PA State Police Salary – Know More  

Being in the police force is one of the most gratifying and satisfying feelings in the world. The ability to save and bring change in the surroundings is actually a blessing. This is among the most demanding careers in the world. Let us see “PA State Police Salary”

PA State Police Salary - Know More  

PA State Police

PA stands for Pennsylvania State police. It was designed by the Act of May 02 in 1905. The department is lead by Commissioner of state police who in turn is appointed by the governor and other three deputy commissioners. Pennsylvania police comprises of 4,638 employees, from which 238 troopers are for patrolling and 141 are for Bureau of gaming and enforcement.

Core Values of PA State Police

PA state police has seven core values, they are as follows

  • To protect the honour of the city with full honesty.
  • Serving the people of Pennsylvania is their utmost priority.
  • To serve the country ethically.
  • To perform duties respectfully and give respect to every strata of the society.
  • To protect the trust that people of Pennsylvania have put on them.
  • There is no place of fear in the department, will protect people at any cost.
  • The law and enforcement that state follows also applies on the police department.

Skills needed to become the police officer in Pennsylvania

  • The candidate should have good communication skills to handle every situation he/she  faces.
  • The candidate should abide by the laws of the Pennsylvania State.
  • Should be clear on ethical grounds
  • Should have calm attitude towards every situation, so that it can be dealt properly.
  • Should be literate, because the job requires documentation.

The regulatory body of Pennsylvania 

The regulatory body of Pennsylvania which looks after the police community is Municipal police officer’s education and training commission. 

The commission has stated the requirements regarding recruiting police officers. The requirements are as follows:-

  • The candidate should be minimum 18 years of the age.
  • The candidate should have atleast acquired high school diploma
  • No criminal background
  • Should be US citizen 
  • Should be able to have literacy of Ninth grade.
  • Should not have any vision problem.
  • Should be 30 percentile holder in physical fitness examination.

Police Examinations

The candidate has to go through background check for any criminal records. After thorough background check  the candidate is called for interviews which preferably involves lie detector and a drug test.

The personal interview is also conducted for the in depth knowledge of the candidate. The candidate interview also throw light on the ethical values he/she possess.

They are required to physically fit and their vision should be 20/20. Being a police officer requires the mental fitness too , it is checked by  licensed medical health practitioner .

Salary of PA state police force

Pennsylvania police comprises of 6,019 employees till the year 2021. The average annual salary is 85,624 dollars per year. The average salary of PA state police is 83% higher than that US police salary.

87% of the employees are satisfied with pay they are getting. The salary can be varied depending on the education and the location.

Some of the positions and the salary

State Medical Police officer:-

They have a team of nurse and other health professionals to look after the police officers and their families. They are offered the annual salary of 192,373 dollars per year till the year 2021.

Deputy state police commissioner:

Commissioner looks after the law and enforcement in the country. They by the year 2021 are offered 168,64 dollars per year, it is 96% high from average salary of Pennsylvania state police.

State police major:

Their main role is to respond at teh crime scenes immediately and also patrol the area. They are offered 168,43 dollars per year. 96% higher than average annual salary of Pennsylvania state police.

Chief counsel OGC:

Chief counsel gets the annual salary of 155,052 dollars per year which is 81% higher then average salary of Pennsylvania state police.

State police captain:

State police captain gets the annual salary of 153,559dollars per year till the year 2021. It 79% higher than average salary of Pennsylvania state police.

Director, Bureau of staff services:

By the year 2021 the annual salary of the director was 152, 275 dollars per year, which is 78% higher than average salary of Pennsylvania state police.

State Police Lieutenant :

By the year 2021 the annual pay raise of Lieutenant was 65% higher than average salary of Pennsylvania state police approximately around 140,874 dollars per year.

State police Sergeant:

By the year 2021 the sergeant was paid  annually 127,208 dollars, which is 49% higher than average salary.

Director, scientific services division:

By the year 2021 director was paid annually 122,074 dollars, which is 43% higher than average  salary of Pennsylvania state police.

Director, Scientific DNA division:

Director of the DNA division is offered 122,074 dollars per year. It is 43% higher than average salary of Pennsylvania state police.

Forensic laboratory Manager:

The key role of forensic manager is to look after the samples and conduct tests on them. Even maintaining the samples that haven’t been used. They are paid 119,512 dollars per year which is 40% higher than the average salary.

State Police corporal:

By the year 2021 the annual salary of corporal is 119,113 dollars per year, which is 39% higher than average salary of Pennsylvania state police.

Variation in the salaries by Experience

Police department values experience, as the above graph suggests, the candidate having teh higher years of experience has the highest salary compared to those who have just started or complete one to two years of police service.


As a career it is the most stable option for the income, giving immense options to move ahead in the career. They need to mentally and physically fit for the job and also should have high analytical skills to solve the situation immediately.

Frequently Asked questions
  • What is the salary of PA state trooper?

The salary of PA state trooper starting salary is 59,567 dollars and the pay increases as the experience increases.

  • When the pay schedule starts?

The pay schedule of Pennsylvania state police starts from usually July and then officers are paid according to their experience and the position they hold.

PA State Police Salary – Know More  

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