Does the Academy Pay Weekly?

Does the Academy Pay Weekly?


Academy is a broad concept because it could refer to a school academy or sports academy. So to answer this question, “Does the academy pay weekly?” we need to be precise about the concept that we understand. According to research papers, Academy refers to institutions of higher learning where many programs are offered in places like Universities and private Colleges. Here, we will also mention that does Academy Pay Weekly or not.

It is a place where many students learn certain kinds of skills and acquire knowledge to become professionals. Yet it depends whether we speak of school academies like Universities and Colleges or whether we speak of sports academies that only accommodate sport-related matters. Right below, I discuss all four aspects in chronological order as follow:

  • What is an academy about?
  • What is a school academy? 
  • What is a sports academy?
  • Does the academy pay weekly?

What Is An Academy About? 

If we want to understand what the academy is all about, we have to look no further than privately owned institutions. Examples of this include universities and colleges where most professionals such as lecturers work with students. Because the academy is more likely to be institutions that are top-ranked and considered to be non-governmental organizations. Professionals across different disciplines get to teach and train the younger generation to become the best leaders of tomorrow. Look at the example of Medical anthropologists. They go out to the field to do fieldwork then return to campus for their academic work. But before everything, they were taught to become researchers in the field of their study, and now they can do fieldwork, writing papers and articles, and most importantly, they get to share that knowledge with future leaders of tomorrow. Also, the example of sports academics where the youth are trained to become the best players and champions in the world of sport. That is something to take note of.

Academy is also seen as an institution that is often expensive and not accessible to everyone. Due to the fees that students are required to pay – the costs speak volumes about the value of education in the academy. That is why there are universities that are ranked differently throughout the world. For example, look at Harvard University in the United States of America, which many countries recognize, and that says much about Havard compared to other universities. And from what I heard over the years, Havard is one of the institutions that do not accept applicants unless they have excellent grades. In addition to that, Harvard it’s the most expensive university with a good quality education. 

What Is A School Academy?

We acknowledge that school academy refers to higher institutions of learning like Universities and Colleges, which I briefly discussed on the previous topic. Now to get a deeper understanding of what school academies are about, we need to understand what is happening in higher learning institutions. Take this from my experience. When I was a student, I learned that university is a place to obtain a degree or diploma and a place to grow and acquire knowledge and skills. 

Education is important nowadays, so I attended all my lectures and tutorials to gain a complete understanding of the readings for my course. So when it comes to my assignments and research projects, I would not struggle but be prepared to do what is required to excel in my grades. And on that note, to use the same knowledge and skills, I learned how to conduct research, do fieldwork, and apply the scientific method in collecting data. So, in other words, there are advantages and disadvantages to school academies, and I will use an example to give you a clear picture of that matter. 

Advantages in my perspective are the benefits which the student acquired from the University like knowledge and skills. Let me explain. During my Honors research in Anthropology, I was able to go out to the field and conduct research in my community. I knew that I had to find participants for my research and ask for their consent to work with me. Because my goal as a researcher was to get data. And I managed to do that through observation, one-on-one interviews, informal conversations, and focus group discussions. Those were a set of skills I had to use, which is an example of my benefits as a university student. Cause if it wasn’t for the knowledge and skills I gained, then I would not have been able to do scientific research independently. Thankfully, I am not in that situation, which shows the importance of school academies in the contemporary world. 

Aside from advantages, there are also disadvantages which we are always faced with. For instance, we are often faced with issues of inclusion and exclusion – when we look at those who gain access to school academies leaving the rest out because of their status quo. So class does play an important role in this because it gets to determine who can afford it and not. So it’s not just about having good grades but also having money to gain complete access to University. 

Someone coming from a working-class background with good grades will find it very difficult to enter if they have no scholarship or financial support. That is where the problem starts for many students coming from low-income families with excellent marks. Although they have academically performed well, that does not guarantee them going to a school academy any time soon. And that is a downfall of school academies as we know that they’re private rather than public for most students to gain access.

What is a sports academy?

Sports Academy refers to an institution that is more concerned about the affairs of sports. For example, there are private schools that recruit excellent learners in sports. Most of them can’t afford to be at the institution, but the sports academy usually takes responsibility for funding. So what’s required of them is to continue to perform well in sports like football, athletes, and many others. 

I’ve also heard of sports academies that recruit the best players in football when they make it to trials. And it’s one of the most popular things in Cape Town, South Africa, but surely it’s something that happens in other countries. These opportunities are often given to the needy who are most talented but cannot afford the fees to enroll in sports academies. That’s why there are also private sports clubs that train their players to be world champions. And from that, we also learn the difference between school academies and sports academies. As you can see, sports academies are more concerned about a player’s physical performance than their performance in exams, books, and all other sorts of intellectual activities. 

Does the academy pay weekly?

Since we have learned about the academy before jumping to this question, we can see that it is a broad question to ask, and that needs to be answered. But, at least we have explained what an academy is and provided some examples to give a clear demonstration. So to wonder if the Academy pays weekly, we need to know who’s the target of this question. We can speculate that this question refers to lecturers, tutors, cleaners, and sports players. 

I mean, look at the work being done by lecturers and tutors in universities, but I discovered that they pay monthly. I had spent time discussing this with some of my colleagues who were tutors, and they ensured me that there is no such thing as weekly payment in the school academies, even for the cleaners. Because everyone is set to be paid monthly, and that is how it works. 

Now looking at sports academies, I believe that it could be a different story, as I have heard repeatedly that some football academies pay their players weekly. However, it’s not a popular thing. I believe this comes down to popular football clubs like in Europe, where football players like Christiano Ronaldo would earn weekly wages. It’s because he belongs to a wealthy club that pays well and for the fact that he signed a contract with the club to be paid weekly.

So to answer the question of whether the academy pays weekly or not. We now know the answer to the question that only sports academies often pay their players weekly but depending on a contract. The Academy does not pay weekly but monthly, as everything is being discussed above. 


In conclusion, it’s very clear that the whole story about the academy is complex, but I have developed some topics that give us the best explanation. I have provided examples to illustrate what the academy is about and included the advantages and disadvantages. In the end, I have answered the broad question of this topic to show how complex it is. 

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Does the Academy Pay Weekly?

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