RBC Salary Levels-Know More

The Royal Bank of Canada ( RBC ) is one of the biggest banks in Canada and among the largest bank in the world on market capitalization, with having more than 89000 employees serving more than 17 million clients across the globe with a great purpose to build future of their clients and the RBC of the future. Let us know RBC Salary Levels.

RBC Salary Levels

Being one of the largest and the oldest Bank of Canada ( more than 150 years), RBC provides a decent end salary to their employees working out there, along with other government firm-like advantages as being the oldest. The average annual salary lies in the range of USD 37,000 to USD 60,000. The highest paying job role here includes  Financial Advisors, loan servicing, and Business Systems Analyst. Let’s dig out more deeply about various job roles, their responsibilities, and their salaries.

Responsibilities and Salaries of various job rules


1 Account Assistant:- Their work generally includes updating the general entries to the ledger as well as making two subsidiary ledgers and resolving  ledger accounts. 


Lowest:- USD 49/DAY;

Average:- USD 55/DAY;

Highest:- USD 62/DAY;

2 Finance  Assistant:- Their duty includes keeping the charge of an organization’s finances, providing data to databases, preparing financial statements, processing invoices, and other support for day-to-day banking.


Lowest:- USD 52,500;

Average:- USD 72,000;

Highest:- USD 99,000;

Administrative Assistance

1 Administrative Assistant:- Their duty includes managing meeting schedules, implementing research, maintaining clerical work of all files, and handling traveling.


Lowest:- USD 10.15/hour;

Average:- USD 20/hour;

Highest:- USD 32.5/hour;

2 Financial Administrators:- Their work mainly includes preparing the bank’s monthly and annual financial reports, maintaining distinct accounts, maintaining accurate financial records for tax-related work, and other bookkeeping tasks.


Lowest:- USD 32,000;

Average:- USD 57,500;

Highest:- USD 60,000;

Banking and Finance

1 Banking Advisor:- Helping customers with their day-to-day banking, credit, debit, and investment needs, managing financial products available to the customers, and updating information for the new services and products offered by the bank to their customers. They play a prime role in a bank-client relationship.


Lowest:- USD 21,000;

Average:- USD 43,200;

Highest:- USD 67,000;

2 Banking Associates:- Their responsibilities include processing clients’ requests, verifying their documentation,  responding to their inquiries, processing requests, managing their concerns, and offering other services and products to them.


Lowest:- USD 45,500;

Average:- USD 48,500;

Highest:- USD 52,000;

Information Design and Documentation

1 Business Analyst:- Their job includes resolving business issues, assessing, researching, analyzing, recommending solutions to satisfy clients’ needs, developing easy strategies, preparing a presentation to business partners, and solving medium complexity problems.


Lowest:- USD 40,000;

Average:- USD 58,000;

Highest:- USD 84,000;


1 Insurance Agent:- Their job includes finding out risk management strategies, managing policy renewals, tracking claims, and identifying sales opportunities for insurance plans.


Lowest:- USD 43,000;

Average:- USD 44,000;

Highest:- USD 46,000;.

2 Underwriter:- Their responsibility is to implement an in-depth analysis of the financial history of various businesses and individuals to determine their loan remittance rates.


Lowest:- USD 51,000;

Average:- USD 80,000;

Highest:- USD 125,000;


1 Manager:- The manager ensures smooth working of bank activities of its branch, work to be done on time, he is also responsible for the cleanliness of the bank as well as its image.


Lowest:- USD 20,000;

Average:- USD 69,000;

Highest:- USD 160,000;

2 Director:- Their work includes reviewing and guiding bank strategies, managing risk policy, making annual budgets, and business plans, setting performance objectives, monitoring corporate performance, and overseeing major capital expenditures and acquisitions.


Lowest:- USD 76,000;

Average:- USD 151,000;

Highest:- USD 245,000;


1 Marketing Intern:- Their job includes contributing to annual marketing planning, collecting qualitative and quantitative data from marketing campaigns, analyzing the market’s competition, and supporting day-to-day administrative tasks.


Lowest:- USD 10.15/hour;

Average:- USD  12.5/hour;

Highest:- USD 15/hour;

2 Marketing Manager:- Their work includes developing various market strategies, boosting sales & profits, management of press releases & bulletin board ads, management of market budget, and marketing team.


Lowest:- USD 37,000;

Average:- USD 75,000;

Highest:- USD 115,000;

Project Management

1 Program Director:- The Program Director is responsible for the management of the ongoing project he’s leading, and also ensures that desired program outcomes and objectives are delivered.


Lowest:- USD 48,000;

Average:- USD 64,000;

Highest:- USD 85,000;

2 Project Manager:- Their responsibilities include supervising team members, ensuring the team is armed with all the required facilities & equipment, resolving issues, giving regular updates on projects, and ensuring projects are  completed in the required time.


Lowest:- USD 33,000;

Average:- USD 99,000;

Highest:- USD 202,000;


1 Account Manager:- The duty of the accounting manager includes preparation of business activities of employees, making financial reports, financial estimation, and making annual budgets.


Lowest:- USD 25,000;

Average:- USD 51,000;

Highest:- USD 76,000;

2 Financial Advisor:- They provide advice for a particular individual investment made towards a big financial plan, or for a wholesome financial plan. They also provide advice to choose the financial instrument and decide how much and how frequently to invest.


Lowest:- USD 26,000;

Average:- USD 57,500;

Highest:- USD 100,00;

Software Development

1 Application Developer:- Design, develop and check the various banking applications made for their e-banking customers. They also resolve the issues which occur in the banking applications.


Lowest:- USD 98,000;

Average:- USD 113,000;

Highest:- USD 131,000;

2 Software Engineers:- Their work includes designing, developing, and rectifying mistakes in various software needed for daily banking activities.


Lowest:- USD 38,000;

Average:- USD 49,600;

Highest:- USD 63,200;


1 Analyst:- Their work includes making strong investment decisions by preparing complex business models, also helps in identifying good return producing markets and market trends for investment.


Lowest:- USD 31,000;

Average:- USD 62,500;

Highest:- USD 104,000;

2 Associate:- Their job includes further looking at requests led by their customers, gathering and verifying requests, responding to client enquiry and offering new services and products to their clients.


Lowest:- USD 20,000;

Average:- USD 52,000;

Highest:- USD 110,000;


The average salary at Royal Bank of Canada lies in the range of USD 35000 to USD 66000 annually, making it a moderately paying financial institution. Being the oldest bank, it also provides government company-like benefits  to their employees. The highest paying job rules here are business system analyst, telemarketer, banking associate, and financial advisor. The highest paying degrees here are B fin, MBA ( Finance), computer science engineering, BA ( Economics).

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is the starting wage for an entry level position?

Starting with foreign under level position is around USD 60,000 non inclusion of the commissions.

2 What is the salary for a mood gas agent?

The average salary for a mood gauge agent is around CAD 70,000 annually.

3 Are trainees paid during their training?

Yes, trainees are paid with a decent stipend around USD 15,000 along with PPO offers.

RBC Salary Levels-Know More

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