Salaries For Cytogenetic Technologist


The job of cytogenetic technologists is to study normal and abnormal chromosomes in cells, and their relationship to diseases and human development, they are specialists in the laboratory. Cytogenetics technologists use slides and tissue cultures to study the chromosomes and to determine their attachment to diseases and development. Let us know about the salaries for Cytogenetic Technologist and also the role of a cytogenetic technologist in this article.

Salaries For Cytogenetic Technologist

Salaries offered to a cytogenetic technologist 

The average salary for a cytogenetic technologist is $69,921 per annum with an average bonus of $1,059 per annum which equals 2% of their yearly salary. In San Francisco, a cytogenetic technologist makes up to $102,237 per annum as a salary. The pay scale for the job can go from $13,184 to $356,999 per annum. The majority of cytogenetic technologist earns around $65,245 to $161,850 salaries per annum. If an individual files for tac with an estimated average of 22%taken out one could expect an average of $58,599 per annum to take home which is equal to $2,442 per month. In Texas, an average salary range is $68,774 per annum which equals to $5,731 per month salary amount. The pay range may vary considering different factors affecting and experience level included. A top-level cytogenetic technologist earning beings at $40.94 per hour which equals $85,160 per annum. A senior-level technologist earns $35.46 per hour which is $73,760 per annum as a salary amount. The mid-level cytogenetic technologist earns $29.36 per hour and $61,070 per annum whereas a junior-level technologist earns $24.70 per hour which equals $51,370 per annum. The salary range of starting level is $19.98 per hour and $41,550 per annum.


For one to be a cytogenetic technologist he just has a bachelor’s degree in cytogenetic technology, biology, biotechnology, or related fields from an accredited university or a college. A degree is a basic requirement for one to acquire an entry-level position in this field. One can even pursue a master’s degree program in cytogenetic technology to become certified in this field. The program could last from 1-2 years to finish. The help of a master’s degree in cytogenetic technology could help to achieve opportunities to be a lab manager or supervisor, research associate, or either be genetic counselor at a corporate laboratory. In the master’s degree, one is taught many aspects of the subject which includes management classes and training in supervision and research techniques too. To be a cytogenetic technologist one must acquire a logical and inquisitive mind which also have research skills to come in handy. They must have great communication skills to start with, as it might be helpful with one’s teamwork skills. He must be accurate in reports and journals, and with the research and work too. 

Role of a cytogenetic technologist 

They are the people who analyze the abnormalities in a patient’s chromosomes via microscope, DNA techniques, photography, and automated testing procedure. They are responsible for laboratory management as it is the most important factor to be affected. They are supposed to collect and record data and also test the unborn babies to check their genetic traits. They write reports and journal articles and are also meant to do research and development. They have to help hematologists in analyzing the blood samples and in problem-solving too. People who want to be cytogenetic technologists, need to have exceptional lab skills. They require a keen eye for details and should be able to communicate efficiently with others. For one to pursue a career in cytogenetic technology one should take advantage of classes such as biology, and chemistry. algebra and geometry in their high school years. 

Skills required for the job 

The jobs for a cytogenetic technologist often are at places like Private research facilities or either at NHS hospitals and other research centers. The hiring process often includes a technical interview of the candidate. The experiences from research work, hospital laboratory placements, or other relevant experiences earned using similar scientific and analytical techniques can be very useful for one advancement of one’s career.  They have different roles and responsibilities to perform such as imaging and karyotyping of specimens. They are supposed to detect chromosomes and gene defects, and are also responsible for harvesting and preparing cultures of living cells. They are supposed to report findings to the physicians for diagnosis and treatment. They are held responsible for examining and analyzing normal and abnormal chromosomes with help of using microscopes to prove useful and helpful in diagnosis and treatment plans. 

Salaries for Cytogenetic Technologist offered in different cities 

An average salary for a cytogenetic technologist is $74,497 per annum in the United States. The range of salary varies between $67,746 and $82,325. The salary range could vary in different cities and states, with the level of education one acquires and the amount of experience they have in the field.  Different cities offer different pay ranges for the job of cytogenetic technologist. Atkinson offers $91,900 as per annum salary whereas Bolinas offers $89,663 as the salary amount. Frankston presents $85,340 as the per annum salary and San Joe offers $85106 per annum as the salary for the job of a cytogenetic technologist. Jackson and Diamond Ridge offer $83,926 and $83,824 per annum respectively as the amount for salary. 

States like Alaska offer $75,180 per annum salary whereas Nevada offers $72,800 per annum as a salary amount. Massachusetts and Connecticut present $72,390 and $71,920 respectively as the per annum salary amount for the job of a cytogenetic technologist. Oregon offers $70,260 per annum and new jersey offers $69,760 per annum as the salary amount. Comparatively, Hawaii and New York offer $68,410 and $67,770 respectively as the per annum salary amount. Indiana and North Carolina offer $58,450 and $58,090 respectively as per annum salary for the job. Kentucky and Mississippi suggest an amount of $56,510 and $56,130 respectively for the job of cytogenetic technologist. Puerto Rico offers the lowest salary among all the states with an amount of $30,450 per annum. 


Though the pay scale can vary to different factors such as level of education, certifications, years of experience on having in the field, and additional skills. Comparatively Barnstable Town and Seattle offer $82,503 and $82,245 respectively as the salary amount per annum. Inverness offers $81,988 per annum for the job of cytogenetic technologist. The job outlook for a cytogenetic technologist is positive. As there is the scope of better job opportunities and pay range in coming years for them. 

Salaries For Cytogenetic Technologist

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