Ux Designer Resume Examples, Skills, Objective

The primary step to getting the job of your dream is to create an articulate resume as it will let the hirer know if you have the skills and the other requirements they are looking for. This means that you need to know what they want so that you frame your resume in a way that shows that you fulfill their needs. The resume should be on fleek to get you highlighted. You must be able to convey well how you would contribute to the growth of the company. let us know about that the Ux Designer Resume Examples, Skills, Objective.

Ux Designer Resume Examples, Skills, Objective

The main objective of a UX designer is to make the user’s experience in a way where he/she has to put the minimum effort to get things done. This is applicable for any kind of product or service and website. A UX designer not only designs but creates the product in such a way that it is of utmost comfort for the user to use the product or service. Someone applying as a UX developer must reflect in the resume that they have what is required to be a UX developer in them. 

It must be precise and brief, covering all the related skills for the job, experience (if any), education, certifications, extra activities, awards, and other achievements that may be useful for the hiring company. 

Hard skills (for example HTML, CSS, or other languages) and soft skills (Leadership, communication skills) must also be mentioned.

 Now all this information must be shown along with personal information like address, email, and contact number. An organized resume shows how organized you are which is essential for this post.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

There’s a lot more to discuss this and we will cover it all.

What is UX?

To start from the basics, it is essential to discuss what UX is. UX, or User Experience, is the experience a user has while using a product or a service. Therefore, UX design focuses on how humans are going to interact with the product, service, or system. Its focus is to make the usage of the service intuitive so that the user does not need any help and can manage on their own. For example, while using a washing machine, we can comprehend its functioning with the help of buttons and their labels in order to get it working. 

Responsibilities of a UX designer

A good UX design would not only be user-friendly and intuitive but would be an enjoyable, efficient, and easy one too. He has to examine all that can be the possible requirements of a user while using the product and not only include them but make them easily discoverable as well. This can be done by answering the questions, ‘ Why What and How’.

  • Why is the product or the service being used?
  • What all is required while using the product or service, what all can the user do with the product?
  • How is the process of using the product or service held? How to make all the functions accessible to the user?

These questions may have their sub-questions which will be different for different projects. 

For example, while creating a website for a college, the UX designer needs to keep in mind all the requirements that can be fulfilled from the same. He/she needs to put every information that a user has the plausibility to search for.

For example, it must contain information regarding,

  • Portals for the staff members, students, and the administration 
  • Activities being held are regularly updated on the site
  • About the facilities and different programs provided by the college
  • Admission process and criteria
  • Alumni
  • Placement
  • Most importantly, contact and email.
  • Gallery showing all the pictures of the events held.
  • Financial Aid
  • Policies
  • License

There might be many more things to list because different people may have different requirements. So, one has to think of them all.

Writing The Resume To Apply As A UX Designer

It is confusing to decide what to write on a resume. This is why it is suggested to divide the resume into different parts like:

Personal Information

Personal information includes your name, email, contact number, address, and links like your LinkedIn profile. Anything other than this would be irrelevant.


Add the year of completing your graduation, master’s, or other professional courses with their respective score.


It is good to add your experience in reverse chronological order to let the recruiter know of your growth and progress. Also, add all the responsibilities you have had in those jobs respectively. You may change the order if you want to focus on a particular job.


The skills should also be relevant. It must reflect how those skills are going to be useful for the job profile you are applying for. You may add others as well but make sure to highlight the ones that are the most relevant for the job profile.

Extra-curricular activities

This might show your versatility which will in turn impress the recruiter. In case of less space, add the most relevant and recognizable ones.


Achievements like writing a research paper, receiving an award, getting positions in certain competitions show how you stand different from others. It is like two extra stars for the resume.


Building a portfolio and adding it to your resume is a cherry on top. It is the evidence of your work and reflects how productive and innovative you are and so gives a better insight about you to the employer.


You may add what all you can work on for example Invision, Adobe, Microsoft Azure, Zeplin, etc. 

It’s best to limit your resume to one page so keep it on point. In case you have less space, try decreasing the font but it should be big enough for the recruiter to read. If you have more white space, you may add your hobbies and personal traits that can be put to use. 

Choose a simple font and prefer to keep your resume in black and white color as it should be easy to read. Save your creativity for real projects. Keep in mind that readability is the most important thing, be it your resume or any project of yours. Adding colors would make it attractive but the use of the right colors accordingly is essential. Do a thorough check of your resume There should not be any grammatical or spelling mistakes. This is very important to note. Never send your resume without giving it a read.


Below are a few examples of resumes that will help you understand better.

