Goldman Sachs Office Locations – Know More

Goldman Sachs is an investment banking firm that started in 1848. First, they played over the big entrepreneurs, but time changed their fate, and now they are operating in the consumer market. It is one of the big bombastic firms which helps entrepreneurs to excel in their business. The USA-based company, for over 150 years, Goldman Sachs offices have spread around more than 60 places in different countries. In a detailed way, let’s see the spread of all Goldman Sachs offices (Goldman Sachs Office Locations) all over the world.

Goldman Sachs Office Locations

Goldman Sachs Office Locations

The Rise of Goldman Sachs:

Marcus Goldman was a Bavarian teacher who emigrated to the United States and started Goldmann Sachs in 1848. In 1869, his son-in-law Samuel Sachs joined the company. Similar to 1869, in 1882 his son Henry Sachs and son-in-law, Ludwig joined the company. In 1885, it was the first firm that offered financial assistance to entrepreneurs and also joined the New York Stock Exchange in 1896. This company grows in a bombastic way, their growth garnered 1.6 million dollars in the capital. 

In 1906, it released IPO- Initial Public Offering which means going into public for several reasons – to stabilize the financial management from debt or any other reasons. This IPO took Sears and Roebuck and helped FW Woolworth. After this, it didn’t stop here; it continued to go public. During that period, this company has gone through several mergers and acquisitions. In 1929, the worst situation came, it experienced a clash in the stock market. 

In 1970, it established its first international office in London. In 1981, the acquisition of Jay Aaron, and continuous acquisitions made the company to the top in the South American market, company growth was rapid and furious. In 1986, it created a unique branch of Goldman Sachs asset management. Goldman Sachs’s four major branches are considered the building blocks of the whole company. Four branches are divided into two ways, two branches come under investment banking and the other two under asset management.

In 2008, the great recession and Goldman faced the greatest disaster in the whole period. It paid penalties to both government and several private claims. During 2015, Goldman Sachs’s revenue spread into 21% in investment banking 18% in asset management, 16% in investment and lending, and 45% in the institutional client segment. In 2017, institutional client segment revenue reduced to 18% from 45%. In 2016, it repay the US government regarding financial crises. Over the 150 years, it is one of the top 5 banks along with JP Morgan, Bank of America, Citibank, and Morgan Stanly. Then it partnered with Apple. Now, they turned their role towards the customers.

Spread of Goldman Sachs:

The majestic company has spread around sixteen companies in Australia and New Zealand, Brazil, France, Greater China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, and Switzerland in the world. 


It is situated in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth.

  • Melbourne – the name is Goldman Sachs Australia,  

Contact them through this number +61 3 9679 1111

  • Sydney – Goldman Sachs Australia,  

Number as in addresses 46, 47, 48, and 53, 

Near Governor Philip Tower and Farer place, 

In Sydney NSW 2000, Contact them at +612 9321 8777

  • Perth- Goldman Sachs Australia,  

The number is 12, 

In St. Georges Terrace 197, 

In Perth 6000 WA, 

Contact them at +61 8 9218 1000

New Zealand:

  • Goldman Sachs New Zealand Limited,

The number is 39, 

Near Vero Center 48, 

The street is Shortland, 

In Auckland 1010, 

New Zealand

Brazil: Sau Paulo, Phone: +55 11 3371 0700


  • Goldman Sachs international-It is a representative office

Present on the 3rd floor (Square de Meeus)

The number is B-1000, 

In Bruxelles, Belgium, 

Contact through +44 207 774 6041


Two places in Canada are Calgary and Toronto

  • Calgary- Goldman Sachs Canada Inc., 

The number is 3835, 855

Street: 2nd SW, 

Nearby Bankers Hall- East Tower Calgary, 

In Alberta T2P 4J8

Contact them through +1 403 233 3445

  • Calgary- Goldman Sachs Global Commodities (Canada) Corporation.
  • Toronto- Goldman Sachs Canada Inc.,

No. 77

Street: King Street West,

In Suite 3400, 

In Toronto and Dominion Centre,

Toronto, Ontario M5K 1B7

Contact them through +1 416 343 8900


  • Santagio- Goldman Sachs Chile Ltda,

In the Patio Foster Building,

Place Avenida in Apoquindo 3472, 

Floor no. 11,

Las Condes, 

In Santiago,


Contact them through: +56 2 2763 5100


  • Goldman Sachs bank Europe, 

Branch- Copenhagen, 

Amaliegade 27,

Number 1256 Copenhagen,

In Denmark,

Contact them through +45 32 74 04 05 


  • Paris- Goldman Sachs Paris Inc. et Cie,

Goldman Sachs Bank Europe SE, 

Goldman Sachs International


  • Goldman Sachs Bank Europe SE in Germany,
  • Number: 60329 Frankfurt am Main,
  • In Germany,Contact them through 069 7532 1000 and +49 69 7532 1000
  • Goldman Sachs Realty Management in Germany Hamburg
  • Neuer Wall Business Center,
  • Office no. 311
  • In Germany.

Greater China:

  • Goldman Sachs is present in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taipei, and Beijing.

Contact them through +86 10 6627 3000/ 3400/ 3333 for Beijing; +852 2978 1000 for Hong Kong; +86 21 2401 8888/8600 for Shanghai; +86 0755 2222 1000 for Shenzhen; and +886 2 2730 4000 for Taipei.


  • Present in metropolitan cities of Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.

Indonesia: Present in the capital Jakarta

Korea: Present in Seoul

United Kingdom:

  • The first international office in London. Goldman Sachs International. Contact them through British Sign Language. Also present in Milton Keynes.

United States of America:

  • Goldman Sachs office present around 26 places in the USA like Alpharetta, Atlanta, Boston, Boulder, Burlington, Chicago, Dallas, Draper, Houston, Jersey City, Los Angeles, Mclean, Miami, New York, Norwalk, Novi, Richardson, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Washington D.C., West Palm Beach, Wilmington.


Goldman Sachs office locations are spread over many countries. In addition to providing financing, it is also providing placements to various shrewd students around the world. Their major strength is their branches and mergers and acquisitions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Which is the Goldman Sachs headquarters?

            New York, United States.

  1. Who is the present head of Goldman Sachs (investment banking)?

            Alison Mass.

Goldman Sachs Office Locations – Know More

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