlisted rank in the Navy is that of master chief petty officer (E-9), followed by fleet/force/command master chief petty officer (E-9). The latter two ranks are attained through longevity, performance evaluations, and leadership abilities.

The Final Thoughts

The Navy and the Marine Corps are hiring in a big way. There are openings in the enlisted ranks with pay that most young people can reasonably pursue. Training will be required, but many of these positions can provide a stable career path with good pay and generous benefits. We recommend checking out the Navy E-4 job description daily for updates on the filled openings; this is also a good source of information to help you learn more about how your career opportunities may change over time.

Salaries For E-4 Petty Officer 3rd Class Navy

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