Monster Truck Driver Salary – Know More

Monster trucks have been wildly famous since the day they were introduced, there have been millions of fans and enthusiasts for these fiery and tough modified trucks. Originally the idea came about in the early years of 1980 and late 1970s, They were intended for sporting activities such as truck pulling, and mud bogging. The trucks used back at that time had tires as large as 48 inches or more which was later modified to reach up to height of 66 inches, to be exact, made specifically for tackling harsh roads and going off-roading. These specifications are now used in monster truck competitor trucks another feature of these trucks is that they are at least 12 feet tall. Let us know Monster Truck Driver Salary.

Monster Truck Driver Salary

Monster Truck driver

Since the emergence of monster trucks there has been a significant increase in people taking interest in heavy-duty modified trucks and a pretty fair amount of those people call themselves “monster truck enthusiasts”. Nowadays any monster truck fanatic can choose this field as their main career and become a professional monster truck driver. Down below are answers to questions related to the career and how much can a person earn if they choose to drive a monster truck for a living. 

Monster truck driver salary

On average a monster truck driver has an income in the range of  $10,000 and $280,000. 

Their income varies on many factors such as the level of experience the driver may have, the team they work with, the organizations that sponsor them, and how many shows they perform and where.

All of these factors come into play when it comes to estimating a monster truck driver’s salary.

One most overlooked factors are popularity, one too many times a driver with less experience in a major sponsor company is not recognized and thus can earn lesser than what a popular and expert driver within the same company may earn in a month. These drivers have been in this career a lot longer and know how to entertain their audiences and have picked up decent driving skills and thus have higher salaries.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that small drivers with less experience will not earn higher incomes. As the driver takes part in mode competition, they will get more experience and chances to increase their fan base which would eventually lead to larger digits in their salary. 

Another way their payout may fluctuate is if the monster truck driver decided to be a part of merchandising with the team or organization they work with. This can increase their payments significantly but this factor does not start to generate good revenue until the monster truck driver has gained some popularity among people and starts to get noticed around the industry. As long as the driver is popular and has some good experience in the field they can earn a good amount of income practically in no time. This popular status also attracts a lot of sponsorship deals which only increases their odds of higher payouts. 

The Salary of a monster truck driver shows

As per the local information a monster truck driver can earn a decent amount of $2000 to $6000 when they participate in a show for monster trucks. This amount is not definitive since they can go higher or lower depending on fore mentioned factors such as the experience of the driver and the popularity they have among people who are interested in the field of monster trucks. A good strategy to increase the odds of higher pay is to participate in as much as monster truck rallies and fairs to gain experience and build a solid fan following so that when a big team approaches the drivers they will be able to reap bigger rewards. 

Range of salaries of a monster truck driver 

To sum up the salary of a monster truck driver (keeping in mind all the factors that are mentioned above). 

The range of salary that a monster truck driver may earn is as follows:-

  1. Total estimated income of a monster truck driver: The general estimate of a monster truck driver’s salary can be in the range of $10,500 to $280,000. 
  2. The median range of a monster truck driver’s salary: Median range of a monster truck driver’s salary can be about $50,900. 
  3. Monthly average of a monster truck driver’s salary: A monthly estimate of the driver’s salary can be in the range of $3,500 to $5,000

What is the cost of maintaining a monster truck?

A monster truck is not an ordinary buy-it-off-the-market vehicle, it is usually custom-made by order or built by a person on their own. Either way, the truck cost about $250,000 or higher depending on the customization and size of the truck. If a person is thinking of buying a used monster truck the cost would be around the amount of $70,000 to $90,000 which can vary according to the size of the monster truck and old or how used the truck is.

After buying a monster truck, a driver has to take care of it so that it can remain in mint condition before its next competition, and to do that they have to look at which parts need replacing or if it needs body paint. The total cost of maintaining a monster truck can come up to be half the price that it is brought for and that is around $125,000 and if it is expensive then it can go up to the cost of $250,000. Whenever someone decides to pick up monster trucking as a professional career they should be ready to take up the cost of maintaining it.


Anyone with enough passion and love for monster trucks can join the industry and earn a fair amount of money for their passion but to do that they must first be very experienced in driving and handling a monster truck and drive in a way that doesn’t risk their lives and they also need to be able to take risks while driving these heavy-duty trucks. 

Another thing to take into comment before joining this field is that audience is the biggest factor in the monster truck industry 

 The drivers need to increase their popularity and that means pleasing the audience with their skills, the more people that they impress and get supported by the bigger the money they make. This can help them attract the attention of large companies that are looking to sponsor we reeam or a specific driver in the industry which can lead to even higher salaries for the monster truck drivers. 

Monster Truck Driver Salary – Know More

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