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In the rocky mountains of the united states, king Soopers is a brand of supermarket. On the other side of the rocky mountains colorado, It is a well-known supermarket. King Soopers was established by the retired navy personnel Lloyd J king and Charles W. Houchens in the year 1947. In the word “king Soopers” king is taken from the surname of Lioyd J king and Soopers is just another word for the supermarket. Let us know about “King Soopers Hiring Age”

King Soopers Hiring Age

King Sooper

With the help of 20000 employees, king Soopers is a renowned place among the people of Colorado and Denver. Its headquarter is located in Denver USA. Talking about the revenue, king Sooper’s net revenue is around 4 billion US$.The main region served by king Soopers is colorado and Wyoming.Food items, groceries, dairy products, pharmacy, fuel, meats, flowers, liquor, snack items, bakery, frozen food etc are the products one can find at the king Soopers supermarket. 

 Not only king Soopers is famous for its goods and services, but another reason is also king Soopers provides jobs to youngsters as well. In this article, we are going to tell you about the hiring age at King Soopers. 

King Soopers job Hiring age

The minimum hiring age which is required to work at king Soopers is 16. One should be a minimum of 16 years old to work at King Soopers. 

Available jobs 

There are many positions which can be applied to. As we all know a supermarket requires several employees like cashiers, clerks and management employees. 

  • Courtesy clerk 
  • Cashier 
  • Deli clerk
  • Produce clerk
  • Pharmacy Technician 

Courtesy clerks 

 it is working to maintain harmony and good communication with the customers so that he or they will come here again. This job requires no previous experience or knowledge. One has to maintain the integrity, safety and security of king Soopers by giving extraordinary efforts to keep the marketplace clean and safe for the customers. Even the king Soopers awarded the experienced workers with increased pay. 

The wage of courtesy Clerk – $8-$9 / hour


The main work of a cashier is to finalise the customer’s goods and maintain the integrity of king Soopers by offering the best experience to the customers. By implementing the customer 1st strategy and good communication one should always maintain a good bond with the customers. 

The wage of a cashier – is $9-$18 / hour 

Deli clerk 

is the one who ensures the chain between the manager and the profit goals. To provide great assistance to the manager and the goals and fill the store, orders and shelves. At king Soopers, the best advice one can take is to put the customer 1st strategy always at the top. 

The wage of a deli clerk – is $9 – $16/per hour 

Produce clerk  

Through providing standard customer services one should maintain the integrity of King Soopers. For reaching sales goals and profit one should assist the manager. 

 The wage of a produce clerk – is $9-$18/ hour. 

Pharmacy technician 

 To provide a clean and safe environment to the daily customers. The main work is to provide assistance and good communication with the customers to ensure their revisit the place. 

 The wage of pharmacy technician – $11-$15/per hour

King Sooper’s expectations from the employees

The supermarket wants the employees to work hard and ensure safety and honesty with the customers. With excellent communication skills, they want them to work with sincerity and harmony to ensure the integrity and standard of the king Soopers. To maintain a healthy relationship with the employee king Soopers supports the increment of payment on the good performance of the extra ordinary work of the employees. They offer paid sick leaves and vacations too. One can apply for any position at king Soopers by applying on the official website of king Soopers.

Benefits of working at the King Soopers

  • Experience workers get allowances and increased pay on time
  • It is a great place for those students who wish to do a part-time work
  • By knowing the supply chain and cleaning activity one can do more work as well
  • Paid vacations are also allowed here
  • Even once the sick leaves one will get the salary.
  • Insurance for dental and vision is also provided by King Soopers
  • Retirement plans are also there.
  • Flexibility at spending accounts.
  • At king Soopers, the health and physical health of workers is highly supported by the management.

Wrapping up 

King Soopers is not providing the best ever services to the customers but it is also ensuring a healthy bond with their workers too. One can get a job at King Soopers with no experience as well. It is a great way to kick-start your career as well. 

Frequently asked questions 

Q1 What is the minimum age to work at king Soopers?

Answer- the minimum age is 16 years 

Q2 What is the estimated hourly wage of a clerk at king Soopers?

Answer – $8 to $9 per hour

King Soopers Hiring Age -Learn More

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