This is an example of a short and brief resume with all the information required for the post of a UX designer

Harry Smith


Yale University

Class of 2018

Computer Vision, Machine learning

Minor in Digital Arts

The University of Texas at Austin

Class of 2015

Computer and information sciences


  • Hani Zeini Scholarship
  • Research Paper on “Changing Technology and its Impact on Economy”
  • President’s Award for Educational Achievement.


 Website of the company XYZ


Contact: XXXXXXXX   Email: [email protected]

Address: B211 Fourth, Melody Drive, Los Angeles

LinkedIn : https://linkedin.com/us/harrysmith210 


  • Junior Designer- Sierra Trading Post

Period of service: 2019 -2020

Responsible for creating the wireframes and initial stages websites.

  • Graphic Designer- Resourcifi.Inc

Period of service: 2020 – Present

Handle all the digital marketing projects, promoting all their Initiatives.


  • Poster designs
  • Digital art
  • Vector art
  • PhotoShop
  • Designing

I have done several other internships in marketing and web development which have enabled me to learn better about the nature of user experience.

Writing this on a sheet by dividing it into two parts will make it look like this:

Note: These resumes are just produced as examples. Please do not consider the information given as real.

Another example can be:

Jason White

Product Designer


Costco – Lead Product Designer (2018-2021)

  • Designed an iOS application for the purpose 

of shopping, delivery, and updates on offers. 

  • Led the branding and marketing campaign.
  • Made a responsive website.

Lyft – Junior Product Designer (2016-2018)

  • Research, Website Design
  • User-testing
  • Prototyping

Freelance (2015- 2016)

  • Conducted user research and modified the websites accordingly
  • Visual Design


  • Virginia Commonwealth University – Masters in Business Administration (IT), secured the second position


  • Oklahoma State University- Major in Technical Service Management (2011-2014)
  • The University of Arizona – Certificate in Enterprise Information Security 
  • The University of Massachusetts Boston – Graduate in Database Technology
  • The University of Tampa – Certificate in Cybersecurity


424 543 XXXX

[email protected]


  • Photoshop
  • JavaScript
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Video Editing
  • WordPress
  • SASS
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Organizing


  • Won three hackathons
  • Research Paper on Interaction of users.
  • Bronze Medalist of IAYP.





Another example can be 

Harleen Johannson

UI/UX Designer


Google – Product Designer (2018-2021)

  • Responsible for the website of free courses provided by Google. 
  • Led the branding and marketing campaign.
  • Research

Lyft – Junior Consultant (2016-2018)

  • Redesigned Website Design
  • User-testing
  • Prototyping

Freelance (2015- 2016)

  • Helped Tech Startups with their website’s functioning 
  • Visual Design


  • George Washington University – Masters in Interaction Design (2014-2016)
  • Temple University- Major in Graphic and Interactive Design (2011-2014)
  • The University of Missouri– Certificate in Big Data Analytics



[email protected]


  • Photoshop
  • .NET
  • Cartoon Making
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Video Editing
  • WordPress
  • Graphic Designing


  • Won three hackathons
  • Research Paper on Effects of design on user’s experience.
  • Got a cartoon comic printed through the daily newspaper.




Finally framing it into a resume it would look like:

Remember to keep a spelling check and free from grammatical errors. Do not write from a first-person’s perspective. Always use bullet points to keep it organized and highlighted. Do not include the contact number of your references. Know what needs to be highlighted and what not. Keep it as simple as you can because it is an official document. Add no lies into the resume. Do not share the same resume of all the companies. Different companies may have different requirements, customize the resume accordingly. Mention your responsibilities under the Experience section. 

These examples might help you get a better idea of how to write your resume. All of them include

the education and experience in reverse chronological order, including the skills that may reflect to be useful for the hirer. There are links provided to see the works that are counted as the portfolio. Everything is divided into proper sections which makes it organized and readable. 

Skills Required To Be A UX Designer?

The first and foremost thing is that a UX designer needs to be farsighted to know all the future outcomes of adding anything to the website. This means that he/ she needs to know how a user may interact and what can be the possible things the user may look for and that all is what the UX designer has to provide through his website, product, or service. 

It is essential to have problem-solving skills and understand the nature of people, yes it requires psychological factors too! There’s not just designing but research, experiments, and presenting it to explain to others what and how you are doing your work. Interviewing people to understand their needs, analyzing according to the data obtained, and therefore, determining the trends and behavior.

Creating wireframes is a prime requirement. Wireframes are the blueprint or the representation of your scheme that are the guide of the framework of the website.

Their purpose is to arrange all the components of the website in the best possible way. Skipping the creation of wireframes can be a big mistake while building a website as it gives you a better idea of how your website will be displayed and so the improvements can be made efficiently.

