How To Create A List Of Target Companies For The Job?


Creating a list of companies for a job is sometimes a tedious process. If you have specific companies to target for a job, then you can use your time effectively to bring good searches for a job. You can create a list of your target companies by discovering different information online about the employer and new positions and can find connections which can help you to get a job offer.

How To Create A List Of Target Companies For The Job?

How To Create A List Of Target Companies For The Job?

Nowadays, there are many handles on the internet which make this job hunting process of finding important information streamline. Landing into a new job requires applying for multiple job opportunities at the same time. 

To make this process easier, we are going to talk about the steps which can help you to create a list of your target companies for a job.

Importance of creating a target list

During any potential company research, there are several distractions and uninterested companies come which can lower your confidence to get a job. Creating a list of potential and interested companies will help you to keep yourself aligned with future objectives.

Below are some Importance of make a target list for your companies:

  • Targeted lists can help you to organize your search results.
  • It helps you to streamline your goals and objectives according to your research.
  • If you have a clear objective then you can be more motivated to push forward in your research work.
  • By focusing on only specific companies you can save time and effort which you can and I watched towards preparing for interviews.
  • Creating a list can also help you to get away from the fraud and scams of many companies

List down your objectives

Before applying for any new opportunity you should have a clear idea of the type of role you want to apply for. You should note down certain objectives or goals which you find more important in yourself.

You can include information like the company’s profit, Proximity from your home industry and the culture they provide to their employees. These types of things help you to keep your search process on track.

Collect information about the companies

If you get certain companies to look at, You can search for Company history, Financial status, Prabrandoducts and services they offer. You can contact the employees already working in that company to get an idea about the culture, the duties and if it aligns with your goals or not.

You can also check the reviews of that company on websites like Glassdoor Which can provide you with an idea about the people who were already working in that company. 

Most companies also have their about us section on their website that provides their missions and objectives, you can also read them.

Expand your network

If you are unsure about the company’s performance and information, You can rely on the personal and professional network. Former employees, industrial Associates and others provide information about the company that you are going to apply for.

By doing this thing, you can get hidden insights into the market and can learn more about job openings before anyone. You can look for professionals at work on websites like LinkedIn which provides information about the employees and former employees of that company.

So, it is always better to expand your network in your industry.

Take advice from professionals

You are someone who does not have any industrial or professional knowledge. If looking for potential companies to apply to, You can also contact a professional who has hands-on experience with companies.

Many Associates and professionals have contacts in companies, So by contacting these professionals, you can Get the list of companies who are looking for employees and where there are new openings.

These people also can give you better advice according to your experience and interest. These people are obvious choices if you are looking for a new job.

Use Social Media Effectively

In today’s world, every company has a social media account where they update about recent openings and requirements. Social media has become the best tool for any company to target potential candidates for the company.

You can follow the official social media handle of your target company so that if any new update comes from that side, you are among the first to apply. You can also follow recruiters and hiring managers of that company so that you can pitch your resume directly to them.

Subscribe to Google News alert

You can subscribe to Google’s official site for job alerts, and Google News alerts. This is the website where every company lists their job openings and opportunities to hire new employees. You can use this website to make a list of your target companies.

Every year many employees get new opportunities from this website and by subscribing to this news alert you can get many new industry opportunities to experience.

Super any new candidate for fresher it is always advisable to go through this website once to make your potential complete list.


To apply for a target job, you need to be patient enough to get your first call. You also need to have a good resume according to that company to get shortlisted. Recruiters mainly look for a resume that aligns with their company requirements.

There are also many things you need to look at to make your perfect list but you need to apply regularly according to your objectives. There are a lot of opportunities in the market but you have to make a proper strategy to keep yourself on track.

  • How can I pitch a recruiter effectively?

You can target your recruiter in the following ways: Gather the names of your potential companies, find out the key reason to work there, and connect with the network of that company.

  • On which website can I find job listings?
  • Facebook
  • Google News Alert
  • Linkedin
  • Bing
  • Hubspot
  • Which job is easier to target in any company?

The job opening for an accountant is easy to learn and it can help you to get your job easily. You can easily apply for these types of positions and can easily get this opportunity in any company.

  • What are the 3 Rs of job search?

According to industry experts, the three 3 R’s applied for any job search are Research, ‘Riting and Resume. These aspects can help you to Search for and get a job successfully. 

How To Create A List Of Target Companies For The Job?

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