Steak N Shake – Complete Guide

Steak n’ Shake is a famous restaurant chain primarily dominant in America and founded in 1934 with the motto to sell premium quality burgers and shakes, which are farm fresh burgers that are made live in front of customers. Let us know more about “Steak N Shake”

Steak N Shake

Steak N Shake

It is the brand set up by Bilgari Holdings company. It has outlets in 455 locations, 29 states and territories, and 332 cities in America. The very first restaurant was opened in Indianapolis America with mere car hop and table service.  It has widened its market in various cities making it the most lovable burger and shake brand in the world.

Job Opportunities

There are several job positions in steak n shake where applicants can apply 

Backend team member:-

Backend team members will look after the needs of customers. Their main duty is to place orders for the customers according to the steak n shake authorized process. The orders should be farm fresh. The team member is required to be

  1. Can Grill the required food items.
  2. Should be able to add dressing to the food items placed in front of the customers
  3. Can also handle the payment counter if the cashier is not present 


To look after the payment counter and should have basic knowledge of accounts.


The key responsibility of the Boardman is to check the raw materials according to the steak n shake quality check process. Should be able to handle and serve customers in the absence of any team members.


The main work of the waiter is to serve the customer with a polite attitude and the working style should be flexible.

Crew Member:-

Basic job is to manage the staff of the steak n shake restaurant and must show a positive attitude towards the new tasks.

Salary of the employees 

If we talk about the most popular jobs in steak n shake the salary offered are:-

  • Backend team member:- 13.58 dollars per hour
  • Crew members: offers 15.88 dollars per hour
  • Shift managers:- offered 13.01 dollars per hour

Food department

  • Restaurant manager:-  offers 15.64 dollars per hour 
  • Waiter:-offers 13.56 dollars per hour
  • Food server:- offers 14 dollars per hour

Management of Steak n shake

  • General manager:- 19.56 dollars per hour
  • Manager:- 15 dollars per hour 
  • Shift leader- 16 dollars per hour 


  • Assistant store Manager:- usually earn an average salary 38,896 dollar per year.
  • Backroom Associate:-usually earn 7.25 per hour.
  • Cashier:-usually offered 12.52 per hour
  • Customer Service Associate:-usually offered 11.28 dollars per hour
  • Front end Associate:-usually earn 10.64 dollars per hour
  • Lead Associate: usually earn 10.95 dollars per hour.
  • Opener:- usually offered 11.40 dollars per hour
  • Overnight Associate:-Usually earn 9.87 dollars per hour.

Benefits for employees

There are quite a lot of benefits given to employees of steak n shake. They are as follows:-

  • Steak n shake employees get the health insurance 
  • Company also believes in giving dental insurance
  • AD&D insurance
  • Retirement benefits
  • Employees can work flexible hours
  • Vacations are paid
  • Employees can take sick leaves that are fully paid.
  • Discount on food and drinks menu
  • There is no charge for food and drinks on duty.

Application Process For Employees

Candidates who wish to apply for steak n shake restaurant can look through online portals for the job openings. The steps are as follows:-

  1. Open the steak n shakes website and go for job openings. Either you can go for any other online job portal, steak n shake posts their opening there as well.
  2. Then candidates can apply for whatever position they wish for and whatever place they wish for.
  3. Complete the whole application form.
  4. Submit the form.

The other option that employees can choose is offline mode, where he/she can submit their application form at the location they desire for.

After submitting the application form candidates can wait for one to two weeks, the company will directly approach the candidate depending upon the expertise of the candidate and the vacancy available.

Age of the employees of steak n shake 

The maximum number of employees working in the steak n shake are women. They account for 64% of the total employees working there.

The average age of the employees ranges from 20-30 years. This age accounts for 41% of the total employee age.

The company hires a minimal number of people having the age 40 and above.

The company believes to recruit fresh energy in its staff. The employees have 10% of the employees less than eighteen years of age and 2% of the employees forty years of age and above.


Steak n shake follows the vision of a customer-driven business, they wish to serve every customer according to their satisfaction. They believe to serve burgers and milkshakes at the lowest price possible so that every stratum of society can enjoy the meals. Although its quite popular in America but at some parts the employees are highly dissatisfied with the working policy of the restaurants. Steak n shakes should revamp its employee strategy to retain the current employees.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Do steak n shakes employees are paid overtime?

According to survey sites the there is no overtime pay in steak & shake. The employees are paid according to the post they hold and on the monthly basis or hourly basis depending on the contract with the employee.

  1. Is there any flexibility of schedule in at steak n shakes?

According to the survey, 99% people are happy about the flexible schedule of steak n shakes. The restaurant provide its employees, flexible working hours, flexible location. 

  1. Is there any paid vacation, or paid leave in the organization?

No, there is no paid vacation in the organization. Employees have to adjust their working schedule and go for vacation or paid leaves.

Steak N Shake – Complete Guide

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