How Much Is A Rockette Salary?

The Radio City Christmas Extravaganza included the Rockettes and ran for only 30 minutes the year after moving to the Radio City Music Venue. This program developed over time into the 90-minute musical presentation with a vacation emphasis that it is today. By recreating the original Rockette pieces “Parade of the Wooden Soldiers” and “Living Nativity,” the dancing group refers to the Rockettes of yore. More than 3,000 Rockettes have performed in this production to the present, and 75 million people have bought tickets since the Christmas Extravaganza debuted in 1933. Let us know about that the How Much Is A Rockette Salary?

How Much Is A Rockette Salary?

Many viewers could be curious about how much income the Rockettes get and what they end up doing in the off-seasons given that their engagements are periodic. You can find all the information you need about the Rockettes in this article, including what they do, how much they make, and other tasks.

Rockettes Salary

The Radio City Christmas Spectacular’s Rockettes have mesmerized the public for years and years with their perfectly synchronized leg hits. These onstage performers put forth endless hours to help their fans get into the holiday mood.

A Rockette may expect to make between $1400 and $1500 weekly. They are paid between $36,000 and $40,000 because their job is brief and confined. There are other perks available all year round.

Do you aspire to join the Rockettes and take the stage at a grand soiree? Before becoming a Rockette, think through the following information to see what value it could have in your path towards professionalism.

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Ticket rates for the Rockettes show

The Radio City Music Hall Box Office, which is located on Sixth Avenue at the intersection of 50th Street, is where reservations are purchased. When purchasing a seat, you may anticipate paying from $45 and $150 per individual throughout the month of November, but closer to December, rates vary between $65 and $220. A $6 site levy is included in the ticket price to assist defray the expense of maintaining the ticket sales.

Before committing to a certain schedule to watch the Rockettes Spectacular, make sure you can make it. All seats are non-refundable.

Kids are admitted free of charge as long as they can remain on their parent’s lap during the performance. You can also benefit from discounted prices if you can bring a friend to the performance. Moreover, considering that the Rockettes periodically give out special deals, you may want to subscribe to their regular mail.

Salary range

Aside from the Christmas Special, where the pay is $100.00 per week, the Rockettes’ merit pay ranges from $15.00 to $25.00 per hour. The weekly base pay for Rockettes is $100.00. Every Rockette receives a biweekly salary payment.

One of the most well-known dance groups on the globe is The Rockettes. Due to the blazing red stockings that they must wear during shows, they are sometimes called “red hot” performers.

For performers who are members of the union, the average Rockette income is $45,000 annually.  Non-members earn $24,000.

The female performers in the “Rockettes” performance are called “Rockettes.” They are enumerated enough and have precise rehearsals. Rockette’s salaries range from $97,000 on average to over $150,000 for the highest paid.

Elements affecting the Rockettes’ pay

The work knowledge and size of the team are two of the many variables that could impact a Rockette’s pay. A Rockette makes $17.50 per hour base wage + tips. Earnings for Rockettes may reach $120,000 annually. The salaries may be higher in larger businesses.

You could be wondering if the long periods of necessary practice are worth the Rockettes’ high pay. To be a Rockette involves more than simply having a career; it also entails being one of the privileged handful of performers who have participated in this storied holiday custom.

You may enroll in the Rockettes Summer Intensive Dance Course if you want to find out what it requires to be a Rockette. Although participation in the curriculum is not necessary to earn a Rockette engagement, it is a nice occasion to observe how these skilled performers prepare.


The American Guild of Variety Artists has a contract with The Rockettes, performers who appear in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular in New York, from September through January. They usually earn between $1,400 and $1,500 each week, which equates to $36,400 to $39,000 annually due to the seasonal nature of the employment.

It won’t be simple. Each Rockette endures several challenges and fluctuations to pass that one set that can launch its career. Ensure you understand you can make flaws as a novice biker or aspirant creative and do your hardest.

To survive the one group that will begin their careers, every Rockette must face countless obstacles and peaks and valleys in their life.

Offer everything, knowing you are not all-knowing as a novice rider or ambitious creative. Participate in courses, work on your fitness, research different techniques, and get to know the movement’s fundamentals. You will surely go one stride further to achieve your goals.

How Much Is A Rockette Salary?

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