Cummins Inc. Relocation Package- Learn More

In the world of Multinational Corporations, Cummins Inc. is one of the manufacturers of engines, filtration, and power generation products; it is one responsible company. Cummins Inc. is an American Multinational Corporation founded in 1919 by Classie Lyle Cummins and William G. Irwin, engaged in designing, manufacturing and the distribution of engines, filtration, and power generation products worldwide. It is headquartered in Columbus Indiana and according to Wikipedia, it operates in 190 countries of the world with approximately 600 branches all over. According to the company’s article ‘‘Cummins: a global power leader” (2021), there are 58,000 employees worldwide. In this article, we are going to see about Relocation Package for Cummins Inc.

According to the company’s website (2021), Cummins is “an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) that will make reasonable accommodation to enable individuals with disabilities to apply and compete for employment opportunities for which they are qualified” This means that the company provides accommodation based on requests by the employee which should be sent to the company’s accommodation email. In other words, Cummins provides accommodation for its staff whereby irregularities or difficulty of the employee’s residence and place of work do not correspond. Workers at Cummins Inc. enjoy so many benefits as the company is known for its integrity.

No matter the race, diversity, age, culture, tribe, language, colour, once accommodation request is recorded, accommodation shall be secured, this is the reason for the Equal Opportunity Employer. A staff member that does not request accommodation shall not be included as it is assumed that he/she is satisfied with his or her present accommodation. As I have examined, Cummins Inc. is a close company that is, it does not disclose vital pieces of information about itself; only general information is provided. If an in-depth answer is wanted then it must come directly from the company. So, in conclusion, accommodation or relocation package for Cummins Inc. employees are usually based on request.

Cummins Inc. Relocation Package

About Cummins Inc.

Cummins Inc. has been on Ethisphere World’s Most Ethical Companies list for 14 consecutive years. Its revenue is $19.8 billion as at 2020 and it is ranked number 24 in Newsweek’s list of America’s Most Responsible Companies 2021. 

According to Cummins Inc., their mission is making people’s lives better by powering a more prosperous world. What they seek to accomplish is innovating their customer’s power to success and their values give thus: 

  • Integrity; doing what is expected and right. 
  • Diversity and Inclusion; valuing and including their differences in decision-making is their competitive advantage.
  • Caring; demonstration of awareness and consideration for others wellbeing.
  • Excellence; delivering superior result always. 
  • Teamwork; teaming up with various teams, functions, businesses, and borders to give accurate results. (Source: Cummins 2021) 

The company’s products range from diesel, natural gas, electric and hybrid powertrains, and powertrain related components (filtration, after-treatment, turbo chargers, fuel systems, control systems, air handling systems, automated transmissions, electric power generation systems, batteries, electrified power systems, hydrogen generation and fuel cell products). (Source: Cummins 2019)

How To Get a Job at Cummins Inc. and Recruitment Processes

From what I gathered online through my research, there is no definite process for landing a job at Cummins. It is just the usual way of finding vacancy at a company, applying and meeting the requirements. One shall be invited for an interview which takes no definite time space from the questions and answer session on “Getting a job at Cummins” (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)

Working at Cummins Inc.

When a candidate is being given a job at Cummins Inc., there are lots of benefits that come with working for Cummins Inc. They can be classified into four main groups with points underneath;

  •  Office Perks, which include company social outings, work from home policy, and unique office space.
  • Health and Wellness Package, which includes the dental insurance, vision insurance health insurance, and life insurance.
  • Paid Time Off: it includes PTO/ vacation policy, paid holidays, maternity, or paternity leave.
  •  Financial Benefits, which include the tuition reimbursement 401(k)/retirement plan performance bonus, employee stock purchase plan (source: comparably 2021)

In conclusion, Cummins Inc. is a company that has been operating since 1919; therefore, it knows how to treat its staff properly with more than 100 years experience. Working at Cummins brings a lot of benefits for the employee and his family and with such plans, the employee could achieve a lot and have personal development. The company has a package for evaluation which is carried out amongst the 58,000 employees. I am sure the majority would have something positive to say about the big company. In a  statistics research carried out by comparably (2021), Cummins’ ranked in the top 50% of other companies with think 10,000+ employees for perks and benefits score. It is graded 69 / 100. Through this article, we would have learnt about relocation package for Cummins Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can someone with felony history work at Cummins?

Answer: Yes, depending on the felony

Question: I am an African but lives in Columbus; can I be employed at the Cummins headquarters in Indiana?

Answer: Yes, if there is a vacancy and you meet all requirements.

Question: Can I develop my career while working at Cummins?

Answer: Yes, Cummins Inc. has a career plan or development plan for their employees for further questions, kindly refer to the company’s website at

Cummins Inc. Relocation Package- Learn More

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