Highest-paying Jobs In Publishing

Publishing is the aspect of book writing that deals with the professional editing of a book or novel, the design, the press release, and also all the processes that involve the final release of the book. A book publisher is someone or a group of persons in a company that oversees the processes involved in the production of a book. This book may be a novel, storybook, motivational book, religious book, etc. Here we will see about Highest-paying Jobs In Publishing.

Highest-paying Jobs In Publishing

Publishing encompasses so many aspects of writing and because there are different niches in writing, there are also various niches in publishing with differences in their income. So if you are considering publishing as a career path, there are some things you need to take cognizance of; like creative writing, literature, journalism, marketing, and editing including the high-paying job in this career path. The following are high-paying jobs in publishing:-

  • Technical publication manager
  • Publisher
  • Reporter
  • Publisher Assistant
  • Editorial Assistant
  • Publication specialist

Technical publication manager

There is an aspect of writing known as technical writing, it is an advanced form of writing by testing gadgets, devices, and complex and advanced technologies and writing about them. A technical publication manager is someone who supports technical publications and sees the success of technical writing. 

Skill: You must be skilled in technical writing

Average salary: $89,468 per year


A publisher is a person or group of people who is in charge of all the processes involved in publishing a novel, book, journal, magazine, or newspaper. They determine the font, the font size, the color, and all the interior design in the book

Skill needed: Must be proficient in writing and has an excellent writing style

Average salary: $64,000 per year


A reporter is someone that is in charge of the press release of a book, they are the ones that are in charge of using the media to create awareness of the publishing date, and they create anticipation through various forms of media; radio, TV, internet, etc.

Skill: Must be skilled in journalism

Average salary: $50,000 per year

Publisher assistant

An assistant publisher is someone who assists the publisher in the publishing process. 

Skill: Must be skilled in writing and have an amazing style of writing

Average salary: $23,000- $41,500 per year

Editorial Assistant 

The assistant editor assists the editor to develop and implement manuscripts void of errors, readers friendly, and helpful to the readers, and framing of words, punctuation, and grammar and must be able to write stories that immerse the readers in the book.

Skill: You must be creative in your imagination and be able to bring your characters to life in stories, ability to engage readers in your story.

Average salary: $38,808 per year

Marketing Manager 

The successful publishing of a book boils down to the sales of that book, however, the person who brings awareness and makes sure a book is publicized and gets lots of sales is a marketing manager. The marketing manager creates campaigns and brings the book to the limelight to create demand

Skill: A marketing manager must know the target audience, have good communication skills and networking also have organization and planning skills

Average salary: $99,638 per year

Publication specialist

A publication specialist is someone that inspects the quality of materials before the printing process, mistakes are bound to happen, therefore, it is the job of a publication specialist to look for mistakes, and also look into the tone and style of writing to ensure the book meets the purpose it is being published.

Skill: amazing writing style 

Average salary: $54,000- $83,500 per year 

Other high-paying jobs in publishing

Publishing requires a lot of stages and for a book to be successfully published, it jas to go through a lot of processes, especially if you want your client(the writer) to make great sales. The following are other high-paying jobs in publishing

  • Editing
  • Graphic design
  • Web developer.
  • Book writer


An editor is someone that is in charge of the manuscript, he/she oversees the reviewing, correction, and editing of the manuscript.

Skills: Excellent editing skills

Average salary: $60,590 per year

Graphic design

 A graphic designer is in charge of the book cover design, they create fliers for ads and promotions and they also create artwork that propels buyers. They may also give ideas and opinions for the interior design of the book

Skill: must be skilled in layout

Average salary: $60,222 per year

Web developer

An author may want to create a website that buyers can easily buy from, the service of a web developer is to develop and build for this purpose.

Skill: Developing websites

Average salary: $94,160

Book writer

There won’t be publishing if there is no writer. However, the writer is the bedrock of publishing.

Skill: Must be good at writing, creatively using words to express an idea or opinion.

Average salary: $42,000

What qualifications do you need as a publisher?

As a publisher, you may have qualifications in English and literary studies and journalism. However, beyond qualification, you need to be skilled in publishing or have experience in writing, writing, and publishing. If you are just beginning a career in publishing, you can try to build your portfolio by starting with editing. Most publishers start as editors and staff members in publishing companies.

How to become a highly sought after publisher?

In anything you are doing, being the best will single you out and make you highly sought after.

  • Get experience in publishing: Get experience in this field, and what it entails, learn from successful publishers, understand how the industry works, and understand your unique selling point.
  • Network: Networking enables you to meet other people in your industry, and attend book launches, events, etc.
  • Take responsibility: As a publisher, you will be responsible for building credibility on social media platforms, finding new authors, and also responsible for providing the best service for your client
  • Be passionate about writing: If you are passionate about writing and you are very good at it, you will be sought after

In conclusion, there are so many lucrative jobs and career paths in publishing. There are so many positions you can choose from ranging from being an editor to a graphic designer to a publication specialist to an assistant publisher to a marketing manager. Through this article we have learned about Highest-paying Jobs In Publishing.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What are the high-paying jobs in publishing?

  • Technical publication manager
  • Publisher
  • Publication specialist
  • Editor
  • Social media manager 

Q2. What skill do I need as a publisher?

You need to be skilled in editing, writing, and marketing the book for an explosive sale

Q3. How do I become a highly recommended publisher?

Get experience in publishing, network, and be passionate about writing 

Highest-paying Jobs In Publishing

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