Netflix Software Development Engineer Salary- Read More About It

Netflix is the home to films and series provided through distribution deals and the production of its originals. Behind the scenes, some workers are responsible for the function and features of Netflix to provide the viewer with ease. What can such a worker be paid for the work they do?. Let’s learn about ‘Netflix Software Development Engineer Salary’.

Netflix Software Development Engineer Salary

Netflix Software Development Engineer Salary

Netflix software development engineers are paid a minimum of $138,643 which includes bonuses annually, which is about $11,554 monthly. The pay is fairly good, compared to the work done by the engineers and the revenue earned by Netflix as a company.

What Do Netflix Software Development Engineers Do?

A Netflix software development engineer is responsible for platform development, web platform reconstruction, or data abstracting. Often, a software developer and engineer are used interchangeably, but a software developer is different from a software engineer, this would be treated later on.

Another role of software development engineers is to be able to use web assets like JavaScript(programing language, that helps software developers build an interactive web) or HTML and CSS or even modern building processes like SASS/SCSS and compile them efficiently in a way that makes it more efficient in engaging a user. 

Other roles and duties of software development engineers are listed below.

  1. Network performance optimization.
  2. Writing of program codes and technical designing.
  3. Maintenance of software and constantly searching for good and efficient ways to upgrade them.
  4. Search and identification of code metrics and entire system analysis for risks.
  5. Search and identification of new technology, evaluation of such and possible implementation.
  6. Creation of a logging library or framework to create and manage log events.

Salaries Earned by Netflix Software Development Engineers

The amount earned by Netflix software development engineers depends on their different workloads and of course rank.

The value ranges between $138,000 and $500,000 annually. New software engineers often earn between $138,000 and $227,000. 

Senior software development engineers earn up to $505,000, the least amount being $496,000 or $400,000.

The software development engineers also receive bonuses and benefits from working with Netflix. Cash bonuses up to $15,000 for new workers and $200,000 for senior workers are expected. Some benefits include paid time off, health insurance, and more.  

Below is a list of the total amount that can be earned by some senior Netflix software development engineers in some parts of the US.

  1. Chicago, Illinois – $1,500,000.
  2. Los Gatos, California – $900,000.
  3. Seattle, Washington – $700,000.
  4. San Francisco, California – $600,000.
  5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -$775,000.

For new software development engineers, the amounts are listed below;

  1. New York – $240,000/$248,005.
  2. Atlanta, Georgia – $144,000.
  3. Los Gatos, California – $160,000 – $240,000.

The amount these workers earn also depends on their years of experience and expertise.

Difference Between a Software Developer and a Software Engineer

These two might have similar tasks and duties, but they are different. A simple difference is that a software engineer is trained in a way that can handle a software developer’s task. A software developer while still trained doesn’t always handle a software engineer’s tasks.

It doesn’t mean a software developer is less educated than a software engineer, as a software engineer can’t always handle everything a software developer does.

Other differences are;

  • A software developer practically builds software, whereas a software engineer would use engineering principles in managing software.
  • A software developer uses software tools to manage web and apps, whereas a software engineer creates the tools to manage software.
  • A software developer can be a solitary worker but a software engineer works with a team.

Requirements Needed to Work With Netflix as a Software Development Engineer

The following are some aspects that would help you get the job with Netflix in no time.

  • Passion and dedication to your work.
  • Educational qualification.
  • Performance in the three rounds test.

Passion and Dedication

The first thing you should have is passion, you need to be driven by passion knowing fully well you can handle the job efficiently and even under pressure.

Educational Qualification

You have to at least have a college degree or high school diploma. For this job, a degree in computer science or information science and technology would be great. Your certificate should show you passed the program exams and are well educated in the program.

Performance in Three Rounds Test

Netflix performs three rounds of tests during your job interview process, you have to pass them efficiently to show the hiring manager that you are the right person for the job. 

The rounds test are;

  1. The initial phone or HR screen. This assesses you based on your experience and skills. You would be asked questions in this area and if you are experienced and highly skilled, passing this round should not be difficult.
  1. The Technical/Virtual phone screen. This round deals with questioning your skills. You are asked questions on how you perform your engineering skills and more.
  1. The on-site interview. This is the last stage of your assessment and consists of three tests.
  1. Coding test.
  2. Design test.
  3. Behavior test.
Coding Test

In this area, you would be asked to solve some coding problems with your interviewer watching to see how well and quickly you can solve them. 

Design Test

Here, your building and designing skills are put to test, you would be asked to create a user interface system, applying engineering protocols, just to see how good and efficient you are.

Behavior Test

Netflix has values that its workers are expected to possess, which means you should be morally upright and meet their expectations regarding their values and norms.


Now we have learnt ‘Netflix Software Development Engineer Salary’, Netflix software development engineers earn good money, because of the technicality of their work. In essence, Netflix only hires the best of the best. To be able to stand a chance, you should make sure you meet the requirements and are well trained, educated, and experienced.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What questions are asked during the interview process for a software engineer?

Generally, you should be asked questions like why you are applying for the job, what you can offer, and questions about your skills and abilities for the job.

  1. What are Netflix’s values?

Netflix places a huge emphasis on culture and values. Some of Netflix’s values are listed below.

Judgment, integrity, communication, inclusion, impact, curiosity, passion, courage, selflessness, and innovation.

  1. Is it hard to get a job at Netflix? 

Netflix has a unique interviewing process. It can be difficult to land a job with Netflix, but you have to match up to the competition, be as good as possible and try applying.

Netflix Software Development Engineer Salary- Read More About It

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