Does TJ Maxx Pay Weekly?-Know More

TJ Maxx is an American-based famous department store chain and they are highly famous for selling products at a much cheaper rate as compared to other major similar stores. This department store is itself a very unique store that has opened in the market. Let us know more about that the Does TJ maxx pay weekly?

Does TJ Maxx Pay Weekly?

Yes, TJ Maxx, the department store chain pays their employees and workers on a weekly format. The company does not use the bi-weekly payment cycle for its workers and employees. The payday set by the department store chain is every Friday for all the employees and workers. 

About TJ Maxx 

The department store chain was founded by Bernard Cammarata also known as Ben is a famous film producer. He established the company as TJX Companies Inc. which consisted of two companies Zayre Corp. and TJ Maxx. 

The first TJ Maxx store was opened in Auburn, and it was a part of another famous discount department store chain Zayre. Unfortunately, the combination with Zayre and TJ Maxx did not go as per the expectations. In 1988, Zayre faced a huge loss and could not uplift itself in the market so more than 400 Zayre stores were sold to Ames Department Stores Inc. 

After this huge transaction, TJ Maxx became a single brand under the TJX Companies Inc. The company started focusing more on marketing strategies and profit rather than anything else. In the fall of 1998, TJ Maxx saw huge profit and opened their store chain, AJ Wright. Unfortunately, AJ Wright did not see much profit as expected and was closed in January 2007. 

Still, TJ Maxx managed to earn a good profit in the market, and in 2009 the company launched an e-commerce site for easy order. Initially, the primary focus of the e-commerce site was to sell handbags but, later on, the products increased to clothing, jewelry, shoes, home decors, and other accessories. 

Today, the stores of TJ Maxx are located in more than 1200 locations in the country. 

Careers At TJ Maxx 

The department store chain is very active in hiring new and young employees for its working environment. The company hires new employees and workers in three different departments and they are Corporate, Stores, and Distribution and Logistics. 

The company believes that it is a great chance for the young generation to gain practical work experience and knowledge as well. Additionally, with so many stores and offices, the company believe that there is a breadth of opportunities at TJX Companies Inc. 

Here are some of the jobs at TJ Maxx Department store

  • Apparel Store Associate
  • Asset Protection Man 
  • Assistant Manager
  • Buyer 
  • Cashier of Store
  • Sales Cashier 
  • Customer Service Associate 
  • Financial Accountant 
  • Customer Experience Coordinator 
  • Marshalls Retail Associate 
  • Merchandise Associate 
  • Retail Associate 
  • Cleaning Associate 
  • Store Cleaning Associate 
  • LP Detective 

These are some of the job positions opened by the department store company. Additionally, the eligibility criteria, education, and qualifications required are not the same for all the departments. They will differ as per the job position that any individual is looking for. 

Do Workers or Employees At TJ Maxx Get Good Payment?

Cashiers and Sales Cashiers in the department store company are paid the average hourly rate that is $11 per hour. 

Salary chart for most of the job positions at the department store is given below:-

Job Positions Average Per Week/Per Year
Apparel Associate $82.25 per week
Asset Protection Associate $42,800 per year
Assistant Store Manager $52,390 per year
Associate Buyer $73,115 per year
Backroom Associate $78.75 per week
Buyer $98,230 per year
Cashier $98.00 per week
Sales Cashier $86.24 per week
Stocker $91.7 per week
Customer Service Associate $75.95 per week
Front End Associate $73.5 per week
Front End Manager $81.55 per week
Jewelry Associate $75.25 per week
Layaway Associate $24,700 per year
Lead Associate $77.35 per week
Customer Experience Coordinator $144.62 per week
Marshalls Retail Associate $106.68 per week
Cleaning Associate $84.00 per week
Store Cleaning Associate $78.75 per week

Does TJ Maxx Pay Weekly? 

All the business entities or start-up companies including restaurant chains, joints, or any other in the country use two types of payment cycles: weekly and bi-weekly. 

Similarly, T.J. Maxx pays their employees and workers on a weekly format. All the employees and workers working in the department store are paid every Friday. Previously, the department store chain used to use the bi-weekly payment cycle but, quite recently they have shifted to the weekly payment cycle for all of their workers and employees. 


On cannot live in the world where there require no hard work, soft skills, management skills, and other required skills. The individual should inherit all the knowledge and experience that they are looking forward to be in the future. 

Frequently Asked Questions 
  1. Who are the Chief Executive Officers of TJX Companies Inc.? 

Answer- The multi-store venture has three Chief Executive officers serving different companies under it and they are Ernie Herrman, Carol Meyrowitz, and Bernard Cammarata. The CEO of T.J. Maxx in particular is Carol Meyrowitz. 

  1. What is T.J. Maxx famous for and why is it so?

Answer- The company is a flagship department chain under the TJX Companies. The company sells varieties of products such as clothes for men and women, toys, shoes, bath and beauty, electronics, and home products like kitchen utensils, carpets, curtains, table cloth, and many more. Interestingly, all of them are sold at a lesser price tag as compared to the other major stores or competitors in the market.

  1. What is the average hourly rate of any worker at the T.J. Maxx department store?

Answer- The average hourly rate of any worker at the store is $11 per hour. The hourly rate can range from $8 – $25 per hour for any worker or employee. 

  1. Who are the head-to-head competitors of T.J. Maxx?

Answer- Ever since its establishment in the market, the department store has faced many tough competitors in the market. The recent competitors of the department store are as follows:-

  • Home Goods
  • Marshalls 
  • Macy’s 
  • Ross Capital and 
  • Saks Fifth Avenue 
Does TJ Maxx Pay Weekly?-Know More

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