British Petroleum Salary Levels – Know More

The British Petroleum company has been around for ages and has had a total of 60,000 employees as of 2021. One can say that they have helped empower a lot of youths. It is one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies, so it’s little wonder that they have so many employees. Let us know ‘British Petroleum Salary Levels’.

British Petroleum Salary Levels

Contrary to what some may think, British Petroleum has a generous hand when it comes to paying its employees. Their salary levels at BP range from $42,152 to $228,999 leading to a sum of $139,683 for their average annual salary. According to most of their employees, the company offers them regular bonuses and staffs discount, which makes working there worthwhile.

Salary levels At British Petroleum

In a year, the average estimated salary at British Petroleum, also known as BP Plc is $67 per hour, which sums up to $139,683. The salary level at BP ranges from $42,152 (paid to the Technical Support), and $228,999 (paid to the Director of Sales). 

Taking a look at the average amount paid to each of their departments, it is clear to see why their employees are always so happy on Payday.

  • The Marketing Department gets an average of $132,101
  • Engineering Department gets an average of $135, 397
  • The Design Department gets an average of $115, 889
  •  Operations Department gets an average of $148, 459
  • Admin Department gets an average of $48, 830
  • Business Development Department gets an average of $190, 697
  • Finance Department gets an average of $91, 776
  • Customer Support Department gets an average of $154, 358
  •  HR Department gets an average of $124, 570
  • IT Department gets an average of $118, 125
  • Legal Department gets an average of $160, 357
  • The Sales Department gets an average of $177, 348

British Petroleum Company Overview

British Petroleum is a British oil and gas company having its headquarters in London. When talking about the oil and gas “supermajors”, it ranks as number seven. It was founded in the year 1909 on the 14th of April (as the Anglo-Persian Oil Company) and on the 16th of December, 1954 (as British Petroleum). It was founded by Williams Knox D’Arcy and Charles Greenway. 

As of 2018, the company had spread its tentacles to over 80 countries. Their products are petroleum, natural gas, motor fuels, and aviation fuels.

Employees Benefits

According to the Guardian Newspaper, British Petroleum is a UK and US registered company. The sole purpose of the company is to find, extract and supply oil, natural gas, and petroleum. That prestigious company is not owned by any state. Its headquarter is in London, England, and its tentacles have spread to continents like Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, North America, and South America. 

British Petroleum gives opportunities to both professionals and graduates. The company not only offers lucrative job opportunities with a mouth-watering salary but also gives room for the employees to be flexible in their work. According to the employees, this enables them to realize their full potential. Workers elsewhere are envious of the employees at British Petroleum because of these opportunities given to them by the British Petroleum.

British Petroleum rewards its employees with direct pay and a supportive and encouraging working environment with different static and dynamic benefits. The direct pay includes your base pay which could also be known as a static salary. This is paid according to what is in your appointment letter. The direct pay also includes your annual bonus, calculated by the collective effort of all the employees at British Petroleum. The company doesn’t stop there, they also offer some additional benefits packages, like healthcare, protection, paid time off, work from home policy, retirement plans, and even stock and share options to enable one to have a stake in the company’s success.

British Petroleum Salary Levels By Location

It should not come as a shock to you that the salary that this company pays to their workers differs with location. After all, it is a culture practiced by so many countries. They pay their workers who stay in different locations differently. That could be because the cost of living in countries is not the same. Some are very hard, some manageable, and some easy.

However, the highest-paid country by British Petroleum in the United States of America. The workers of British Petroleum over there earn an average salary of $119, 000. While the lowest paid country is the United Arab Emirates. The workers over there earn an average salary of $10,000.

The average estimated salary of the countries in-between them include;

Iraq has an average estimated salary of $88,000

Singapore has an average estimated salary of $82,000

The United Kingdom has an average estimated salary of $72,000

Turkey has an average estimated salary of $27,000


BP is a company that doesn’t just care about the profits it makes. But it also puts into consideration the comfort and lifestyle of all that surrounds it. It is a company that is worthy of emulation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can anyone work at BP?

Answer: Yes, anyone can work at BP. They have many departments that house many gifts and skills. That makes it easy for any professional or graduate to work there.

2) Why should I work at BP?

Answer: Well apart from the juicy salary and generous benefits, BP also creates room for their employees to learn and grow. They offer a conducive working environment where you can implement your talent or skill to its full potential.

3) What qualities does BP look for?

Answer: The hiring team at BP is looking for people with proven leadership skills, technical skills, team working skills, communication skills, and the ability to inspire others.

4) Does BP provide feedback to applications?

Answer: Because they have lots of applicants every day, they are unable to provide feedback at the early stage of the process. They do provide feedback after the final stage.

British Petroleum Salary Levels – Know More

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