List Of Romantic Questions To Ask A Girl

This is almost inevitable. You find a person, you start talking to them, and then you want to do more of that. You want them to keep talking to you too. But how to make them realize that you aren’t merely talking to them, you are trying to tell things without explicitly telling them things. let us know about that the List Of Romantic Questions To Ask A Girl.

List Of Romantic Questions To Ask A Girl

What if you are lousy at conversations? Will you be able to keep them engrossed? Most likely not, and that will seldom work out in your favor – unless you’re in a coming-of-age film and you are the nerdy main character. No hate though, that stereotype annoys me sometimes that’s all. Or maybe it’s the execution. Never mind, I digress.

In this article, we will deal with how to make a romantic conversation with a girl, namely asking her questions. People like it when you draw them out via thoughtful questions. You will also get a rough idea about their preferences which is an added but much-needed benefit. 

There are a few important things you should remember while asking any girl romantic questions

  1. You need to give her answers priority. Do not ask her questions that revolve around yourself. Make the questions general, or about her preferences. 
  2. Be respectful and ask generalized questions. If she is not comfortable asking any question no matter how easy it is in your eyes, just apologize and move on. We all have different boundaries, and any kind of relationship is mostly just figuring out how our boundaries fit in with each other. 
  3. Do not overwhelm her with questions, take it slow. If she is asking you questions back, take it as a good sign, and be honest with it. Do not try to please her by changing your answers to something she will like. This never works out. Bring fresh perspectives to the table.
  4. Do not judge her answers. Sometimes the answers may be something you do not agree with, but as long as it is not something deranged, I think you can let her be. Red flags may start popping up when she is being way too quirky or trying too hard to sound different but ends up seeming plain disturbing. But it’s okay, you do not have to worry about that. Yet. 

After reading these points, I feel like trying to talk to a girl is nothing less than trying to make it in the world of business. I mean, I certainly have felt so. But not to fret much, we have broken down the solution to this dilemma in an easy to comprehend way.

It is also necessary to remember that the concept of romance is very tricky, as we all have different notions of it. But you can start easy, give her something harmless and generalized to think about first, and if she indicates that she is interested in such things, you can go ahead and ask her more things. 

We have categorized some of these questions depending on the equation you share with the concerned woman. There are also some random questions at the end which you can ask anyone and have a good conversation about. 

Who is this girl? 

Is she a mere potential romantic interest, a crush, someone you have just gotten in a relationship with, or your long-time partner? Because let’s be honest, you have to keep the spark alive no matter what stage you are at. Also because you cannot ask your girlfriend what her ideal first date would be (unless you want to hear her take a jab at your first date). Likewise, if you don’t want to be blocked by her crush, do not ask her something like what her ideal honeymoon destination is, or how many kids she wants. Don’t ask the latter to anyone except your partner. 

Here are a few easy questions for each kind of girl in your life. 

She’s a Crush or a Potential Romantic Interest 

You should start easy, and not scare her away. Ask her stuff that will make her think that you have an interest in her. Don’t be forthright, but do try to make your intentions clear. This will make it easier for both of you – she will indulge you if you are someone she is potentially interested in, or she will let you down gently or upfront, if she does not want anything to happen between you two. Either way, your time will not be wasted. 

Ask her things like

  1. What is your ideal day out with someone?
  2. What are your pet peeves in a partner?
  3. What is the most romantic spot in your city?
  4. Which country do you think is the most fun place to explore?
  5. If you and I were to do something according to your rules for an entire day, what would that day entail?
  6. What was the worst date you have been on? Follow that up with, what does a good date mean to you? 
  7. What’s the thing you value the most in your partner? (Side note: do not try to change your personality to fit her kind, it’s her answer, you are your person. People don’t always stick to the notions they have in their head, so do not bend over backward just because)
  8. Your celebrity crush? It will give you something to talk about, and maybe if you ask about a couple, you may get to know her type.
  9. When was your first kiss?
  10. Which love story is your favorite?
  11. Which song is the most romantic?
  12. What is a first date movie?
  13. Which movie do you wish you were a part of?
  14. Which was the weirdest crush you ever had? Like, you were embarrassed that you liked this person?
  15. What is the most romantic thing that has ever happened to you?
  16. What is the most romantic thing you have done for someone else?
  17. What makes you feel the prettiest/hottest?
  18. Are relationships meant to last forever?
  19. Do you believe in forever?
  20. Do you believe in soulmates?
  21. Have you ever been in love before? What happened?
  22. Are you the one who says I love you first in relationships? 
  23. Have you ever had an unrequited love?
  24. Which TV couple is your favorite?
  25. Which film’s love story do you wish to be a part of?

