Career Opportunities In Crazy 8 – A Complete Guidance

Crazy 8 is a clothing retailer for kids specializing in fashion trends for newborn babies and teenagers. The chain mainly features around 300 locations worldwide, and its primary goal is to expand its operations. So, for candidates currently searching for a job in the clothing retailer company, Crazy 8 has so much to offer. Crazy 8 is a giant clothing retailer in the United States with multiple job opportunities. However, you will find the online application form on their website under different kinds of jobs. So, make sure to check all the relevant information before you apply for the job. Let us see “A Complete Guidance On Career Opportunities In Crazy 8.”

A Complete Guidance On Career Opportunities In Crazy 8

Few Essential Information That You Must Know Before Applying

Before you apply for any designation at Crazy 8, you have to create a profile to submit your application form along with your resume. Make sure to write every skill you have that makes you suitable for that particular job role. Also, you need to know the age criteria before applying for any job. So, candidates have to be at least 16 years of age to become eligible to apply at Crazy 8. 

There are two working hours available at Crazy 8, which we have given below.

  • Monday to Saturday- 10 A.M. to 9 P.M.
  • Saturday- 12 A.M. to 6 P.M.

Career Opportunities Available At Crazy 8

Below, we have mentioned some of the career opportunities that Crazy 8 has to offer.

Sales Associate

Being an ambient position, the sales associate has to perform a few job responsibilities at Crazy 8. Being a sales associate, you have to answer the calls from clients and welcome the customers. The primary duty of a sales associate is to determine the customers’ requirements, resolve their queries about any product, and suggest the most suitable option. 

The sales associates need to satisfy the customers by providing excellent customer support. They also need to be very friendly and respectful with their co-workers. Therefore, a significant responsibility of the sales associate is maintaining cleanliness around the work area. 

Requirements and Qualifications

Before you apply for sales associate in Crazy 8, you have to meet the specific requirements and qualifications that we have given below.

  • You need to have a degree of High School Diploma or GED (General Equivalency Diploma).
  • You must know the principles of sales.
  • Your communication skill has to be mind-blowing.
  • You need to have a fundamental knowledge of mathematics.
  • The candidates must be cooperative, respectful, and friendly with the customers and co-workers.


If you work in the Sales associate position at Crazy 8, your salary will range from $9 to $12 per hour, based on your experience. You have to work daily from eight to eleven hours.

District Manager

District managers will have many responsibilities and duties to increase sales in every district. Being the district manager at Crazy 8, you will be responsible for handling the sales operation. The district manager has to be fully dedicated to ensuring the sales team meets revenue targets to help the branch run smoothly. In addition, they have to ensure that every customer will get excellent customer service.

A significant responsibility of a district manager is to create an excellent branch management team to implement business plans and maintain the profit margin. They will act as an alliance between branches and headquarter by interacting with management and visiting the headquarters regularly. They also need to check if every store’s P & L reports are updated. They also will have the responsibility to hire and educate the store managers.

Requirements and Qualifications

Before applying for the district manager at Crazy 8, you have to meet the below-mentioned criteria and qualifications.

  • You should have a degree in Business Administration or equivalent.
  • Candidates should have some working experience in this field.
  • You need to have excellent communication skills.
  • Candidates must possess negotiation skills and interpersonal skills.
  • The decision-making skill and leadership skills have to be very strong.


Well, the salary of the district manager entirely depends on their working experience. But you can earn a minimum of $15 and a maximum of $17 per hour. District Manager has to work generally between 10 A.M. to 9 P.M.

Area Supervisor

The area supervisor also has some significant responsibilities at Crazy 8. When a manager of Crazy 8 is on duty, the area supervisor has to handle the particular area of the store. They have to ensure everything is in the right place and ease the operation. 

A significant responsibility of the area supervisor is to ensure every commodity on sale is displayed correctly. In addition, when you are in the position of area supervisor, you need to supervise the workflow to accelerate business growth.

Requirements and Qualifications

You need to acquire some particular qualifications to become eligible for the post at Crazy 8. Now, let’s see below.

  • You need a college degree to apply for the position of the area supervisor.
  • Candidates should properly understand company policies and legal guidelines in this field.
  • Excellent communication skills are required, both in writing and verbally.
  • You need to have a good command of the English language.


The salary of the area supervisor at Crazy 8 will range between $10 to $14 per hour. You need to work between 10 A.M to 9 P.M.

Retail Team Leader

You must fulfill some duties when you join as a retail team leader. As a retail team leader, you must set a clear business goal, including the KPIs. The primary role of the retail team leader is to create a work-friendly environment to promote positivity in stores. 

You have to communicate with co-workers or teammates about their work performance. Another role is to listen carefully to the customer to resolve their issues.

Requirements and Qualifications

You need to become eligible to apply for the retail team leader. Below, we have mentioned the requirements.

  • One year of working experience in the same field is required.
  • Need to possess vital leadership management skills.
  • Basic computer knowledge.
  • A proper degree in management.
  • Great communication skills.


You will get a salary from $11 to $13 per hour if selected as the retail team leader. You need to work from 10 A.M. to 9 P.M.

Undeniable Perks of Working At Crazy 8

Crazy 8 features a rewarding and relaxed company culture, offering discounts on merchandise and great salaries. The employees of this company will also be able to avail of several benefits, including bonuses, snack time, and other programs. The best thing is that the employees will get free training and paid holidays. 

The company offers flexible working schedules. Therefore, the employees can enjoy a proper work-life balance. They also offer their staff a wide range of insurance, including life insurance, health insurance, and dental insurance. Also, women employees can take both paid and unpaid maternity leave. 


Crazy 8 offers both in-store level and corporate employment to job seekers. But, the applicants must be ready to work at their headquarters in San Francisco, California. The corporate-level job opportunities involve Finance, Buying, and Human Resources. 

Generally, you either need to apply for managerial job posts or entry-level job posts. Here, you will get both full-time and part-time job opportunities. Here, we have mentioned some of the job openings at Crazy 8 that might be interesting for you.

Career Opportunities In Crazy 8 – A Complete Guidance

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