Does LaserShip Pay Weekly?- All About LaserShip

Does LaserShip Pay Weekly?

LaserShip is a popular delivery service that services in the Eastern and Midwest United States. As of 2018, LaserShip has 64 facilities and 4 sortation centers. The drivers of LaserShip don’t seem to have a good impression. They have been criticized for mishandling shipments and stealing them. LaserShip is now worth $100-$500 million as of September 20, 2021. Here, let’s know ‘Does LaserShip Pay Weekly?’

One of the most popular roles of employment at LaserShip is the package handler who earns an average of $15 per hour. Usually, LaserShip pays its employees biweekly, but that also depends on the location that you are in and the manager you’re working under. In this article, you will learn more about the pay schedule of LaserShip and other queries related to it.

Pay schedule of LaserShip 

At LaserShip, you get paid every other week. That is biweekly. All employees get paid every Thursday or Friday in a month but, if you started there on the week of payday, you have to wait 4 weeks to get your paycheck. All LaserShip employees are paid hourly and receive their Paycheck every two weeks. The hourly rate varies from place to place and the work that you do.

With thousands of employees, it is easier to pay on a bi-weekly basis.

Why is biweekly better?

A lot of people would want to get their payment every week rather than getting it every other week. 

A biweekly pay will teach you financial responsibility. Let’s say you find a very good pair of shoes while you were walking back home. If you had your weekly salary at hand, you would have probably bought them and then regretted spending so much on shoes when you could use the money for something more important. When you get paid biweekly, you realize there are a lot of things that you don’t need and save yourself from buying unnecessarily. You also learn to save money and spend wisely.

Benefits of working at LaserShip

The employees working at LaserShip get various benefits, from dental insurance to retirement plans. So if you’re planning for something secure, LaserShip might be your first choice. There are various insurance benefits, like health insurance and life insurance. Along with that, you also have paid holidays and vacation policy (PTO). You also have a 401K/retirement plan. It has been observed that the product department of LaserShip is more satisfied with their benefits than any other department. The employees at LaserShip have rated a 4 on a scale of 1-10 when asked about the benefits.

Working at LaserShip 

Like any delivery system, LaserShip is stressful too. The environment is hectic and everything is always moving. Employees at LaserShip rate an average of 3.3 on a scale of 1-10 for their experience working at the company. Unfortunately, the company has got a lot of bad reviews from the customers and the employees. The employees are not satisfied with the pay and apparently; they promise you a certain benefit and pay, but don’t keep up with it. Also, the workload increases with time and if you fail to meet the daily limit, your salary will be lessened. The paycheck is given to you on time but, depending upon the location you work at you might have some trouble with the management while recruiting your payment nevertheless, it’s all part of the job.


LaserShip is a delivery service in the eastern and Midwest United States. The employees at LaserShip get paid at an hourly rate of an average of $15 (this is for the package department only). The total paycheck is given on Thursday or Friday of every month, that is, on a biweekly basis. Getting paid biweekly is a good thing as it teaches financial responsibility and helps to save up a good amount of money. The employees are not satisfied working at LaserShip, but depending on your location and the manager that you work under, you could have a good time working at LaserShip.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is working at LaserShip fun?

Being a delivery service, it is obvious that the environment will be stressful. You might have to work the work of two people, do overnights, and sacrifice your work-life balance. The job is good, but you may not be satisfied with the pay and you’ll start questioning if the job is really worth all the stress. The drivers get to work on their own time and deliver as much as possible, but the communication with the management is really bad. 

2. What’s the dress code at LaserShip

As such, there is no dress code at LaserShip. You can wear anything you, please but of course it has to be decent. If you’re a manager or in a post similar to it, you will have to dress up formally or business casual.

Does LaserShip Pay Weekly?- All About LaserShip

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