We Are Kind of Dating or We Have Just Gotten in A Relationship

Now you are kind of in the romantic zone, but that doesn’t mean the work is done. You have to keep proving yourself as a good person and have to make her aware of your feelings for her. That is how you make her feel good about her decision. And trust me, she will make you feel good about this decision in return too. After all, it is a two-way road. If it wasn’t, Faye Wong would know that she is my girlfriend. 

Here are some questions! 

26. If I was a worm, would you still love me? 

Don’t ask that. Just don’t. It is neither cute nor endearing. 

27. Are you big on anniversaries? 

This question will save you a lot of petty fights, trust me. If you are someone who celebrates each month’s anniversary, which is understandable, you will feel dejected if your partner does not match your enthusiasm about it. So ask her about it beforehand, so that you get a rough idea about what all she likes. You both can have a discussion and reach a conclusion which will make you both happy.

28. You can ask her to make a bucket list of places where she wants to go and do things with you. 

This is open to interpretation. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

29. Are you willing to move to a new city for your love?

This will give you some perspective into their personality and also make you think about it too.

30. Are long-distance relationships worth it?

31. What is your preferred love language? 

In case you don’t know, there are namely five love languages. These were given by Dr. Gary Chapman in his book The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate. These love languages are – words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts of service, and receiving gifts. Of course, we all like all these things, but there’s one of these which we prefer more than the other. Ask her about her love language and make it a point to be vocal in that language so that she feels assured about her love. You should also consider thinking about yourself and asking yourself what your love language is.

We Have Been Dating for a While or We Are Trying to Keep the Spark Alive

Consider yourself lucky if you have had a girl who has stuck with you for so long. How long is too long anyway? It is not too long if it is with the right person. But sometimes, the boredom of life leaks into a relationship and there’s this incessant need to “keep the spark alive.” Do not feel dejected if you are in such a position, it is natural to get stuck in limbo. If you both have genuine feelings for each other, you can make it work. Start afresh, do some new things, it will be okay.

Here are a few questions that can lead to more

40. Which is that one place you have always wanted to make out/have sex at? 

If you both have gotten physical with each other, you can try to bring the spark back by experimenting. Sometimes, it is more about the rush of being caught than the act itself. Not because it is shameful (it’s not), but it’s simply such a get-your-heart-racing kind of act.

41. What is that one place you have always wanted to go to?

If possible, make a reservation, plan something romantic for her, give her something to work with. Life isn’t about grand gestures always, but sometimes, in our mere human lives, we need some acts of significance which make it feel like our feelings and words and lives matter in the grand scheme of things. 

42. When do you feel the hottest? 

The answer may surprise you! When society’s patriarchal standards are shed and the bra is off and hair is tied up and you can sit back and just not worry about these trivial things, that is the hottest feeling of all. But then, it can be anything for her. Make her feel the hottest in whatever way you can.

43. What is your ideal honeymoon destination?

44. Did you like your first time having sex?

Please make sure you are on that comfort level to ask her this question. Or else you will simply appear creepy.

45. What is your self-indulgent romantic fantasy?

46. What is your ideal proposal?

47. Which real-life couple is your favorite? 

If it is Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, it’s not too late to run.

48. What are some things you enjoy, coming from a partner? 

You can turn the direction of this question in whatever way you want and end up having an honest conversation with her. 

More Questions Which You Can Ask at Any Stage

However, these are all questions which you will need later on. Here are a few more questions which you can ask any girl in a romantic setting –

49. How would you define love?

50. What song do you wish was written about you?

51. What song comes to your mind when you think of me?

52. What is your idea of the perfect date?

53. What are some things you enjoy in a relationship?

54. What are your favorite terms of endearment?

55. Do you think one person always loves the other one more in a relationship?

56. Do you think it is possible to love too much?

57. Which trait of mine is the most attractive to you?

58. Do you ever want to settle down and have kids? Or would you like to adopt?

59. What is that one thing you find attractive which others may find weird?

60. What is your most cherished romantic memory?

61. Where did you get your idea of love?

62. What was the first proof of love you saw in your life?

63. What is your way of showing love?

64. What’s one thing you cannot live without in your partner?

65. What are the three things your ideal partner must have?

66. Would you ever give a cheater a chance?

67. What is more ideal – a short run but passionate romance, or a long-term relationship that doesn’t have a lot of adventures in it?

