Chemical Engineer Salary -By Top Companies And Hiring Outlook

A chemical engineer is basically one who has a passion for chemical reactions and chain reactions. They deal with every sort of chemical for manufacturing different kinds of products such as paints, dyes, insecticides and pesticides, and many more. Chemical engineers have job prospects in almost every career. Let us learn about “Chemical Engineer Salary”

Chemical Engineer Salary

Chemical engineers get an average salary of 105,550 dollars annually. The salaries are highly based on the experience that candidates hold.

Chemical Engineer Salary

The  Statics states that the salary of a chemical engineer is directly proportional to the experience the candidate holds.

The peak years where the salary hike percentage is highest is 2-5 years. Chemical engineers having experience of 2-5 years have the highest demand in the companies.

Besides Experience, the factors that influence the salary of a chemical engineer are as follows:-



The one who holds the doctorate in chemical engineering has the highest hike in salary which is 68% compared to the other two levels. In the case of gender male chemical engineers have a higher pay scale than women, though the latter does not lag much.

Chemical Engineer Salary By States

Salaries vary from state to state depending upon the required skills which are needed in the companies.

States                                     Percentage (compared to average salary)

Texas                                     21% high

Illinois                                   6% high

Massachusetts                      12% low

Minnesota                              4% low

California                            3% low

Colorado                            1% high

Georgia                             5% low

New York                       0% 

Pennsylvania            7% high

 Ohio                       14% low

Missouri                  9% low

Indiana                   15% low

Washington           2% low

Oregon                 9% low

Louisiana          27% high

Wisconsin         15% low

The percentages mentioned above are the salary percentages that are below or above the average chemical engineer salary. The above table proves that Massachusetts and Indiana have the lowest percentage below the average salary. Texas and Louisiana have the main hike in the salary.

Top Companies in chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineers have carved their niche into every corporation as they are the heart and soul of every material whether it is cosmetics or any other. Some of the companies are listed below with the salaries they offer:-

Eastern Research group– offering an average salary of 69,173 dollars annually.

Merck&co. INC- offering 77,234 dollars per year

Research Triangle Institute– offering 72,511 dollars annually.

Dow Chemical co-offering 98,977 dollars per year

ECO Lab INC– Offering average salary 78,830 Dollars annually

Shell Oil Company– offering an average salary of 72,617 dollars annually

Honeywell International – offering an average salary of 105,000 dollars per year

Some other companies offer chemical engineering jobs

Exxon Mobil:- Offers an average salary 100,947 dollars annually

Olin Corporation:- offers an average salary of 82,903 dollars per year.

BP Amoco:- offers an average salary of 136,292 dollars annually.

Air Products & Chemical Inc:- offers an average salary of 83,546 dollars per year.

Eli Lilly and Company:- Offers an average salary of 75,000 dollars per year. 

KBR:– Offers the average Salary of 87,500 dollars annually.

Job Levels

Chemical Engineer can join the various job positions in the corporations, some of the job positions are listed below:-

Process Engineer– The key responsibility of the process Engineer is to supervise the quality of the product before it reaches the customer. They basically analyze how the efficiency of the product, and if a problem arises they are the first ones to be held responsible. The Process Engineer usually earns an average salary of 77,315 dollars annually. The Process Engineer has three engineers underlying

Senior Process Engineer: Usually Earn an average salary of 107,390 dollars annually.

Manufacturing Engineer: Usually Earns an average salary of 73,770 dollars per year.

Project Engineer: Usually Earn an average salary of 72,298 dollars per year.

Senior Chemical Engineer– this position is also most frequently given to chemical engineers. Their main role is to supervise the chemical engineers who work under them. They are also responsible for the quality check of the chemical process and they basically instruct their juniors to design a  product specifically. They usually Earn an average salary of 116,790 dollars per year. The senior chemical engineer has three posts junior to it which are:-

Chemical Engineer: Usually earns an average salary of 78,931 dollars per year.

Director of operations: Usually they are offered 95,726 dollars annually.

Chemical process Engineers: They are offered an average salary of 82,041 dollars per year.

Senior Process Engineer– It is also a commonly occurring job position for chemical engineers. They are usually offered an average salary of 107,390 dollars per year.

Head Process Engineer– This position designs the rules and regulations for the rest of the employees. they generate ideas for new product discovery. They basically earn an average salary of 125,801 dollars annually.

Process Engineer Manager:- this is the least common vacancy which is filled by Chemical engineers. It offers an average salary of 118,996 dollars per year. The key role of the Process engineer manager is to evaluate the chemical process and report if there is any technical glitch.

Hiring Outlook For Chemical Engineers

For Hiring a chemical engineer there are specific skills that recruiters see and the salaries are affected by the number of skills the candidate possesses. Some of the skills which are popular among engineers are as follows:-

Chemical Engineering: offers an average salary of 79,343 dollars per year

Project Management: offers an average salary of79,739 dollars per year

Data analysis: Offers average Salary of 78,413 dollars per year

Process Improvement: Offered average salary of 78,773 dollars per year

Engineering Design: Offered an average Salary of  79,366 dollars per year

The Skills which affect the salaries of chemical engineers are:-

Advanced Process Control: If the candidates possess the specific skill then it gives him/ her the leverage of 77% of the average salary which is offered to the chemical engineer. 

Controlling Risk: If the candidate possesses this skill it gives a hike of 54% in his salary.

Leadership skill: The hike offered is 14% above the average salary offered to chemical engineers.

Battery Manufacturing: The hike offered is 13% above the salary offered.

Troubleshooting: this is the most basic skill which every employee should master and it gives leverage 10% in the salary.

Communication skills: The hike offered is 11% above the average basic salary 

Manufacturing: 10% hike is provided for the basic skill.


The job of the chemical engineer is the root of every corporation. But it is the most underrated job because of the employees lacking skills, the above skills give a clear hike percentage in the salary of the chemical engineer. It is required and advised to the employee to get hold of the above skills to get the salary he/she always dreamt of.

Chemical Engineer Salary -By Top Companies And Hiring Outlook

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