Salaries For Certified Anesthesia Technician And Technologist


The health of people does not only depend on the Doctors and Nurses. There are some other people who work behind the scenes to make sure the operating rooms are in  order and are stocked with the right supplies. This is the work of an Anesthesia Technician and technologist, they deal mostly with the Operating room and ensure correct dosage are given to patients in the Operating room.Let us know more about Salaries For Certified Anesthesia Technician And Technologist in this article!

Salaries For Certified Anesthesia Technician And Technologist

What Does an Anesthesia Technician Earn?

The average annual Salaries For Certified Anesthesia Technician And Technologist anesthesia in the US is $65,875 as of August 3, 2022.

This amounts to $5,490 monthly or $1,267 per week. The yearly earnings are as high as $118,000 but most of anesthesia tech salaries are currently between $42,000 (25th percentile) and $82,500 (75th percentile), with top earners (90th percentile) getting $114,500 per year across the United States.

Requirements Needed To Become An Anesthesia Technician

  1. It is necessary to have a bachelor’s degree or college diploma in the medical line to qualify in order to become an Anesthesia Technician.
  2. Completing the Anesthesia Technician trainee program may be necessary for Anesthesia Technician
  3. The equivalent of an associate’s degree may be needed. Usually answers to a manager or supervisor. The anesthesia technician gains or has gained mastery in a certain field of study. Carries out duties with some supervision. A standard requirement for becoming an anesthesia technician is 1-3 years of relevant experience.

What A Technician in Anesthesia Does?

  1. Assisting with equipment setup and medication preparation is the work of an anesthesia technician.
  2. They also place orders for, maintaining, and testing the equipment, drugs, and supplies used in anesthesia. 
  3. Anesthesia technicians clean and sterilize reusable equipment and notify the proper personnel when something isn’t working.
  4. Checks the anesthetic equipment for safety and offers the anesthesiologist any assistance that is required. 

How Much Does An Anesthesia Technician Make?

In the US, anesthesia technicians make an average salary of $41,726 per year, or $20.06 per hour. The bottom 10% of anesthesia technicians, or those who work in the field, make about $28,000 annually, while the top 10% make $61,000.

According to recent job posting activity on, there aren’t many organizations having vacancies right now, making the anesthesia tech job market in Lagos, Your local  yearly wage for an anesthesia tech is $65,875; this is equal to the $65,875 national average. The database of millions of active jobs posted locally across America is regularly scanned to determine the most accurate annual salary range for anesthesia tech jobs.

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Jeff Bezos Career Advice

How Can I Tell If My Salaries As An Anesthesia Technician Okay As An certified Anesthesia Technologist?

If your salary as an anesthesia technician is close to the state average salary, you are being paid properly. For instance, if you reside in Alaska, your annual salary should be around $54,250. 

What Kind of Anesthesia Technician Earns The Highest Salary?

The highest paid position is surgical scrub technician. There are also Neuro anesthesiologists and remote anesthesiologists who are also in the category of high income. Importantly, the salaries for all of these positions range from $123,018 (186.7%) to $159,223 (241.7%) higher than the $65,875 average anesthesia tech income. The top 10 percent of earners earn $91,000, while the bottom 10 percent earn $55,000.

Top Cities That Has The Highest Salary for Anesthesia Technician

With an additional $16,644 (25.3%) above the $65,875 norm, Sunnyvale, CA continues the trend started by Cambridge, MA, which outperforms the national average by $11,605 (17.6%).

The average salary in these ten places is higher than the national average, therefore moving seems to offer the best chance of an anesthesia tech advancing financially.

The fact that the average pay in these top ten towns only differs by 10% between Sunnyvale, California, and San Mateo, California, further supports the limited potential for significant wage growth. When weighing location and pay for an anesthesia tech position, the possibility of a cheaper cost of living can be the most important consideration.

Anesthesia Technician Salary In Nigeria

Average Salary

The basic salary for an anesthesia technician in Nigeria is 173,000 NGN monthly, while the maximum salary is 549,000 NGN monthly (highly salary).

According to the wage distribution diagram, 25% of anesthesia technicians make under 239,000 NGN, while 75% makeover 239,000 NGN. According to the diagram, 25% of anesthesia technicians earn more than 463,000 NGN, compared to 75% who earn less.

These are the results of our analysis of anesthesia technician salaries according to level of experience. With less than two years of experience, an anesthesia technician can expect to make around 205,000 NGN per month. Additionally, those anesthesia technicians with ten to fifteen years of experience earn 449,000 NGN per month, which is 24% higher than those with five to ten years of experience. 

In Conclusion

Many anesthetic technicians need to possess specific expertise in order to carry out their duties. You might discover that working in various vocations will prepare you as an anesthetic technician. Actually, a lot of anesthetic technician positions will ask for previous experience in a position like certified nursing assistant. Many anesthetic technicians have prior work experience as medical assistants or emergency medical technicians. As long as you have the experience, having a good pay will be very easy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1

What is the salary of an Anesthesia Technician in India?

 Anesthesia Technician salary in India is between ₹ 0.2 Lakhs to ₹ 6.4 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 2.7 Lakhs.

Question 2

Is Anesthesia Technician and technologist a good career?

Yes. If you want to be involved in the medical field and do not want to be a doctor or a nurse, Anesthesia Technician and technologist is a good option.

Question 3

Which city pays Anesthesia Technician and technologist the most in the United States?

New York pays Anesthesia Technician the most. The average rate per hour in New York is $45.23 which is more than what other cities in New York offer.

Salaries For Certified Anesthesia Technician And Technologist

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