68. Do you ever see yourself settling down?

69. Do you think it’s true that women look for their father in their partner?

70. What is one trait of yours that you consider your strength romantically?

71. What are the three things any good relationship should have? 

72. What is the biggest turn-off?

73. What is the biggest turn-on?

74. Who was your first crush?

75. Do you have a type?

76. Have you ever lost faith in love?

77. What is one trait of yours that you are confident about?

78. What made you like me?

79. Is it possible to fall in love at first sight?

80. Is first love that big of a deal?

81. Who was your first love?

82. How did your first love end?

83. Do you believe that you can only ever love one person?

84. Would you give up the person you love for your best friend?

85. Have you ever been stuck in a love triangle?

86. Is it possible for a girl and guy to just be friends? (If you are a woman, then you can ask about that, it sure is a much less trodden path for now)

87. Is it okay for a friend to date their friend’s ex?

88. If you could make a soundtrack for your ideal love story, what would the songs be?

89. How would you define love?

90. Do you have a specific thing you do when you are in love? A tell, perhaps?

91. What are the little ways in which you express your love?

92. In what little ways do you want to be reassured that you are loved?

93. Which romcom would you like to be a part of?

94. What are your thoughts on public displays of affections?

95. What are your views on grand gestures?

96. Would you like to stay in and watch something or go out and have fun with a lot of people?

97. What is an absolute deal-breaker?

98. What is an absolute dealmaker?

99. What’s ideal – childhood sweethearts or meeting at a vulnerable moment?

100. How would you describe your way of loving?

Things to Remember

While asking her such questions, especially if she is a crush/you are in the talking phase, you should keep in mind how she is responding. Sometimes, it is hard to dodge situations we don’t want to be in. So if you feel like something is off, then maybe something is. Let her know that there is no pressure to answer any of these questions and that you will step back. Most of the time it is nothing personal, and after getting to know you more, she may open up even more. But if you keep pushing these things, you may end up getting blocked and it will be your fault. 

Also, do not feel personally offended if her answer isn’t what you were hoping for. She isn’t here to butter you up or please you, you are just making conversation right now. Consider her answers – if nothing it will end up giving you a fresh perspective on love. 

We have all been there

If you are bad at conversing with women, these questions will give you something to talk about, and make it less awkward. Make sure to answer them yourself whenever she asks, and also pepper in other things which are unrelated to romance. You have to present a well-rounded version of yourself to be appealing. Nobody likes one-dimensional people or people who only want “one thing.”

Work On Yourself First

Other things which you can do to make her know you’re interested – make her a playlist/send her songs with lyrics which are romantic, watch movies with her, tell her more about yourself but never make it all about you, ask her to meet you as friends. It is better to take it slow, for the sake of yourself too. Sometimes we mistake infatuation for genuine attraction and end up in a muddle; better to avoid such time-wasting situations. 

You Got This Buddy!

Even after all of this, here are a few reminders. You don’t have to fall in love by a certain age, even though I understand how lonely it can get sometimes. Test the waters, talk to people, get some experience. Do not overwhelm her with your wishes and desires, you are two different people who are on different wavelengths, it will take some time for you to be in sync. Rushing will only make it stressful for both of you. It is okay if you get rejected, it is not because there is something wrong with you – it is impossible to be palatable to everyone. Sometimes things don’t work out just because. Do not get disheartened, just take it in your stride, learn whatever you can from the situation, and move on. It will be okay. 

We have to experience a few road bumps to reach our destination. Until then, do not get sad when you see your friends getting into relationships, and seeing people move past you. It is not that love has decided to skip you, it is merely that things happen at a different pace for everyone. Just watch another romantic movie, yearn and long and go to bed and rejoice that you can have the last slice of pizza all to yourself and that you don’t have to spend your night wondering what you did wrong for your girlfriend to be angry at you this time. 

Happy Romancing! 

List Of Romantic Questions To Ask A Girl

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