NFL Punter Salary- All About NFL Employees’ Salary

NFL Punter Salary

The Average NFL punter’s salary as of the year 2021 is about $1,500,000 in a year. However, the maximum salary an NFL punter can earn is $3,750,000 in a year. Meanwhile, the minimum NFL punter salary in a year is $580,000. In addition, a Player’s salary is based on the number of years of experience, which means a punter with two years of experience or lesser is paid $580,000, a punter with more than two years of experience receives $1,500,000 while a punter with more than five years of experience is paid $3,750,00. Let’s know about NFL Punter Salary.

The punters are not often considered as important players as their counterparts and peers in the NFL. They are often regarded as a less important part of the team, which often causes them a lot of disrespect and backlash. That being said, a good football fan knows why it is important for a team to have a punter on their list. This then raises the question: who is a punter and what characteristics make a good one?

What characteristics make a good punter? 

There are various characteristics an individual must exhibit to be considered as a good punter, and genuine players only identify these. Football fans who are genuine always understand what the required performance of a good punter should be and then how they are supposed to perform on the field. The best NFL punters are players who have to catch, throw, and kick a football accurately. The football game entails kicking, catching, and throwing while the punter must run to achieve his duties. 

In addition, the punter must be there to tackle, and hand passes the football to respective team members at the appropriate time. With this being some major role played by the NFL punter, a good height of the player is of utmost importance. 

A good NFL punter is around 6ft tall and mostly over, with some visible athletic long legs, majorly because this impacts their ability to perform their duties. Meanwhile, muscle development is also important when it comes to the physique of an NFL punter because it is a major key factor to the player’s success. 

Aside from the body structure of a good NFL punter, the punter must have good eyesight for punting the football. The best punters are players who can easily spot the ball from afar height in the air and make a move so swiftly. Meanwhile, the move must be made with the right angles, and it involves a lot of strength.

The characteristics of a great NFL punter can also make what makes a good footballer considered a better player. Some of the following features must always be present for any NFL punter to be considered great;

• Must be over 6.5 feet tall

• He must be athletic and have long legs.

• He should be very muscular to withstand so many hits.

The Average Salary of an NFL Punters

This is a common question many football fans love to know the answers to. Typically, how much an NFL punter makes varies based on many factors, including but not limited to the club the punter plays for, the performance of the punter, and some other factors. With this in mind, it wouldn’t be a fair comparison since the player’s average salary is dependent on many factors. Therefore, considering the punter’s monetary value, from the top NFL punter who makes $3.75 million in a year to the lowest amount paid to a punter, which is $580,000 in a year. 

Salaries earned by top NFL punters

As has been established in the previous section that the salaries earned by the NFL punter players vary based on so many factors, and the pay ranges from higher best punters to the lower-ranked punter players. There is something you must take note of, which is how much a punter makes isn’t dependent on the quality of work they do or, in other words, their performance.  Based on the team they play for, the punter salaries vary greatly. 

As of 2021, the highest-paid NFL punter is Johnny Hekker, who plays for the Rams, and he earns $3,75 million in a year while his age is 31. The second-highest-paid punter is a young guy of the age of 25 named Michael Dickson, who plays for the Seahawks, and he earns an average of $3.6 million every year. 

The third person on the list is Tress Way from Washington; he earns about $3.3 million a year, followed by Brett Kern from the Titans, who is paid $3.1 million per year.

More so, the fifth highest-paid NFL punter is $3 million per year, while the person right next to him earns $1 million a year who goes by the name Corey Bojorquez. 

Salaries of other members of the NFL team

Yes, how much the NFL punter players make is imperative; however, it does make sense to know how much other players of the NFL team earn. The average salary of other NFL players is around $20 million in a season which is a year. The highest player is paid about $45 million; meanwhile, the payment does not affect the individual’s role in the team. 

Another role in the NFL team you might want to take note of is the kickers. Their salary also varies drastically, like that of NFL punters. For example, the NFL kickers in the year 2021 earn as much as $5 million on a year average; meanwhile, the lost paid kickers earn about $66o thousand every year. 

The NFL rookie’s salary also varies, with Trevor Lawrence being the highest-paid rookie with his contract guaranteeing him a whopping sum of $36.9 million. On the other hand, Je Tryon has a total salary of $11.2 million in a year. 


As an NFL punter, your income will be determined by various factors, including the team you play for, your playing skills, and how versatile you are on the pitch. Of course, if you are an NFL fan, you can always watch out for your players in the game whenever you’ve got the time.


What is the lowest salary in the NFL?

The lowest salary in the NFL is pegged at $610,000, while one of the CBA rules is that all active NFL roster players must be paid at least $610,000 and offered a minimum of one year contract. This is the governing rule that each team of the NFL must follow. 

What is the average salary of a kicker in the NFL?

The average salary of a kicker in the NFL is $5,000,000. 

How much does Tommy Townsend get paid yearly?

Based on the information available on over the cap, Tommy Townsend’s yearly salary is based at $2,285 000. 

Why don’t NFL players squirt their water?

To help them avoid getting moisture or getting their hands wet, the players avoid skirting their water. Besides, their ability to grip the ball or another player reduces when their hands are wet, critical to their performance. Water bottles are often cold and can collect moisture outside their body, causing the player’s hand to get wet if it is touched. Handling wet bottles would easily compromise the effectiveness and gripping ability of the player. 

Do NFL players get paid weekly?

Yes, all NFL players under a contract get their wages weekly from the beginning to the end of the season.

How much do NFL cheerleaders make?

According to various sources and publications, the common amount paid for NFL cheerleaders is $150 per game, while they receive up to 475 per public appearance. This means that the amount an NFL cheerleader makes depends on how many appearances were made in a day. 

How much is Patrick Mahomes getting paid?

Mahomes is believed to have made $10.825 million in 2020, which means $825, 000 is his base salary while the $10 million was the signing bonus. The contract was paid throughout the 2020 season, which includes $636,764.71 made per game played. 

Does an NFL player get a new jersey every game?

The jerseys are washed after every game (this is not subject to whether the player played or not), the jerseys are then reused. As soon as the jersey shows signs of damage, it is replaced by the team, and they are used to replace the practice jersey.

How Well are Kickers and punters paid in the NFL vs. other players?

As an NFL punter or kicker, you are more recognized as a performing player and can easily be heavily rewarded for the role. A kicker scores points, and they get handsome pay for that. Elite kickers can make up to $5 million in a year. The Bears got them a kicker who missed five kicks which is bad for the team. It is not allowed to have a flaw like five misses in the NFL.

Who is the best punter in the NFL 2021?

It is very challenging to label who is the best or not the best punter in the NFL. Based on’s rating there are some lists of people who have been placed on the best punter in the NFL in 2021. Here are some list of the punter rated by NFL body itself;

  • James Smith of Cincinnati is rated 1/5
  • Max Duffy of Kentucky is rated 2/5
  • Pressley Harvin III of Georgia is rated 3/5
  • Drue Chrisman of Ohio State is rated 4/5
  • Adam Williams of Memphis is rated 5/5
NFL Punter Salary- All About NFL Employees’ Salary

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