Epik Salary Levels-Know More

For English teachers looking for gigs abroad, the Epik program will impress you. Epik is an English program offered in South Korea for their public schools. The program is at the top of the list for most teachers which makes South Korea one of the best teaching destinations abroad. Many English teachers would love to teach in South Korea with the Epik program because it offers a great levels salary package, subsidized health insurance, Pension, and many other bonuses.

Epik Salary Levels

The advantages of teaching in South Korea with the epic program are very high that some English teachers have saved over $11,000 in two years.

Before diving into the Epik Salary levels, let’s talk about

The English teaching requirements in South Korea?

  • You must have a bachelor’s degree
  • Only native English speakers from the following countries can teach in South Korea. The countries include the USA, Australia, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, Scotland, and New England. Further, Indian English teachers might be eligible if they have a great TOEFL score. 
  • Teachers interested in teaching English but have a bachelor’s degree not in teaching English must have a TEFL certification or CELTA certificate with 100+ hours. 
  • Last but not least, you have to perform very well in the Epik application process known to be tough, their interviews, and their medical or drug test.

Now that you know about the requirements, let’s proceed to the Epik salary levels.

The Epic Salary Levels and Benefits

The 5 Epik salary levels are very specific and they vary from location to location. However, there’s a range or a bracket that English teachers fall in. Teachers will get to know their official salaries from the recruiter once they are assigned the role in the city or province in South Korea.

  • The Epik salary level 3

For salary Level 3 is for individuals who have Bachelor’s degrees in other disciplines apart from teaching English. The salary range is between 1.8 million to 2.1 million KRW which is $1800 to $1,900 per month depending on the exchange rate.

  • The Epik salary level 2

Teachers under the salary level 2 are required to have a bachelor’s degree in education, or a Bachelor’s degree in another discipline plus TEFL/TESO or CELTA and a teaching license or a bachelor’s degree in any discipline plus a 1-year taLK scholar experience. 

The salary requirement is between 2 million to 2.2 million KRW.

  • The Epik salary level 2+

Teachers in this level are required to have one year of experience plus a bachelor’s degree in education or teaching. A valid Teacher’s license or a TEFL or TESO or CELTA OF 100hrs+.

Teachers could also be eligible if they have a master’s degree in any discipline class or a bachelor’s degree in teaching or education. A master’s degree in education or a teaching major, plus a bachelor’s degree in any other discipline.

Lastly, individuals can also be eligible for the level 2+ after a year of experience as a level 2 with the renewing province.

The salary level is between 2.1 Mil KRW to 2.3 Mil KRW.

  • The Epik salary level 1

The Epik salary level 1 is between 2.3 Mil KRW to 2.5 Mil KRW.

Teachers are required to have at least two years of full-time teaching experience

  • A bachelor’s or a master’s degree in education or teaching or TEFL. A valid teacher’s license or a TEFL or TESO or CELTA of 100hrs+.
  • Individuals can also be eligible for level 1 after a year of experience as a level 2+ with the renewing province.
  • The Epik salary level 1+ 

Salary Level 1+ is the highest paid salary level with a pay scale between 2.5 Mil KRW to 2.7 Mil KRW per Month. The requirement is two consecutive years of teaching at level 1 with the renewing province.

For more detailed information about the pay scale, visit the epic website. 

The EPIK Benefits

Teachers additionally get a ton of bonuses. These benefits include:

  • The Entrance allowance

This allowance reimburses teachers with the money used for their flight to get into South Korea. All Epik English Teachers are paid the same amount regardless of the cost of their flight. The entrance allowance is $1,150. The money is paid out with the first or second paycheck.

  • The Settlement allowance

The settlement Allowance helps teachers settle down comfortably in their new apartments. The allowance is also paid out with the first or second paycheck.

  • A completion Bonus After Completion of the Contract

Once teachers have fulfilled the contract with EPIK they are rewarded with a completion bonus which is equivalent to their one-month salary. In cases where the teacher decides not to sign another contract, the teacher is still eligible to get the completion bonus. Also, note that the Bonus applies to each year the contract is completed.

  • The Contract renewal bonus 

English teachers who decide to sign the contract for another year will earn an epic renewal bonus of 2.0 million Won which will be split into two payments. In the first month, the teacher receives 1.3m and once the contract is completed, the teacher will earn 700,000 Won.

  • The exit Allowance 

Once you complete your contract and you decide to move back home. Epik will pay for all flights back home at a flat rate of $1,150USD without asking for a receipt just in case your flight was cheaper. 

  • Orientation and Training (Free)

Once the teachers arrive at the airport, they are received and taken to start the orientation and training. That means you receive a lot of support the minute you arrive in South Korea. The English teachers also receive a free room to board for the entire orientation process which is approximately 10 days. 

Further, EPIK will sponsor excursion activities in between the classes and free training seminars and lectures from professional teachers. 

  • Free Accommodation that Is Fully Furnished

Epic also provides a fully furnished studio apartment for the new teachers or if you are coming with your family or a 1 or 2-bedroom apartment. 

  • Rural Bonus

For teachers who end up teaching in schools in rural areas, Epik provides a 100,000 won bonus every month. 

  • Access To Affordable Healthcare

Every Korean is covered by the National Health Insurance. The amount that goes to health Insurance is deducted monthly. Health Insurance is more affordable because EPIK teachers have an additional benefit of 50% of the health insurance covered by the government.


As discussed, Epik has many salary levels and benefits that apply to English teachers. Since the cost of living is cheaper in Korea, teachers can save quite an amount of money, enjoy a new culture, and explore south Korean cuisines and sites while teaching students the English language!

Frequently asked questions

  •  Is it difficult for teachers to get into Epik? 

Absolutely. It is very difficult for English teachers to get into the most sort-out locations in Korea because many of the positions are very competitive and in high demand. 

  • Do Epik teachers receive vacation days? 

Yes, they do! Epik teachers Received 26 paid vacation days plus 14 days of paid national Korean holidays.

  • How long will the epic process take

It takes approximately 3 to 8 weeks, depending on the time of the year.

Epik Salary Levels-Know More

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