Salaries For Boxing Referee

The referee of a boxing match has two roles. One is to ensure the boxing fight is fair and keep it within the rules. And the second is to control the participants. Let’s learn about ‘Salaries For Boxing Referee’.

Salaries For Boxing Referee

Salaries For Boxing Referee

To the average man watching a boxing match, the referee does not play an important role. Likewise, most people have no clue about the cash involved in being a referee for a boxing match. Unless an unusual circumstance occurs, boxing match referees are usually forgotten about until the boxing match ends. Their job may seem easy and unimportant, but let me assure you it most definitely is not. Unlike the participants of the boxing match, the referees have a fixed match fee. This fee depends on several variables. Let’s read more about Salaries For Boxing Referee.

  1. The seats available for the match
  2. Whether the referee is a man or a women
  3. The experience of the boxing referee.
  4. The popularity of the contestants
  5. If it is a title fight
  6. If it is a charity event

To discover the accurate pay range for any job, we will first need to discover who pays the employees and how much the employer earns from the venture. In the case of boxing referees, the employer is the host of the match who can earn a wide range of cash from the enterprise.

The seats available for the match: Salaries For Boxing Referee

Certain boxing matches pay referees a fraction of the number of people that attend the event. These kinds of matches are generally beneficial for boxers as they have a chance of earning a higher sum of money. An example of this is that Joe Cortez, a famous boxer and referee could earn higher than 25,000 dollars for a single high-profile match. According to these statistics, he could have a base salary of around 350,000 dollars per annum. Although for most boxing referees this amount is very high, it just goes to show that there is a high potential in refereeing the sport

The Experience of a Referee

If the Referee is a Woman

Although there are not many women in this field, sources claim that in 2019, a woman referee earned approximately $1500 for judging a main card match between Eva Wahlstrom and Terry Harper. On average, the per-match fees for women referees range between $800 – $1500. The PPV Main Card matches can earn them as much as $2,500. Overall the yearly earnings of female boxing referees are estimated to be $35,000. An example of a female boxer is Jenifer Huggins. She has a three-star rating from Canada.

If the Referee is at Entry level

Most entry-level Referees with an experience of around 1-2 years have a match fee of $500. (As per a report from TSM Sportz in 2018) Such referees are not given Main Card fights to oversee. They usually are contracted for under-card fights through which they can earn around $12,000 in a year.

Experienced Boxing Referee

A boxing Referee with a lot of years worth of experience does not usually referee in normal matches. They have a good sense of their worth and usually opt to judge only in high-profile matches like title battles. Assuming such a Boxing referee has gotten the role in a Pay Per View Main Card fight, they could earn anywhere between 10,000 to 25,000 dollars. A match between Pacquiao and Mayweather Jr reportedly earned the referee 10,000 dollars.

Amongst the highest-paid Boxing Referees are Joe Cortez, Kenny Bayless, Daniel Van de Wiele, Jay Nady, and Randy Newmann. These top Referees of the sport have a base salary of approximately $350,000. They charge around $5000 per match and 25,000 for matches with a high profile like title matches.

Amateur Boxing Referees

Amateur Boxing Referees usually get paid little to no money for their services as boxing officials. At the start of their career, they may have to referee voluntarily in small boxing tournaments. After this, they may get enough experience to sign contracts for more professional matches with a bigger audience. Very frequently, the amount a boxing referee, participants, and other officials are paid is proportional to the number of people that come to the stadium to watch a boxing match.

The venue of a match

The place a boxing match takes place plays a vital role in the amount of cash earned by the event. And Naturally, the more money the organizers generate from the event, the higher the referee gets paid. Joe Cortez, a former American professional boxer and now a high-paid referee said that the scope of boxing referees is larger in Nevada as compared to other states of the U.S. This is not so surprising as Los Vegas is known to be the hub of boxing matches.


Now we’ve learnt about ‘Salaries For Boxing Referee’, To conclude, boxing referees may not seem like an important part of boxing matches, however, rest assured they have a very challenging and important role. Not only do they have to ensure that the match is judged fairly, but they also have to watch out for possible injuries and stop them before any serious damage. One false move or a wrong punch could be fatal. Therefore, the referee has to be vigilant at all times to make sure that he can stop the opponent at the exact time before any harm is done. 


  • Q) How much do low experience referees get paid for Refereeing a boxing match?

A person with only some experience in refereeing boxing may get a pay of about 350 pounds. This can increase over time as the individual gains experience and earns himself a name in the field.

  • Q) Why do Boxing Referees get paid so less?

New referees in boxing may not receive so much cash as the money allotted needs to be divided several times to accommodate other officials like timekeepers and judges.

  • Q) How can a person enter the field of refereeing boxing matches?

To get the role of an official referee of boxing, a person must get registered with USA boxing every calendar year. They must also accomplish a SafeSport certification course. One must also take an in-person test at an official clinic or an online test to be certified. 

Salaries For Boxing Referee

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