When Was Google Founded?

Once upon a time, we did not get information at our fingertips. But today, we get every piece of information at our fingertips. Thanks to google because with the help of google it is now possible to get every piece of information at our fingertips. Let us know When Was Google Founded?

When Was Google Founded?

When Was Google Founded?

Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998 in California, USA. The launch was so simple. They launched the company in a small garage with zero users. But today they have 1 billion users all over the world. Let us look at the history of Google to know, how it evolved from a toddler to a giant.

The problems with early search engines

JumpStation, World Wide Web Worm and Archie were the earliest search engines. These search engines worked based on website addresses i.e. to get the results one has to type in the exact web address of a particular website. People found it difficult to use because they were not aware of the exact web address of a website.

Then another generation of search engines like Wen Crawler, Alta Vista and Lycos emerged in the market. These search engines did not use web address-based search instead they worked based on proximity search. All these search engines failed because of their limitations.

Page and Brin’s meet up

Larry Page visited Stanford University to enquire about the university for his under graduation program. The university appointed Sergey Brin as Larry Page’s guide. Brin took Larry on a tour around the college. Their first meeting was not a sweet thing for them to remember. They had some little talks and it ended with a disagreement between each other.

Teaming up

Though they had some disagreements they teamed up after a year. They were on a mission to create a search engine that works based on the proximity search and ranks websites that have the maximum number of backlinks on the top. Within a year they created the search engine and named this search engine Backrub. They named, it Backrub because it calculated the total number of backlinks on a website.

The birth of the name Google

Page was dissatisfied with the name Backrub because he wanted to name the search engine based on how many results the search engine leveraged. So he organised a workshop to suggest a name. A student named Sean Anderson suggested the term ‘googolplex’. Page shortened the term as googol. 

The meaning of the word ‘googol’ means 1 followed by hundred zeroes. So Anderson went up to register the domain name googol. While typing the term Anderson mistyped the term as Google. Page found the word Google so attractive. The Page is named the search engine Google.

Fundings for Google 

During the initial stages, Larry Page and Sergey self-funded the project. When they did not have enough offers, they even tried to sell Google to Yahoo for a million dollars. But Yahoo did not agree to their proposal. In 1998, co-founder of Sun Microsystems Andy Bechtolsheim funded $100,000 to google. It led to the formation of Google Inc. Even Amazon founder Jeff Bezos invested in google.

All these funds helped Google launch the search engine officially. After the launch, Google became popular among the people and generated huge revenue for Google. The fund helped Google to shift from its garage to Google’s first office in Menlo park, California. In 2003, Google changed its office to the Googleplex complex in Mountain View, California.

Google Adwords

To generate revenue through advertisements, Google created AdWords in the year 2000. At that time, Google needed funds, so it approached Yahoo and wanted it to buy Google Ads. But Yahoo missed this golden opportunity once again. Google Adwords generated good revenue for Google. 


By 2005, Google became the absolute search engine for texts based pieces of information. But it had never thought about a video-based search engine. At that time three former PayPal employees  Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim, thought of an idea to create a website where people would share their home videos. They developed this idea and this idea resulted in the creation of Youtube.

Youtube was launched in 2005. Within a year, the number of videos on Youtube crossed 25 million. On noticing the growth of Youtube, Google acquired youtube in November 2006. With its Google Ads, Google created an opportunity for video creators to make money by uploading videos on Youtube. 

This strategy of Google pulled in more number creators and viewers to the Youtube platform. It helped Google to generate a massive revenue through Youtube.   

Other platforms of Google

  • Google map
  • Google Chrome
  • Gmail
  • Google Earth
  • Google doc
  • Google Drive

are some of the many services offered by Google.

Creation of Alphabet

Google-owned seven companies by the end of 2015. Those seven companies are Youtube, Waze, Double click, Nest, Looker, Fitbit and Mandiate. So Google thought of creating a parent company to all these seven companies. Finally, Google created, the alphabet as a parent company to all these seven companies.

Total number of employees growth in Google

 When Google operated in Susan Wojcicki’s garage, it had only 19 employees. In 2001, it had around 2000 employees. In 2004, the total number of employees working at Google crossed 1000 workers. Now more than 100,000 employees are working at google. 

Now Google has a presence in 50 countries. Google has made our life so simple. The modern Generation cannot think of a life without Google because it has now become a part of our life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What was the first search on Google?

The first search on Google was by Gerhard Casper. Gerhard Casper is an ex-President of Stanford University. Larry Page and Sergey Brin searched this term to know how accurate is Google in comparison with the search engine at that time.

  • How old is Google?

Google was founded/born on September 15 1997.Google is 24 years old.

When Was Google Founded?

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