One must be open-minded to accept all the opinions and changes, a good listener, empathetic for a better understanding regarding the user experience. Creativity, to design, is also essential.

They must be particular with their research as well to get accurate findings and then form their final product.

Personal traits like being able to communicate well, being interactive enough are also important as a UX designer does not work alone. They have to explain their working to the team and collaborate with others which requires good communication skills. It is good to have knowledge about the market and have enough innovation and motivation to bring improvements to the product.

One has to also keep in mind that any update in the website, product, or service must not change the layout of the whole as it might be troublesome for regular users. So the design must be made in such a way that updating brings addition but not a major change so that the comfort of the user is still there.

Work Of A UX Designer

Starting from scratch, one must research well by conducting interviews and surveys and preparing the concept through wireframing and prototyping. So it includes lots of different tasks and therefore every day might be different for a UX designer. One day they might communicate and interview with all their colleagues, or other people to collect data, the other day they may study that data and bring conclusions and they may work within developers upon the design of the product.

The biggest challenge is to create a design that satisfies the client and is user-friendly for the users as well. So It might require lots and lots of changes and updates before the final output is made. This is why user- testing is important to keep a check on all the needs of the user and add them all.

The type of content you add and the structure of the product decided is called Information Architecture which is essential for a good user experience and it determines what all the user may require and then provides the same.

A Prototype is the simplest version of your product which is used for testing and checking the efficiency and removing the flaws before creating the final product. This might be a long process based on the errors found or updates needed.

Then finally comes the design, though it falls under User Interface (UI), many UX designers specialize in design The selection of color schemes, fonts, icons, and labels, or images and videos comes under this which may or may not be done by the UX designer or may be done with them collaborating with UI designers.

This was what activities are done on a typical day of a UX designer. Hope this was found useful and comprehendible.

Some Sources To Learn UX Designing Can Be

Hackdesign- By signing into Hack design, you will receive lessons and challenges on a design every week and it is a free source. 

Envision– It is a great source for prototyping websites easily.

Coursera–  It has both, paid and unpaid courses so you may learn according to your personal needs.

LinkedIn– It is a great source for learning anything you want to and networking with professionals.

FutureLearn by Accenture – FutureLearn offers courses on Digital Skills: User Experience Course covering all the foundations of design, tools, etc.

Journey Of Becoming A UX Designer

Learning is the very first step to starting anything. Then applying that knowledge and producing something useful out of it is the second step which will ultimately lead you to the third step that is building your portfolio. 

  • Learn different skills required such as the coding languages required for building the website.
  • Study well about the product for which you are working
  •  Conduct surveys and interviews to understand better what the user needs.
  • Analyze and draw the deductions through your research
  •  Create wireframes, charts, or other graphics required for presentation.
  • Be as creative as you can, make mistakes because that is how you will learn to manage situations where you go wrong and would know what not to do in the future.
  • Communicate your ideas with others to explain them, make upgrades according to the feedback received.
  • Conduct tests to check the efficiency of the product.

Difference Between a UX designer and a Graphic Designer

Also, a UX designer must not be confused with a Graphic Designer. They might have some similar tasks, but the UX designer’s job is to focus on the user, while graphic designers are more design-focused. Graphic designers are specialized and more often focus on limited aspects, on the other hand UX designers are multidisciplinary as they have multiple factors to consider while doing their job.

Things To Remember about a UX Designer

UX designing is a creative job with endless learning experiences, that is why the more you practice and create projects, the more you will learn. A UX designer has to do the complicated work to make it easier for the users. Remember “What? Why? And How?” while initiating the process of building the design. 

  • UX designer’s chore is to make the product
  • Appealing, the colors and graphs are not enough for the content and also should be what the user is looking for.
  • Pleasurable user experience, while using and also while the processing and receiving of the product.
  • Fulfilling, having a good experience isn’t just enough, the product must fulfill the needs of the user. He/she must get the work done by the product whatever it is expected to do.


It is therefore concluded that one must learn and apply your knowledge to work through the process of resume building. Developing the required skills like communication, research, presentation, etc for efficient performance. Flexibility in learning about new sources. Upgrading and updating according to the changing trends, having a piece of good knowledge about the tools required, farsightedness, etc. 

Lastly, once you know how to work as a UX designer, the resume will get built easily as you would have all the skills required to be a UX designer and it is known the user (the recruiter) is expecting you to have. So, isn’t a resume something which requires the skills of a UX designer? Indeed, it does. Just like a website needs the right information in the right place with readability, the same way the resume will be requiring the right information in the right format. Make sure you provide what they are asking for. 

Keeping all this in mind, you are good to go!

 Ux Designer Resume Examples, Skills, Objective

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