Salaries For Commercial Underwriter 

Commercial Underwriters are the people who are the deciding factor whether a borrower’s loan application is approved or is it not. The underwriter is the one who evaluates the risk which arrives when a potential borrower applies for a loan whether with a mortgage, insurance, a loan broker, or any other type of financial institution. To simplify underwriting could be seen as a process through which one takes on financial risks for a certain amount of fee.  Commercial underwriters are also responsible for the structure of payment agreements and also verify all the application-related documentation presented. They serve in the fields of insurance, banking, and stock market industries. let us know about that the Salaries For Commercial Underwriter.

Salaries For Commercial Underwriter

Salary offered to a commercial underwriter

The average estimated salary for a commercial underwriter is $85,854 per annum in the US. The highest salary offered to a commercial underwriter is $95,978 per annum in the US, and the lowest one offered to a commercial underwriter is $45,912 per annum. Among the types of underwriters, the insurance underwriter earns the most among them with an average salary of $96,570 per annum. The national mean salary of an insurance underwriter is $76,880. The salaries of an insurance underwriter may vary depending on the place where you work at.

Commercial underwriter

An underwriter is the one who reviews credit history, the assets, the appraisal of the home for mortgage applicants, also the size of the loan, and the medical history for the insurance. He then decides whether the application should be declined or approved based on the risk that is presented during the evaluation. 

There are three types of underwriters it includes Insurance underwriters, mortgage underwriters, and securities underwriters. The role of each type of underwriter is different. An insurance underwriter is the one who assesses the risk for one’s life insurance. A mortgage underwriter is the most common underwriter there are, he manages the loan application for the potential homeowners and the securities underwriters are the people who look through the risk and appropriate price of particular securities. It is most often related to the IPO and is performed on the behalf of a potential investor.

What to expect from the job?

If one is interested in pursuing a role in the financial or the insurance industry and still hasn’t decided their path, one can consider commercial underwriting as a career. The role of an underwriter revolves around the research and review of applications for loans and insurance which may have potential risks in them.  commercial underwriters make a high salary with room for promotions, bonuses, and advancements in their roles. It offers a stable work-life environment by collaborating with the clients and other employees on daily basis. The average commercial underwriter in the US earns up to $84,942 with an average bonus worth $3,775, representing 4% of their salary. Commercial underwriters make the most amount of money in San Francisco at $121,839 which equals 43% greater than the average salary in the US. With one filing for tax with an estimated federal tax of 24% taken out, a commercial underwriter can expect $70,266 to take home with them. commercial underwriters make $54,144 per annum or $26.03 per hour on average in the US according to different sources. The highest a commercial underwriter earns on the spectrum is $83,000 and the lowest one can expect is $35,000 per annum.

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Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Roles and responsibilities

He has and role and responsibility in reviewing and verifying the loan application and the supporting documentation, he is also the one who defines the terms and conditions of the insurance coverage and the premium one will receive. He is supposed to reassess risk when the policies come up for renewal, he makes the decisions for the loan eligibility for an applicant and whether to approve or decline the application. He is the one who communicates with the loan officers and the management for the maintenance of a case-to-case follow-up for potential clients. He also requested additional information about the client for a thorough and exact evaluation beyond the application presented. 

Factors affecting the salary range

  1. Experience plays a major role in deciding the salary range for any job so does it for the job of a commercial underwriter. The salary varies with the years of experience one has in the field. One at entry level with an experience of less than 1 year earns an amount of $42,806 per annum while one with an experience of more than 3 years earns $52,304 per annum. One with experience of more than 6 years earns $66,447 per annum whereas one with experience of more than 15 years earns $85,740 per annum. The salary for one having experience of more than 20 years in the field is around $113,551. 
  1. Location is among the factors affecting the salary range for a job. Working in a metropolitan city makes the average salary range for the job higher than in smaller cities. The salary range for a commercial underwriter in New York City is around $90,490 per annum while in Las Vegas one earns an amount of $87,388 per annum. The salary range in Boston and Denver is around $84,215 and $82,093 per annum respectively for the job of a commercial underwriter. In Miami, one earns an amount of $5; in Washington DC, a commercial underwriter earns a salary amount of around $58,454 per annum. 
  1. Salaries in different states,the salary of a commercial underwriter varies depending on the city one lives in. New York offers the highest salary to a commercial underwriter there with the amount of $ 96,570, while new jersey presents an amount of a total of $88,510 to their underwriters.  California put s forward an amount of $88,140 as salary slightly down than new jersey. Massachusetts extends an amount of $82,540 whereas Georgia presents $81,290 as the salary amount. New Hampshire and Washington are close to the offers they present with $ 81,280 and $81,210 for the latter. Among all South Dakota and North Carolina put forward $78,370 and $78,220 respectively as salary amounts for a commercial underwriter. 


Also known as insurance underwriters, commercial underwriters perform the practice of risk analyses on the applicant’s insurance applications and he is the one to determine whether to decline or accept the insurance coverage. The salary range varies with the location and even at the experience bar too. An average senior commercial underwriter earns up to $103,000 per year or $52.82 per hour. While the entry-level position’s salary starts at an amount of $88,350 per annum whereas the most experienced ones get up to $130,000 per annum. But there is always room for increment and promotions but education, experience, and location are the factors affecting them too just like the salary range of a commercial underwriter.

Salaries For Commercial Underwriter 

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