Military Support Welder Salary Complete Guide

Military Support Welder Salary

Military support welder is an exciting job who loves mechanics. We will discuss the Military Support Welder Salary here. The person suitable for this job is the one who is comfortable working with a hot iron and shaping out best out of the worst. The Army offers much and can use the workforce in any arena you are perfect in. From being a nurse to working with advanced technology, every person is welcomed in the army to contribute what they can, which is exciting. If you love weapons, vehicles, and gadgets, then you are the best for the work of a military support welder.

Loving the groundwork, getting your hands dirty, and constructing more than some ideas is the perfect qualities for someone looking for jobs in welding, and a job as a military welder is a good fit for someone like this. The key responsibility of a welder would be something much more important. It would be to repair the pieces of equipment that their mates will use. You will get to experiment with the different types of metal by making repairs and upgrades to it. If you think that this job is not that big of a star, then you’re wrong.

The Branches

If you think of working with the army, you have to select which branch you will be reeling. There is Army, Air force, Coast guard, navy, and marines. These posts define the job of military support welders in their style like the army will give you jobs like in repair shops, welding booths, or in the field doing the maintenance work. There will be work on fixing the tanks and repairing the military equipment like guns. In addition, they can be asked to provide some help in creating weldments with the construction of bridges.

  • The Air Force. The air force defines the job of military support welders as the same with the army but instead the work in the field, they can be asked to be worked on the aircraft, and they should know about the handling of the aircraft equipment, as the equipment can be rare and it can require careful handling. 
  • The Coast Guard. The coast guard requires military support welders to work on several platforms like boats, ships, and shore stations for the required repairs.
  • The Navy. The navy needs the military support welders to help them on the ships, and they need to have a diving certificate as there might be some work that needs them to get into the water for repairs.
  • The Marines. The marines can use the military support welders on the missions that might not need that much fieldwork, but much welding can be done away from the field!!! So, if you are thinking about applying for the military support welder job, do give a thought to asking yourself, in which direction you want to go?

This job can be a hectic one, from making equipment workable to ensure that whether the vehicles are ready for anything, this job can be of high pressure, so you need to consider before you apply to this job. But with this much pressure, there is also pleasure.

The Benefits

The first benefit would be for people who want to travel the world and enjoy the days of their life, they can join the job of welding, get stationed to many places, you might not expect, and you can enjoy there, fully. Giving your time to the military support welder job can lead you to many exotic places. Another benefit is for the people who genuinely love working in a diverse and dynamic environment, as there might not be a single day without excitement and thrills. With hectic working comes to experience, and with more experience, you can handle the work efficiently. With this, the work becomes more and more fun in ways you can’t think of. Lastly, the work of a welder can be of self-fulfillment too. You can work as a military support welder and feel proud of your work, as this is for the nation and contributing to it. It’s the noblest cause. But, how can you become a military support welder? Let us look over that detail too?

The Hows

To be a military support welder, you do not need any college degree by far. However, some welders do take training from welding institutes before getting into the military. It might not guarantee the job, but it increases the chances for that individual to get selected. Even though you pursue certification from these esteemed schools, you need to put in the hours required by the army to get the proper handling and usage of equipment.  Many institutes are teaching welding, like Universal technical institute, Gas metal arc welding, shielded metal arc welding, etc.

These schools provide full-time courses in welding; these schools can prepare you to get certifications from the industry’s standard, the American welding school. And, to be in the military is not a joke. You need to pass the exams of being physically and mentally fit before doing anything. You pass that exam. Then you are good to go for the welding program of the military. There can be various methods through which a welder must go, as there can be many situations in the army where you need to use your intellect. So, for that, you need specific training. There might be some cases where the welders may be taught the mechanics of complex machinery to handle the work afterward. This makes the welders more adaptive to the circumstances that might occur in specific fields. Some fields require the welders to work on these types of machines, like the marines.

Other Jobs For The Welders

Military support welders. Those percent who have retired can look into the teaching part of this field. They can teach the skills they learned from their time in the army and help out the newbies with their veteran experience. Not just for a veteran, but the experienced welder can teach the new ones by being an instructor in the military. There are other fields for the people to work into. For example, they can become engineers or enter into the leadership forms like managing the welders. So, you can join many subsets of work after you leave the work of a welder, but the thing is, to be all of these, you need to get experience and skills for welding.

Military Support Welder Salary

Now, here comes the critical part, the salary. As the job of a welder is quite an important one, whichever field you choose will ask you to put in your 110 percent of effort and time into the job. If you look forward to working for the army, then be ready for some hard years and some luxuries after this period. The Bureau of labor statistics says that the average salary of a welder in the United States was approx $42000 in May 2019. From the recent data, the salary of welders can vary from $160000 to $200000. But this salary also depends on other factors like the welder’s experience, the location, how skilled the welder is, which branch the person is in, and many others.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a career in welding easy?

Yes, a career in welding is easy if you love the work of fixing machines. If not, then it can be challenging to cope with a welder’s work, but it is worth all the extra efforts a person will be putting in, and it can prove as a stable career and a thrilling one for someone who is looking for both.

  • Are there any schools teaching welding?

Many schools teach welding in the United States, like Universal technical institute, Gas metal arc welding, shielded metal arc welding, and many others. You can check out their pages on the internet.

  • Does a welder need special training to be in the military?

Though many schools teach welding with certifications, you would not need any training if you have a natural talent for it. However, the military’s training is needed to be done by the individual to land up an actual job in the arena. And these training can be intensified too, as there can be unknown situations that can arise, so a person needs to be prepared for it physically and mentally.

So, this was all that was needed to know about the job of military support welder, what they do, how an individual can reach out to the army and work out the details of workshops and training that will help the individual to reach new levels of achievements in the field of welding. Along with the salary, you also know what other fields a welder can join after they quit or retire from welding. So, after going through our article, you will get a particular idea about the job of military support welder. And, you should choose this career for your life or not.

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Military Support Welder Salary Complete Guide

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