Salaries For College Baseball Umpire

The role of umpires is the most important part of every match because the entire output of the competition depends on the umpire’s decision. That’s why umpires should be knowledgeable about all laws and impartial with clear eyesight. Umpires have numerous things to do before the competition and during the competition. Before the competition- umpires check that players and coaches are following the law, whether the playground is ready for the competition or not, check out all the equipment according to the law, and more. During the competition- whether players are following the law or not, make impartial decisions, and more. let us know about that the Salaries For College Baseball Umpire.

Salaries For College Baseball Umpire

Salaries for college baseball umpires

Salary depends on the match type, college, and umpires’ experience. As an Umpire, you can make $400 per game. In the United States average salary range is from $10,170 to $200,963. For more details, you can look below.

Deep analysis of salaries for baseball umpires’ 

The job of umpires is important. You can earn money from this job. You can read below the salaries for the Umpire in highly-paid cities like- New York City, California, and Washington DC, and different games that help you with your doubts.

Salaries range in California

California is one of the best highly-paid options for you. You can read below the salary range in California for baseball umpires, salaries are according to duration of time. The top five highest-paid cities are mentioned below-

  • Chino Hills, CA- If you desire to work in California as an umpire. You can choose Chino Hills. Chino Hills could be a great option for you. You can earn $21.47 per hour. You can gain more experience here.
  • Perris, CA- There is a slight gap between Chino Hills’ salary and Perris’. In Perris, you can earn $21.44 per hour as an umpire.
  • San Rafael, CA- San Rafael is also a good option for you. You can earn $21.01 per hour. You would not get any bonus.
  •  Davis, CA- You can earn $19.68 per hour. You can see around $2 change here from San Rafael. 
  • Los Angeles, CA- You can earn $19.34 per hour. 
  • Above all the salaries are according to per hour. Most of the time colleges pay per hour. 

Salaries range in Washington State

As an umpire, you can also earn good money in Washington State. You can read below the top five cities. The salary would be per hour. 

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  • Bellevue, WA- Bellevue’s average salary range is $28.51 per hour. 
  • Bainbridge Island, WA- You can earn here an average salary of $26.95. You can see that around of $2 difference. 
  • Enumclaw, WA- Enumclaw’s average salary range is $25.82 Per hour. It is lower than Bellevue’s average salary range. 
  • North Bend, WA- There is a slight gap  between Enumclaw’s average salary range and North Bend’s average salary range. North Bend’s average salary range is $25.81. 
  • Bremerton, WA- Bremerton’s average salary range is $25.06. 
  • Washington State’s average salary range is higher than California’s average salary range.

Salary range in New York

The average salary is from $12,025 to $106,370 in New York. The salary depends on the competition and umpires’ experience. You can read below for five highly paid cities in New York. 

  • Lombard, IL- Average salary range in Lombard is $26.95 per hour. 
  • Saint Charles, IL- An average you can get here is $26.26 per hour. 
  • Batavia, IL- Average salary in Batavia is $25.76 per hour.
  • Seattle, WA- You can get here an average salary is $20.63 per hour. 
  • Portland, OR- Average salary range in Portland is $19.28 per hour. 

Salary range in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is also could good option for you. The average salary is from $37,670 to $50,980 in Pennsylvania. There are numerous things or reasons those easily influence the umpire’s salaries. If you would talk about per hour salary range- the average salary is $30.47 in Pennsylvania. You can have a look below for the highest-paid options in Pennsylvania-

  • Yardley, PA- Yardley could be a good option for you. The average salary range is $32.25 per hour in Yardley. 
  • Levittown, PA- There is a slight gap between Yardley’s average salary range and Levittown. The average salary range is $30.02 per hour. 

Comparison between their salary range

You have read above different salaries range. The first point is mostly college pay according to working hours. Umpires would get their salaries per hour and do not get any bonus. The highest average salary is $32.25 in Yardley, Pennsylvania. The second is $30.02 in Levittown. The lowest average salary is $19.28 in Portland. 

Umpires’ salary range in MLB

MLB stands for major league baseball. The salaries of umpires depend on their experience. According to the major league baseball association, starting salary of a professional Umpire is $120,000 per year and for a senior Umpire with great experience can earn more than $350,000 per year. 


As an umpire, you can have a great future. Umpires’ jobs required a lot of effort, knowledge, experience, and impartial decisions because the entire output of the competition depends on the umpire’s decision. As an Umpire, you can earn an average salary $400 per game. The salaries for college baseball umpires in the United range from $10,170 to $200,963 per year. The salary of college baseball umpires depend on their experience, competition, and college. 

Frequently asked questions
  1. Question- Where you can earn a great salary as an umpire?

Answer- College baseball umpires make the most in Francisco, CA at $59,673 on average. It would be better if you have an NCAA certificate and more experience.

  1. Question- Can college baseball umpires do part-time jobs?

Answer- Yes, as a college baseball umpire, you can work as a part-timer in schools and colleges.

  1. Question- How much tax do you have to pay as college baseball umpires?

Answer- Yes, as an umpire you also have to pay tax every year. You have to pay an average of 22% of federal tax. 

Salaries For College Baseball Umpire

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