Salaries For Associate Recruiters

Back in the days, before the internet and the startup boom, hiring talents was not this difficult because people walk into big companies to take up roles after graduation. However, finding talent remained crucial for businesses at that time. let us know about that the Salaries For Associate Recruiters.

Salaries For Associate Recruiters

These days, startups now find it difficult to hire talents that suit their work culture, aims, and goals. This is where recruiters come in to help search for qualified candidates to fill roles for brands, companies, and startups. 

That said, the role of an associate recruiter is to support senior-level recruiters in the company to look for talent, check their documents, create recruitment reposts and hire them. An average associate recruiter in the US earns about $25 per hour and $5000 per year. 

Moving forward, who is an associate recruiter, what are the roles and qualifications to become an associate recruiter? 

Who is an associate recruiter? 

An associate recruiter provides support for clients and companies in the areas of identification of professionals, assessment, development, and onboarding. Although an associate recruiter is not the actual recruiter, it is a step in line to becoming a recruiter. 

Associate recruiters do not just bring professionals on board, they make sure professionals get proper training, development, and salary advice. The role of associate marketers is numerous and most are mentioned later in this article. 

Nevertheless,  it is important to note that the major task of an associate marketer is to maintain a good relationship between companies and professionals of a particular industry and also proactive hire professionals to fill in roles. 

How to become a recruitment associate?

The associate recruiter role is an important role in companies and brands. Recruiters are in charge of bringing in people that will work on achieving the brand’s goals and objectives. The types of people recruited will determine the culture and chance of success of the brand. 

That said, to become an associate recruiter, you need to be well educated at more than the high school level, some brands even request master’s degree holders because of the complexity of the roles in their companies. 

Aside from skills like computer and research skills, becoming a successful recruit needs you to own soft skills like communication, time management, networking, listening, and interpersonal relationship.

Difference between HR and Recruiter

HR and recruiting have very similar but distinct duties. Despite the fact that some brands use them interchangeably due to their size, recruiters and human resources personnel are distinguished from one another in large corporations. 

HRs are crucial to the well-being of the workforce from the time tasks are allocated till the personnel says goodbye, whereas recruiters are focused on bringing in professionals to the companies.

Just to be clear, HR creates roles and stays with the company, whereas recruiters are most times hired on a contract basis when positions need to be filled. Finding the employee, screening and hiring the qualified candidate are the recruiter’s duties.

HR takes it up from there and assigns roles to the candidate, HR also makes sure of the overall growth of the staff throughout its time in the company.  

Difference between talent acquisition and recruiter  

Although a recruiter and talent acquisition are two separate things, they both revolve around hiring or locating the most qualified and reputable candidate for open positions. The difference is in how long each stays with a brand, though.

The most important difference between a talent acquisition officer and a recruiter is that, as was noted in the last subheading, recruiters frequently work on a contract basis solely to fill open positions. Both search for suitable individuals and skills to join a company, but they do so in different time frames—short term and long term.

In addition to the time frame, it is significant to highlight the strategy employed. While recruiters strive for an already-made talent to join and get things going right away, some talent acquisition officers develop talents through campus ambassadorship.

Roles of an associate recruiter 

Some businesses combine their human resources and recruitment departments into one office, which has led to misunderstandings and the occasional addition of a talent acquisition officer’s and HR’s functions to that of recruiters.

However, these are the specific responsibilities of recruiters.

  • evaluating individuals’ qualifications through interviews and tests
  • looking for competent people to fill open positions
  • examining applicants’ paperwork and scheduling interviews
  • coordinating and overseeing the effective onboarding of new hires
  • maintaining a database of applicants for positions
  • the creation of a recruitment report


It is obvious that an associate recruiter is concerned with finding individuals to fill positions in the business, screening them for qualifications, and setting up interviews with them. Despite the fact that some businesses might employ the same person in all three roles of recruiter, HR, and talent acquisition officer. An associate recruiter is still different. 

To become an associate recruiter needs more than just academic qualifications, although it is very important as some brands request even a master’s degree before hiring you. You need to be good at listening, communication, and research to become a successful recruiter.

Due to the significance of this position, brands often pay very well because the sort of employees chosen will decide whether or not the company’s aims and objectives are met. As a result, the average recruiter makes $33 per hour or $50,000 per year.

Frequently asked questions 
  1. What is the highest-paying recruiter job?

The type of recruiter you are will have a significant impact on how much money you make. Internal hiring means that a recruiter will only make money from that one brand. However, senior-level recruiters who work on their own and make contract recruitment for various businesses earn roughly $200,000 a year.

  1. Staffing associate salary 

The compensation for a staffing associate starts at around $20 per hour and can increase to as much as $45,000 per year as you advance in rank. Unlike senior-level freelance recruiters, staffing associates are focused solely on hiring the best people for their firm.

  1. Recruiting associate job description 

A recruiting associate is a person who looks for qualified applicants to fill open positions for a business. Additionally, the recruiting associate is in charge of scheduling interviews, maintaining candidate databases, and creating recruitment reports for the business.

  1. Salary for an associate recruiter in the US. 

An associate recruiter in the US performs support roles to a senior-level recruiter, with that, the average salary is about $15 per hour. 

Salaries For Associate Recruiters

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