Salaries For An Interventional Neurologist


There are various kinds of specialties in neurology and they help to encompass a wide spectrum of diseases and disorders that affect the body’s nervous system and result in diseases of the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and muscles too. Interventional neurology is a specialty in neurology that deals with catheters and radiology to diagnose and treat various conditions and diseases related to the nervous system with the help of minimally invasive neurological techniques that are present. Let us know about the salaries for an interventional neurologist and the techniques used in intervention neurology in this article.

Salaries For An Interventional Neurologist

Interventional neurology uses tools and techniques to pass through the blood vessels which help to diagnose and treat diseases and conditions instead of using open surgery. Interventional neurologist uses advanced radiology imaging and also 3D technology which are proven as helpful for them to see and treat the part of the body for further diagnosis and treatment. 

Techniques used in intervention neurology 

In Coil, Embolization one inserts a very thin wire to block blood flow to another area and cause any damage to it. Stenting is inserting a balloon or a metal tube which is called a stent it helps to open a narrowed vessel or artery. Techniques such as Angioplasty are a procedure that goes through ensuring hoe the blood is flowing in the neck and the brain vessels to make sure whether the vessels are diseased, narrowed, enlarged, or blocked. The process to remove the blood clot that has caused the stroke is called Embolectomy. 

Diseases cured by interventional neurology

The wide spectrum of diseases that are cured with the help of interventional neurology is neck lesions, severe nosebleeds, head and neck tumors, cerebral Aneurysms, brain and spinal Vascular Malformations, subarachnoid hemorrhage, and Extracranial and Intracranial Atherosclerosis. 

How to become an interventional neurologist?

For one to be an interventional neurologist one has to first complete their Neurology residency program. After the completion of the residency, one has to complete a fellowship in either Vascular neurology or Neurocritical care, though both provide different expertise and perspectives. Later one has to complete two years of Neurointerventional training. 

Salaries for an interventional neurologist offered in different cities 

 The average salary amount earned by an interventional neurologist is around $350,000 per annum in the United States. The salary range for the job falls between $300,000 to $550,000 per annum. The majority earn an amount of $300,000 per annum. If an individual file for tax, with an estimated federal tax of 35% taken out one could expect to take $251,811 per annum home which equates to a $10,492 monthly payment. The green river offers $252,749 per annum while Atkinson presents $248,684 per annum. San Francisco and cool Valley offer $233,465 and $233,211 per annum respectively. Bolinas presents $232,374 per annum whereas Washington presents $231,534 per annum. Los Angeles suggests an amount of $228,106 per annum while Jersey City presents $227,570 per annum. League city offers $43,461 per annum as a salary while in Ocala one is offered $35,000 per annum as a salary. Kensington offers $227,248 per annum whereas Frankston presents $225,663 per annum as the salary amount for the job of an interventional neurologist. 

Salaries for an interventional neurologist offered in different states 

The average amount of salary earned by interventional neurology Earns is around $157,250 per annum in the United States which equates to $80.64 per hour. The entry-level position employee earns $50,000 per annum as the salary amount, whereas the most experienced in the field earn an amount of $448,500 per annum. In Texas, one earns an amount of 100,000 per annum, with a salary amount for an entry-level position of $62,500 per annum and the ones with the most experience earn around $100,000 per annum. One is offered an amount of $448,500 per annum as salary in California which equates to a $230 per hour wage. The salary for an entry-level position is around $374,625 per annum. The salary amount offered in Minnesota is around $272,654 per annum which equates to $131.08 per hour while Alaska presents an amount of $267,544 per annum. $194,014 per annum is the salary amount offered in Hawaii for the job which equates to a $93.28 per hour wage. The average salary amount offered by Oregon is $184,136 per annum which equates to $15,344 per month as the salary for the job of an interventional neurologist. 

Salaries for an interventional neurologist depending on different factors 

The salary range for the job of an interventional neurologist can vary depending on different factors. Experience is one of them, an average salary amount earned in the first year of training is around $64,600 per annum, and an increase in payment each progressing year. After the completion of one’s training, the salary of a neurologist keeps on increasing with one acquiring more experience and also varies depending on the health care practice they work at.  The entry-level position salary for a neurologist is around $250,000 per annum. The increase in salary of one comes when they reach a mid-level in their career with advancement of $10,000. A neurologic with an experience of around 10 years earn an amount of $300,000 per annum as a salary. Location is another factor that affects the salary range drastically for an interventional neurologist.  The highest paying states and cities are New Hampshire, New York, west Virginia, Massachusetts, San Jose, Oakland, Wasilla, Hayward, and cities in Washington and Connecticut offer a higher salary range for the job while Illinois and North Carolina are among the one with offering the lowest range of salary for the job. 

Salaries for an Interventional Neurologist offered in different hospitals and private practices 

Hospitals are the easier option for placement for a neurologist is hospitals as they offer placements and positions for a desirable candidate and they meet their demand. Hospitals offer more resources, and a higher salary to the candidate with better qualifications and also present long-term salaries to them. working in private practice could be beneficial for a neurologist on many levels. They receive a higher salary though not from all the practices but they have the perk of flexible work hours and choose whether they work full-time or part-time jobs and making their schedule much more flexible than they could have at other hospitals. The average bonus that most neurologists receive per annum is around $29,000. One considering job in the academic sector could make the salary range vary too. The average amount earned in having an academic position is around $200,000 per annum. 


Interventional neurology is one of the highest paying jobs among other neurology jobs and specialists. They can earn up to $350,000 or even more. A wide range of factors affects the salary of an interventional neurologist such as years of experience one has in the field, the location one works at, the practice he works at, educational qualifications, additional certification, etc. As stated above factor does affect the salary range of an interventional neurologist even if it is the highest paying specialty in neurology itself.  

Salaries For An Interventional Neurologist

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