MBA Consulting Salary at Top Companies in 2021

MBA Consulting Salary

Per year, base wages are subject to a 10-20 percent rise, outpacing the event in pay relative to other sectors, a major point of appeal for job consulting. For every step within the career post-MBA of a consultant, these figures become more pronounced. At leading consultancy companies, the estimated base for MBA Consulting Salary in 2020 is $157,364. Among the MBB, the difference between the offered overall pay varies from $12,500 to $21,250. Within the first year alone, all three will receive a $200K pay-check. We will discuss MBA Consulting Salary here.

MBA Consulting Salary in 2021

A Peek at Totality Pay

How are businesses trying to make on this development? Simple, they recruit, and for that, they pay a premium. How big a difference is there? The BCG base climbed by $18,000, with Bain rising the following suit by $17,000.

Management Consulted, a number one resource for consultancy-related analysis, provides the foremost up-to-date information on entry-level consulting salaries and benefits from over 50 consulting companies. Additionally to reviews from web readers and business members, the info was obtained from their interview and resume training customers who received work offers. Management Consulted notes are grouped in this manner as MBAs and Ph. D.s earn identical salary packages (no different from the recruits’ salaries for undergraduate and master’s).

It also delves into performance incentives, pensions and 401K, living benefits, resettlement costs, equity options, profit-sharing, and education repayment. Also, internal pay breaks down. In brief, to raise comparison packages over the future, the information offers potential consultants an exhaustive compensation view.

At Top Consultancy Companies, What MBAs Earn

Are you wrestling about whether to hunt for an MBA or continue at work? The response is conclusive if you’re weighing a future in consulting: Get an MBA.

That’s what the info reflects within the “Management Consulting Salaries for Undergraduates, MBAs/PhDs & Interns” 2019 version of Management Consulted. How dramatic is that the difference? The estimated starting base salary for a newly-minted undergraduate or academic degree holder is $80,000, consistent with Management Consulted’s foremost recent figures. That figure is sort of twice the $150,000 for an MBA or Ph.D.

That’s just to start with. The one-time signing bonus of an MBA grad comes in at nearly $25,000, five times the undergraduate degree. The disparity is equally staggering as a hit bonus is added to the mix: $44,000 vs. $12,000 in favor of MBAs.

Why Consultancy Pay for Management is Competitive?

To many corporations, the position of an adviser is important. Consultants help consumers overcome difficult challenges that may impede development and restrict their bottom line. Why do consultants earn competitive compensation additionally to their valuable role? The straightforward explanation is that they need to cultivated professional customer relationships. Corporate managers invest and are interested in a particular consultancy company or perhaps during a specific contractor.

To perform a considerable part of the task, management consultancy organizations often rely upon junior associates. The processing and interpretation of information are fueled by junior consultants (recent college or MBA programs). Plan management and collaborators manage these tasks specifically and translate the info to supply consumers with solutions.

So, from universities and business schools, consultancy companies find the simplest and brightest brains. They desire candidates with clear and quantifiable priorities that have concrete expertise on their resumes. Any consultancy companies hire staff very, too soon. They’ll offer summer internships for college students from top colleges with a salary of around $10,000 a month.

Who May be a Consultant in Management?

Management consultants are essentially specialist company consultants who help corporations boost their efficiency and extend their business presence. Management advisors use their business knowledge and knowledge to supply practical guidance to deal with complicated market challenges, generate business value, and increase profits to accomplish this goal.

They are mostly concerned with a company/policy, organization’s structure, administration, and processes. While management consultants often specialize in particular industries or fields of research, their primary role is to supply companies with practical, actionable, and financially viable advice.

Typically, corporations employ management experts by exploiting their industry expertise, problem-solving experience, and logical objectivity to maximize market benefits. Internal market data is studied and analyzed by management experts, business partners (staff, administrators, suppliers, and customers) are consulted, and reports prepared and delivered.

A strategy consultant’s position isn’t a typical 9 to five job; they work at least 50 hours per week and devote an oversized portion of their time building professional partnerships with consumers and other stakeholders.

During the Internship to Achieve an Advantage

Obviously, over time, the road to principal and associate becomes more limited. This is often because most consultancy companies pursue a method of ‘up-or-down’ intended to extirpate the above-average to form room for the outstanding. Those that wish to maneuver on shouldn’t spill any tears. Consultants should predict a pay rise of 12 percent -20 percent as they take the proverbial exit, in line with Management Interviewed, an option that also results in a stronger work-life balance, not to mention greater decision-making power.

