Salaries For College Football Referees

In a variety of sports and competitions, a referee is an official who is in charge of enforcing the game regulations as well as making sportsmanlike decisions. He can remove participants from the game in violation of the rules. He cooperates with the assistant referees to manage the game. let us know about that the Salaries For College Football Referees.

Salaries For College Football Referees

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Sports are greatly influenced by referees. The referee’s main job is to keep the game under control, but they also want to do so without drawing too much attention to themselves. In the US, an NCAA football referee gets an average salary of $61,505. NCAA football referee salaries average $92,867 in San Francisco, which is 51 percent more than the national average. 

 Salaries of college Football Referees:

College referees frequently earn $2,500 to $3,000 each game; they are also responsible for covering their travel costs. Following taxes and expenditures, college referees are likely to make $15,000 a year.

Depending on the sport, the official assigned to enforcing rules in games and making sportsmanship decisions may go by a variety of various names. They are referred to as umpire, commissaire, judge, and others as it depends on the game. 

Referees in American football:

A referee in American and Canadian football is in charge of overseeing the whole game and making all final decisions. Up to six more officials work alongside the referee on the pitch. Despite having different titles for each official depending on their role and responsibilities like line judge, referee, back judge, and four more throughout the game, they are all frequently referred to as referees.

In the current XFL, a ball judge is also present. The ball judge presents on the field but does not have the authority to declare penalties. He or she wears a red hat.

Referees operate in the field in college football conferences:

Eight referees are being used in Division I matches. While 6 or 7 referees are used in matches outside Division I.

Salaries of college football referees in Dallas, Texas:

According to Comparably, in Dallas college football referees can earn salaries between $22,418- $206,808. This means that the average salary is equal to $63,494. After paying income tax, they could able to take home a salary of approximately $58,050.

Salaries of college football referees in Washington:

College football referees in Washington are paid almost 34% above the national wage of college referees. They can earn about $82,263. 

Salaries of college football referees in San Francisco:

  On average, the referees in San Francisco make $92,826 as compared to US national average salary. The salary ranges from $30,712 to $314,406.

Salaries of college football referees in Los Angeles:

In Los Angeles, football referees can earn 3% above the national average salary. College football referees in Los Angeles, California earn salaries ranging from $15,738 to $238,739, with an average pay of $56,922. College football referees might anticipate taking home $50,561 per year once all taxes are deducted.

Salaries of college football referees in Chicago:

In Chicago, Illinois, the average income for a college football referee is $68,550, which is 11% more than the $61,498 national average. The average salary in other major cities like Boston, San Francisco, and Washington, DC is 19% more than this one.

Salaries of college football referees in Atlanta:

College football referees in Atlanta, Georgia earn wages ranging from $12,926 to $139,777 annually, with a median pay of $61,415. They might earn $50,446 annually after all taxes have been deducted from their income. This income is 14% less than the average combined salary of Chicago, and Denver. In comparison, to the national average, the average income is more by 4% ($64,161).  

Salaries of college football referees in Houston:

The average income for a college football referee in Houston, Texas is $62,796, which is 2% more than the $61,498 national average. Compared to the average salary in all other metro areas, this compensation is 12 percent less. Referees in Houston, Texas make between $27,411 and $130,698 a year. 

Salaries of college football referees in Portland:

College football referees in Portland, Oregon make wages that range from $28,374 to $139,258 a year, with a median pay of $54,920.

The average income for a college football referee in Portland, Oregon is $59,541, which is 3% less than the $61,498 national average. The combined average salary of other metro areas Dallas, Boston, and Denver is 16% higher than this compensation.

Some referees of the PAC-12 Conference Championship:

Chris Coyte:

Chris resides in Santa Ana, California. He is a part of the Stars and Stripes Academy. He started his career as a back judge in 2004 and then become a referee in 2014. 

Steve Strimling:

He works as a sales executive and executive account manager for Dynasty Footwear. Since 1978, Steve has been working as a football official. He is currently an on-field referee for the PAC-12 conference. 

Average Salary of FIFA’s referees:

  In FIFA, the average salary of a referee is $260,000 annually. 

Salaries of EPL referees:

Professional Game Match Officials Limited trains, assigns, and advances EPL umpires. There are various levels in the profession, but only Select Group 1 and its assistant group officiate EPL games. TotalSportek and Sportingfree estimate that EPL referees can earn between $92,000-$263,000 a year. The match fee for the official referees is $1,900. Assistant referees can earn $39,000. 


The renown and stardom enjoyed by football players, managers, and club owners are not shared by umpires. Instead, they face harsh criticism from both players and managers as well as fans. However, no fan of the game can picture a game without them. Even though everyone acknowledges that referees play a crucial role, their work oftentimes makes them the object of ridicule and resentment. The salaries of the referees depend on their experience, football competition, and their categories like elite and other. The salaries of college football referees in US depend on the states also. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is the average salary of the highest paid referee Mark Clattenburg?

Mark Clattenburg, earned roughly $650,000 each season after leaving the Premier League in 2017 for the Saudi Arabian Football Federation. 

What are the requirements to become a college football referee?

Even though there are no formal educational requirements for serving as a referee, a bachelor’s degree in any major is typically required at the very least. One of the key prerequisites for NFL referee candidates is a wealth of on-field experience. The candidates must be in good physical condition. A former football player or coach is given more preference. 

Salaries For College Football Referees

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