Does Zenith logistics pay weekly?- Learn More

Potential employees, customers and the public may ask if a particular company pays weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. However as many also ask the question of Does Zenith Logistics pay weekly? If you are one of them, then, this write-up is entirely for you. 

At Zenith Logistics, workers are paid on weekly basis. Moreover, workers weekly salaries are calculated using a standard hourly rate and computed to be paid at the end of every week of work. However, this payment is done in respect of the previous week. 

To know more about payment related information at Zenith Logistics, keep reading this piece!

Does Zenith logistics pay weekly?

How Much Does Zenith Logistics Pay Its Workers?

Zenith Logistics pay its workers in terms of their position. Here, each job position is assigned a standard hourly wage rate which is calculated and paid at the end of the week. Below are some job positions and their respective average hourly wage rate at Zenith logistics.

  • Order Picker- $24.45/hour
  • Shipping and Receiving Clerk- $24.45 per hour
  • Warehouse Clerk- $12.96 per hour
  • Assembler- $17.00 per hour
  • Dock Worker- $10.0 per hour
  • Delivery Driver- $34.21 per hour
  • Forklift Operator- $12.49 per hour 
  • Warehouse Associate- $13.00 per hour
  • Order selector- $19 per hour
  • Customer Service Representative$13 – $14 per hour
  • Dispatcher- $14 – $29 per hour
  • Billing Clerk- $12 – $13 per hour
  • Cherry Picker- $18- $20 per hour
  • Receiving Clerk- $20 – $22 per hour
  • LTL Data Entry- $10 – $11 per hour
  • Warehouse Team Lead- $14 – $16 per hour
  • Pick and Pack Orders- $13 – $15 per hour
  • Data Entry- $14 – $15 per hour

However, it is important to know that weekly salaries at Zenith Logistics may show a slight decrease possibly due to tax deduction since the hourly wage rate is set pre-tax. The Figures may also change with time and space. 

How Many Hours Do You Work At Zenith Logistics?

At Zenith logistics, staffs work a minimum of 8 hours a day. Workers are not allowed to work through the day, but they are being shifted. There are two shifting moments which usually happens after 6am to 2:30pm and 5pm to 1:30am periods of work. 

How Can I Be Hired To Work At Zenith Logistics?

Generally, Zenith Logistics posts any open job position in the careers site. The job position are advertised while setting all the requirement for application. You can check for job openings at Zenith Logistics through Like other companies, job positions at Zenith may be promoted through other external sites and social media in order to attract the best candidates that can fulfill its service expectations. 

It has always been easy to get hired at Zenith Logistics as the careers site offers the best user environment for job application. Your applications will be reviewed and hear from us shortly.

What Does Zenith Logistics Consider The Most In Its Recruitment Process?

Because Zenith Logistics is looking to offer the best service to its customers, motivated, experienced and excellent candidates are attracted to work. To be a distinguished applicant we want you to be the best in your chosen career. We also attract candidates that are passionate to work and deliver the best result. Feel free to apply for job at Zenith Logistics.

How Do You Feel Working At Zenith Logistics?

At Zenith Logistics, the working environment allows its workers to unleash the best in what they  are passionate about- serving the customers The employees work cooperatively to achieve common goal of satisfying their esteem customers.

Staffs of Zenith Logistics are generally cushioned with positive values, flexibility, cooperation, support and empowerment targeted to achieve harmony and simplify their work. Zenith Logistics have world class equipments needed by their employees in the course of their work. 

How Are Employees Checked At Zenith Logistics?

Employees are usually passed through drug test in the form of urine test.  Full drug test is carried out on every employee before employment. A staff will be asked for the urine sample and taken for analysis. Only employees that are negative following a drug test are allowed to work at Zenith Logistics.

Candidates that did not pass the drug test are generally not allowed to the next stage of employment. Zenith logistics try to maintain ethics and best service to be incubated by responsible persons that would not give field for failure.


It can be concluded that Zenith Logistics pay its employees weekly. At Zenith logistics, a particular standard is set for payment which represent an hourly wage rate. This rate is set for different job positions and are calculated to be paid at the end of every week and Payments are done for the previous week. 

Employees’ payment rate may differ in time and also show a slight deviation from what we can see through simple computing as there is tax deduction at the end.

Does Zenith logistics pay weekly?- Learn More

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