Are Employees Paid Weekly at Allied Universal?

Are Employees Paid Weekly at Allied Universal?

Are Employees Paid Weekly at Allied Universal?

Allied Universal is a U.S.-based organization that came into being after a merger in 2016. The merger took place between AlliedBarton (Conshohocken, Pennsylvania) and Universal Services of America (Santa Ana, California). Currently, it offers its services in the realms of security, caretaking, and crew deployment. It is reportedly the most comprehensive provider of security personnel in America. Are Employees Paid Weekly at Allied Universal? Yes, Allied Universal permits weekly pay. It forms a significant pro besides the steady schedule and annual paid vacation. If you are the right candidate with relevant skills and eligibility, it’s not that hard to get in.

Sought-After Roles at Allied Universal:

  • Security Officer: $27,113 per year
  • Portfolio Manager: $78,784 per year
  • Client Manager: $69,085 per year

How much does Allied Universal Pay?

Statistically, looking at Allied Universal’s pay, the range starts at about $11.17 / hour for Loss Prevention Officers and goes up to $29.00 / hour for Desktop Support Technicians. The average annual salary ranges from roughly $24,091 / year for Security Supervisor to $69,085 / year for a Client Manager.

Steps to Apply for a Job at Allied Universal:

Applying for a job at Allied Universal requires you to follow these simple steps and get ahead with your candidature:

  • Step 1: Go to website: and search for jobs
  • Step 2: Click on the “Apply Now” button
  • Step 3: You need to create an account (This requires an email ID)
  • Step 4: Finish filling the application with required formalities (if any)

After completing the online application, you will receive a notification via email from the Allied Universal team. It confirms that you have submitted your application, and it is under review. If short-listed, you may then receive an invitation from the company’s team. It would suggest a telephone screening or an in-person interview move ahead with the selection procedure.

Eligibility Criteria for Jobs in Security:

You are a qualifying candidate for Allied Universal’s jobs in security if you meet these criteria. They are:

  • Hold a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Have sound customer service & communications skills
  • Minimum Age: 18 years 
  • Adept in computer skills to be able to operate latest technologies
  • Have cleared job background analysis & drug/liquor test

Benefits Offered by Allied Universal:

Allied Universal Corporation offers a variety of benefits to its employees, the foremost being financial security. To have a steady income flow later in life, countless workers take part in employer-provided pension plans. Allied Universal Corporation offers defined contributions to pension plans. It helps workers save and invest for retirement. 

Additional Benefits:

  • Paid Holidays / Vacation
  • 401 (k) Plan
  • Life Insurance / Disability
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Cell Phone
  • Education / Training / Tuition / Certification Reimbursement
  • Flexible working hours / Flexible Schedule

Areas where one can apply:

Allied Universal offers a wide range of areas to apply. It provides a significant amount of employment openings for which the candidates can apply as per their expertise or relevance. The areas offered include:

  • Security Professional: It involves taking responsibility for the safety, security, and protection of its clients’ facilities. This area offers various responsibilities to choose from according to what fits you best.

  • Executive Protection & Intelligence Services: This area aims at providing top-notch private protection, safeguard travel organizations, and associated safety services. Because it is a vast area, it offers a range of openings that a candidate can view for details and apply.

  • Corporate Support, Sales, and Leadership: It focuses on taking up various positions to provide unmatched service and support to employees and businesses. The offered designations range from the ground level up to the top tier.

  • Technology Services: The company here expects the candidates to assist the team of technicians, technologists, and engineers. Positions range from technicians to managers.

  • Janitorial Opportunities: An area committed to delivering flawless janitorial services to the company’s clients. Its responsibilities range from janitors to operations supervisors.

  • Event Services: The company seeks staffing professionals for this area. Based on locations, open positions might differ. Includes audience management, crowd control, ushering, ticket taking, and many more.

  • Landscaping Opportunities: This realm seeks a well-versed hand in shaping up things creatively and able to visualize and manifest the same in actual life. The company expects a candidate who resonates with the above-mentioned criteria.

  • Veteran Support: Extends support to veterans by enabling them to serve once again, but this time in a corporate or industrial setting. It furthermore allows them to assist individuals and businesses from every part of society. They fulfill such tasks and assist people with utmost ease while acting as a role model for others. This is because of their attributes, such as leadership, relevant life experiences, and army ethics.

Many options are available in the employee payment format, but providing paychecks and weekly payrolls still works the best. For most of the employees, the frequency they get paid, the better it is for them. This offers essential employee contentment while keeping freelance and contract workers satisfied. Also, the calculation gets easier for your payroll team. People likewise start handing in their pay sheets as a weekly ritual. Hence, looking for a company that pays weekly is good enough to begin with. But other criteria like benefits offered, job security, etc. too should be kept in mind. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you check the status of the online application submitted for a job at Allied Universal? Allied Universal’s online form filling for recruitment involves creating a profile. Once created, the profile enables the user to track the process in real-time.

  • How much time does it require to become a security guard? The candidature process varies according to the state/city you’re applying to and your criminal record. Some areas allow an individual to start working based on an interim license.  Others mandate no commencement of work until your security license has cleared.

  • Is a security license required to apply for a security guard’s position for Allied Universal? While applying for the post of a security guard, a security license isn’t a prerequisite. Once you get selected, then the Allied Universal team will take you through the licensing process.  

  • How quick is the onboarding at Allied Universal? The hiring process’s duration is dependent on the licensing process and varies according to it. Allied Universal put efforts to hasten the hiring process. The orientation of a freshly hired batch lasts for a couple of hours. It is organized at the local branch office.

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Are Employees Paid Weekly at Allied Universal?

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