Which QVC Hosts Have Been Fired?-Know More

QVC, standing for Quality Value Convenience, is an American broadcast television network and a channel that allows its users an in-home televised shopping experience. The show is worth 11.35 billion dollars and has many famous personalities as its host.let us know more about that the Which QVC Hosts Have Been Fired?-Know More.

Which QVC Hosts Have Been Fired?-Know More

QVC is a famous televised shopping show and is respected by its viewers. The show has several famous personalities as hosts including Lori Greiner, a judge at the show Shark Tank. It also has a strict application process for viable hosts. Therefore, if hosts leave the show or are fired, it raises a lot of questions. In this article, we will look at such people and will try to find the reason for them leaving the show.

In 2018 the company responsible for QVC announced that they were shutting down operations in Lancaster and Greenville. This caused a loss of approximately 2000 jobs. The next year in 2019, they fired even more employees. With the covid Pandemic, many hosts were also released from their duties. Some said that they wanted to focus on their lives, while others admitted to being fired. Here are some QVC hosts that were fired or left their job. Some QVC hosts that were laid off from work are Gabrielle Kerr, Kristine Zell, Antonella Nester, and Stacey Stauffer.

Stacey Stauffer

(Fired because QVC was downsizing)

In her early years before QVC, Stacey Stauffer worked with several news channels including FOX 29 news, WFMZ tv, NBC 10 WCAU-TV, and more. She joined QVC in January 2014 as a host; she worked there for 4 years and 6 months before being fired because QVC was downsizing and letting employees go. After letting her job with QVC go, Stacey Stauffer started her cooking channel on youtube and uploaded videos there.

Dave L.King

(Fired for publically Unknown reasons)

Dave L. King hosted the show for over 10 years. He was one of the most loved QVC hosts and was an influencer in the electronic market. He left the show suddenly without any reason in 2008. Some theorists have suggested that he was fired due to some discriminatory policies of the show while others say that he had to quit due to minimum sales. Dave has not made any comments on this matter. Dave also showed up as a guest expert on the famous network ShopNBC. A fierce rival of QVC.

Bob Bowersox

(Fired because QVC was hard hit by the pandemic)

Bob Bowersox was the host of In the Kitchen With Bob on QVC. He was very famous amongst viewers and gave them insight into products related to cooking as well as dining. He left the channel in 2008 to focus on acting and writing; however, it was later leaked that his contract was not renewed. After QVC Bob came on television as a guest expert on ShopNBC.

Antonella Nester

(Fired because QVC was downsizing to meet costs)

Antonella Nester had to apply for the host position thrice before being accepted for the role. She was highly appreciated for her role by the viewers and was well known for her bubbly and upbeat personality. Unfortunately, she lost her job during the Covid period on the 16th of July, 2020. She made a public announcement on her Instagram on the 17th of July, calling the news “bittersweet” After losing her job, Nester had to undergo surgery in December to treat Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She was also diagnosed with breast Cancer.

Shawn Killinger

Fired for passing unfit comments on the show

Shawn Killinger was fired after three weeks of the show as Martha Stewart was displeased by her comment in which she said “Fake it til you make it.” After being fired Killinger had a burst of popularity.

Gabrielle Kerr

(Wanted to pursue other fields/QVC was downsizing)

Gabrielle Kerr was another long-standing host at QVC who was fired from her job along with Stacey Stauffer and Antonella Nester. She did not seem bitter about the fact and made an official post on Instagram thanking her fans for their love and wishes.

Kristene Zell

QVC was reducing employees after the Covid Pandemic

Although Kristine Zell was also a part of the firing from QVC she did not make any official statement on the matter like Gabrielle or Antonella. However, she made a Facebook page about beauty hacks and family calling herself a former TV girl (for now)


To conclude, no one is perfect. This article looks at a few of the hosts who were either fired or quit their jobs at QVC for various reasons. Some were well respected in their fields while others were flat-out disliked.


Q)Who is the highest-paid QVC host?

A)David Venable has an estimated net worth of 1 million dollars. According to sources, he is paid $500,000 per year as a salary from QVC. With these statistics, his net worth is bound to increase over the years.

Q)Why is QVC famous on the Tv show Shark Tank?

A)Lori Greiner, one of the five Sharks at Shark Tank, is known as the Queen of QVC. She often helps get her client’s products here to market them.

Q)What does QVC stand for?

A)QVC stands for Quality Value Convenience, qualities that are meant to be important for products.

Q)Why does QVC have cheaper products?

A)QVC often buys products in bulk which enables them to have a comparatively lesser price than that available in the market.

Which QVC Hosts Have Been Fired?-Know More

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