In 2019, while wage increases were the norm for MBA employees, internship wages stayed flat. For 10-week internships within U. S., Bain, BCG, and McKinsey, each spent $32,000, no different than within the past. Nevertheless, some businesses have creative wrinkles to draw talent. Performance and signing incentives were employed by boutique companies like NERA Economic Consultancy, Simon & Kucher, and ZS Associates as inducements for interns. With up to $50,000 tuition compensation (after taxes) for returning interns, Accenture Strategy replaced the $30,000 intern salary. KPMG, on the other hand, uses a $66 hourly rate, which increases to $99 an hour with overtime.

Not unexpectedly, during internships, undergraduates are pegged to a somewhat lower value. Half their MBA brothers are MBB Intern Pay. E.g., interns from Bain and McKinsey are paid $15,000 for their services, no different from the year before. That said, by raising their undergraduate intern pay from $15,000 to $18,000, BCG has gained a benefit. An hourly formula is employed by PwC, Accenture, and Deloitte, costing $39, $35, and $32 an hour, respectively (with overtime for Accenture coming to $48 an hour, not including a signing bonus of $2,500). Strategy& will propose the most effective plan for hourly pay: $41 an hour, which amounts to $16,400 over 10 weeks (excluding overtime), which cherishes the MBB. The identical cannot be finished in a boutique business like Mercer, whose pay of $27 an hour is $10,800.

Why Pick Employment in Consulting?

Consulting is additionally a window to other markets, besides helping you get a plump checking account and more platinum cards than your wallet can carry. Plenty of MBA graduates use a career in consultancy to figure closely in numerous sectors to work out to fit their caliber the most. It also offers contractors with an excellent ability to network with movers and shakers in diverse companies. The challenges faced by the corporate of any customer offer opportunities to broaden the expertise and profile of a consultant.

Consulting Salary for McKinsey & Company

McKinsey’s pay varies from $90,000 to $110,000 a year for entry-level consultants (analysts), while the figure for MBA-level/experienced associates may increase to $233,000. Engagement administrators usually earn about $250,000, although up to $1,300,000 will be earned by associates and executives.

(Undergraduate/Entry-Level) McKinsey Analyst Pay

  • Base: $88,000 (Canada: CA$82,000, UK: £45,500, India: nearly 1,635,000, China: ¥290,000)
  • Bonus for Performance: Up to $15,000 (UK: £5,000, India: ~450,000)
  • Sharing of Profit: Up to 10,000 dollars (China: 48,000 yen)
  • Retirement: 7 percent annual bonus to the 401K plan annually.
  • Bonus for Signing: $5,000 (UK: £3,000)
  • Relocation: $2,000-10,000 Relocation:
  • Max Gross Salary: up to 113,000 dollars

(MBA/Experienced-Level) McKinsey Associate Pay

  • (China: $116,000) Base: $168,000 (UK: £84,000)
  • Bonus for Performance: up to $35,000
  • Profit-Sharing: Up to 30 thousand dollars
  • Retirement: 7.5 percent to 401k
  • Bonus for Signing: $30,000
  • Relocation: $2,000-9,000
  • Max Gross Salary: Up to 233,000 dollars

Engagement Manager McKinsey Pay (Manager-Level)

  • Base: 175,000 dollars
  • Bonus for Performance: Up to $77,000
  • Profit-Sharing: 30,000 dollars
  • Max Average Wage: up to 282,000 dollars

Associate Partner/Partner/Director Salary with McKinsey (Partner-Level)

  • Base: 572,000 dollars-1,000,000 dollars
  • Bonus for Performance: Up to $252,000-$300,000
  • Max Average Wage: up to $1,300,000 a year

MBA/Ph.D. Recruits

McKinsey has upgraded its signing on incentive by $5K to $30k for MBA and Ph.D. recruits, putting it in line with Bain and BCG. In 2019, after consultancy firms increased their signing-on incentives to accommodate tech and financial businesses, this followed a giant rise in signing bonuses. Both Bain and BCG provide a combined cash reward package of about $236k in performance and signing on payments, divided between a basic $165,000 and a performance bonus of up to $41,500, the same as McKinsey, which still includes a basic $165,000 but restricts the $35,000 performance bonus. For retirement aid, McKinsey maybe a little more generous, putting aside 7.5 percent of salaries for a 401k employee. BCG pays between $2k and $8k, while McKinsey is offering $2k to $9k.


You’ve got it there. You now have a firm understanding of the service industry, including the standard paths of career development, average wages of the service industry at leading global organizations, and each stage the fundamental job descriptions. Note that compensation for management consultancy can differ greatly by region, and job titles can vary across industries.

Also, observing the adviser salary alone to assess the proper deals like your fit with the business atmosphere, the forms of assignments or the exit prospects continues to be a sound practice. Consulting with management is often a gratifying profession. Your success will determine how high and the way easily you climb up the organizational ladder at the tip of the day.

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MBA Consulting Salary at Top Companies in 2021

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