UPS Hiring Age – Know More


UPS or United Parcel Service is a world-trusted delivery company that offers comprehensive Logistic options and delivery services to E-Commerce enterprises. This company is situated in the USA and has courier connections in more than 200 countries and regions. UPS is also known for offering contract logistics services and established warehouse solutions to many online companies. Let us know ‘UPS Hiring Age’.

UPS Hiring Age

One of the key features of UPS is that you can schedule a pickup from your desired location by filling out a form and you also can track the status easily. This company is known for providing a probable shipping rate calculator on its website so that you can estimate your shipping cost easily. In this article, we are going to talk about the UPS hiring process and the hiring age for new candidates.

Key Features of UPS

  • UPS is known for providing exceptional shipping rates to their partner enterprises and you can also estimate shipping costs on their website.
  • They have been providing transparent services to their customers for many decades and monitor their shipping performance also.
  • You can also schedule your pickup location and date according to your convenience by filling out a simple form.

UPS Hiring age

To apply for a UPS facility, you have to be 18 years old. For an 18-year-old there are many customer-facing positions available in UPS facilities to which you can apply. These positions provide a specific significance to customers with excellent services.

If you want to be a driver or a package handler in UPS, then you need to be a minimum of 21 years old. While if you talk about managerial or corporate positions then there are no minimum age requirements. 

Hiring Process at UPS

There is an extensive hiring process at UPS in every department related to courier and delivery services. You can apply on the website by filling out a form then you need to go through the process which we are going to discuss.

The UPS hiring process is completed in 4 steps:

  1. Filling Application
  2. Getting shortlisted
  3. Interview
  4. Orientation of Candidates
Filling Application Process

You can only apply to UPS through their website’s career page. There are multiple openings in different areas like Warehouse in charge, driver helpers, professionals, etc. The best time to apply is in the fall or before the winter season. 

When you are filling out the application you need to enter a phone number and email address of yours where a UPS recruiter will contact you later. A recruiter will call you or email you if there is any opening related to your application within the next sixty days.

Getting shortlisted

Once there is any opening related to your application, the Recruiter will contact you and will give the time and location for your interview. In some cases, you will also be given a tour of the UPS facility before the interview. 

Before the interview, your recruiter will let you know what type of attire and clothes to wear for your interview. 

You need to keep checking your emails and website If you are shortlisted or not.


UPS does not rely on any set interview and hiring process. At some facilities, you may be given a tour before any further meetings, while at others you might be interviewed first and then taken for a tour through the facility. 

If you feel the application form for a package handler, then your hiring manager will contact you to let you through a few boxes to give you a feel for what a package handler does. 

When you sit down for your interview you might face a member of the human resource department, a supervisor or sometimes both. The questions are really simple and it lasts for 20 minutes for any candidate. When your interview gets over you will be notified of orientation and training later. 

Orientation of Candidates

The shortlisted candidates need to appear in the orientation of their service which gets notified through call or email by the UPS recruiter.

The orientation of candidates takes up to five hours and it is usually taken by a human resource member. They show them the instructional and guidance videos which will teach them the proper lifting techniques of packages and other procedures to take care of in UPS.

If you did not fill out the whole application during the interview process then you need to complete it during your orientation. 

What are the departments to which I can apply at UPS?

  • Warehouse Incharge

Warehouse workers or package handler positions are basically for airport locations and candidates need to schedule biometric appointments with their recruiters.

  • Driver Helpers

This position involves the transportation and picking of packages. You need to work in a driver helper department where you get a chance to handle long-distance package deliveries.

  • Tractor driver

This position needs to hire specific candidates only. Candidates need to pass a cell schedule from the test and also need to verify their legal vehicle documents.

The facility of UPS will hire only those candidates who have a good track record as a driver and also have experience in long on-road services


Every year UPS hires many candidates through their interview process for different posts. During the holiday season, they hire as many as 90,000 employees in their facility. This means that they have several options to go through and several applications to shortlist.

To keep yourself updated you need to keep an eye on your application on the upside so that you don’t miss the chance of shortlisting. 

  • How do you get to know if you are hired or not?

The candidates which get hired receive an email or call through a recruiter. You also need to keep an eye on the UPS website for your application update.

  • How long do I need to wait for any updates?

Usually, it takes two to three weeks depending on how fast the recruiting process takes place. 

  • Can I get paid for the first week at UPS?

They do not usually disperse payments during the first week of employment. You need to wait at least two weeks to get your first check in your account.

  • Is it really hard to get hired by UPS?

It is very easy to get hired at UPS. Pratham positions you can get hired in 25 minutes on the same day like for package handler or driver helper post. You just need to fill out the form to get hired without giving any interviews for these posts.

UPS Hiring Age – Know More

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