Salaries For Cardiology Nurse Practitioners

Cardiology Nurse Practitioner is someone who has been trained on how to care for patients suffering from cardiac disease. A Cardiology Nurse practitioner takes care of all patients irrespective of age, including new-born who has a heart defect. Cardiology nurse practitioners also help to control heart disease in humans.let us know about that the Salaries For Cardiology Nurse Practitioners.

Salaries For Cardiology Nurse Practitioners

Cardiology nurse practitioners receive a good salary at the end of the services rendered. As a cardiology nurse practitioner, you can expect to receive an annual salary of about $110,000. If you work hourly, then you should expect a salary payment of $58.000.

Salaries Of a Cardiology Nurse Practitioner

As a cardiology nurse practitioner who works in the United States of America, the least salary you will get annually is $90,500. Although, sometimes there could be a change in your salary payment to about $113,660 – $128,900. 

Some factors also determine the amount you will receive as your salary for services rendered. Some of the factors that can contribute to your salary can be your skills, education, your years of experience in the profession, and your certifications.

With added years of experience as a Cardiology nurse practitioner, you should expect a salary payment of $130,244 yearly. If you want to receive payment hourly, the amount will be $62.62. In a month, you can get $10,853 while the weekly salary is $2,504. 

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As a Cardiology nurse practitioner with good work experience or certification, you can get a higher pay of about $206,000 every year. This also depends on the state where you are working. Some individuals earn more than others despite doing the same profession. You will get to find out more about the cities that pay cardiology nurse practitioners in the United States of America as you read on.

Cities In The USA Pays Cardiology Nurse Practitioners More Salary

As earlier stated, some cities in the country pay these medical practitioner’s more salary than others because of the nature of the services offered. Now you know what salary to expect if you are a cardiology nurse practitioner based in the United States of America.

There are about ten cities in the country which have been verified to pay cardiology nurse practitioners more, which is higher than the average salary paid. The first on this list is Atkinson, NE, Bridge Hampton, NY and Deer Park, CA.

With these ten cities paying these medical practitioners more salary than other cities in the United States of America, most individuals will want to relocate. Although, the cost of living in each city is also a determinant factor that affects the salary of these professionals.

Below is a table that shows the cities in the United States of America that pays cardiology nurse practitioner more salary than other states:

CitiesYearly Salary Hourly Salary
Bridgehampton, NY$163,349$78.53
Johnstonville, CA$152,320$73.23
Bellevue, WA$147,255$70.80
Atkinson, NE$188,104$90.43
Richmond, CA$149,882$72.06
Stamford, CT$148,171              $71.24
Green River, WY$152,711              $73.42
Hebron Estates, KY$147,032              $70.69
Deer Park, CA$156,535              $75.26
Roslyn Estates, NY$148,932              $71.60

Jobs Related To Cardiology Nurse Practitioner That Pays More

There are still some related jobs that pay more salary than a cardiology nurse practitioner. These related jobs are up to five in number.

Below is a table of the related jobs and salary payments for qualified individuals:

Related Jobs Yearly Salary Hourly Salary 
General Practitioner$136,918$65.83
Nurse Practitioner Anesthesiology$134,745              $64.78 
General Cardiology$230,264            $110.70
Teen Travel Nurse Practitioner$136,588              $65.67
Nurse Practitioner Consultant$141,755              $68.15

Steps To Take If You Want An Increased Salary Payment

If you want an increased salary payment as a cardiology nurse practitioner, there are steps you can take to achieve this. Some of these steps come with advantages and disadvantages, so you need to carefully make your decision.

To get a salary increase, you should consider the following steps

Change Your Current City To One Of The Cities That Pay  More

The moment you realize that some regions need the services of a cardiology nurse practitioner, you should move to that city immediately. One thing you should also have in mind while planning to move to a new city is that the cost of living could be on the high increase. To manage your expenses in the city, you can move to an area within the city where the cost of living is not high.

You Can Change The Nature Of Your Job To a Travel Nurse

If you change the nature of your job routine to be a travel nurse, you get the opportunity of working in different locations where your services are needed. Most employers who get to hire you will be willing to pay more because of the services you will offer. As a Cardiology nurse practitioner, you can increase your salary as a travel nurse. The cost of living in the location where you are can also affect your earnings.

Increase Your Work Level 

You can also increase your work level if you want an increment in your salary at the end of the month of the week. You can work extra hours apart from your usual working hour with your employer. Although, you might need to be more experienced to achieve this. You can also work less if the payment is high.


In society today, Cardiac nurse practitioners have been known to be nurses who are well-paid in the medical field. Most of these numbers get a salary of $117,000 or more depending on the location and employer. Most also earn higher than others. Your qualification and certificate will earn you a fat salary or less.

The truth is that heart disease is still a common health problem people face today in society. So the services of a cardiology nurse practitioner cannot be underestimated as they are very important.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Be Independent As a Cardiology Nurse Practitioner?

Yes! This is possible in most states in the United States of America. If you are considering becoming an independent cardiac nurse practitioner, you can go ahead.

Is Cardiology Nurse Practitioner In High Demand In The Society?

Yes! This is one of the medical professions that are in high demand due to the increased rate of heart disease.

Will Pay Tax As a Cardiology Nurse Practitioner?

Yes! As a salary earner based in the United States of America, it’s important for you to pay taxes.

Salaries For Cardiology Nurse Practitioners

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