VFW National Headquarters And Office Locations

The VFW is an independent non-governmental organization in the United States for veterans and military personnel who took part in foreign wars. The organization operates in over 6000 locations in about 50 States in the US. In this article more exposition will be given to the purpose of this organization, its program, and its opportunities. We will also learn about the VFW national organization’s headquarters and office locations. VFW is the abbreviation for Veterans of Foreign Wars in the United States. With 6000 local chapters segmented into 52 different departments across the 50 States in the US, the organization has its headquarters situated in Missouri, Kansas City at 406 W. 34th Street. The VFW has its office located in the state of Washington at 200 Maryland Ave., N.E. Let us know ‘VFW National Headquarters And Office Locations’.

VFW National Headquarters And Office Locations

The VFW was established in 1899 for veterans who fought in the military in foreign lands. It is a charitable organization existing to provide programs to assist veterans such as free professional assistance in filing for a VA claim and in appealing for a VA claim. Many veterans or families of veterans are disqualified from accessing the retirement benefits they deserve, the VFW helps these individuals or their families to file these claims or to appeal. The VFW national service program has a team of accredited officers who are experts at navigating the VA system. 

Other programs organized by the VFW are geared towards bringing support in finances, educational scholarships, donations, and loans to veterans or military servicemen. These programs include student veteran support programs, troop support programs, community initiatives, etc. The organization has a student veteran program for veterans to ensure they achieve success during their post-military period, while they pursue their education and strive to reach their goals. The troop support program and community initiative help to achieve support and provision for military troops and their families with all they need during all phases of deployment. 

 Headquarters and Office Locations of VFW National in the US

The VFW has about 6000 chapters across the 50 States in the US. These chapters are known as posts segmented into 52 departments in each state. The VFW post departments in Ohio are located in about 12 districts in the state. The VFW has over 100 posts located in the state of Pennsylvania. In the state of Florida, there are 80 posts located in different areas of the state. 

There are many VFW posts in the united states but it has just one headquarters and an auxiliary national office located in Missouri and Washington respectively. The organization started in 1899 and after its chapters were established in the states of Ohio, Colorado, and Pennsylvania, the VFW movement gained momentum. And in 1915 membership grew and in 1936 the VFW had a membership of almost 200,000.

The members are solely veterans or military servicemen who have fought or are currently fighting in foreign wars. 

VFW Programs For Veterans in the US

One of the major programs organized by the VFW is community service. The VFW uses community service such as volunteer programs, educational programs, medical aid, fundraisers, etc to promote patriotism and service to the veterans who are national heroes. Programs such as VA claim assistance are organized by the VFW to aid veterans in either filing or appealing their VA claims. They accomplish this with the help of nationally accredited officers who are experts at navigating the VA system. The troop support program is aimed toward the families of the veterans and the troops. The program is dedicated to providing support during all phases of deployment. Other programs and benefits such as financial grants, student veteran scholarships, loans, etc are made available by the organization.

How is the VFW Funded?

VFW is an independent nonprofit organization existing to provide support to all veterans who are military men that fought wars on foreign lands. The organization has several programs for the benefit of its members. The majority of the funding for VFW Programs is from donations, grants, gifts, etc freely given by people living in the US. The organization is not a government agency but its assistance is geared toward veterans that have served the US government in foreign wars. The organization uses the donations to honor and offer assistance to the families and these veterans.

The funds donated are applied to community service, military service programs, and legislative advocacy. 

Who are the Members of the VFW?

VFW members are made up of only veterans who are military servicemen who have served their country in foreign wars or individuals on active duty in the military. Veterans can register with their evidence of military service to become members of these organizations. In 1915 the organization had a total of 5000 members, the membership grew in 1936 to almost 200,000. As of 2020, the VFW had a membership of almost 1.6 million veterans. The organization continues to grow in membership to date.


The VFW is a renowned organization that continues to provide assistance and services to honor the nation’s heroes for all the services rendered during the wars. The organization has just one national headquarter and over 6000 chapters established across the 50 States in the United States. The VFW segments these chapters under departments which are about 52 in number. In 1899 the VFW was established with its headquarters located in Missouri, Kansas City.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I donate to the VFW?

Yes, the organization receives donations from generous individuals, organizations, businesses, and companies. The VFW is not a government agency, they run their programs from majorly donations, grants, fundraisers, scholarships, gifts, etc.

  1. Can I apply for membership as a family member?

Membership in the VFW is only for veterans who have served as military service men in foreign wars. But if you are a family member of the qualifying veteran then you can apply for membership in the VFW Auxiliary.

  1. Can military men on active duty become members of VFW?

VFW membership is open to both veterans and individuals on active duty. They are eligible to join if they meet their eligibility requirement.

VFW National Headquarters And Office Locations

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