Salaries For Entertainment Lawyer


If you love movies, music, theater, or other forms of performance art and want a career that will give you a front-row seat to all things “show business” without being on stage yourself, then becoming an entertainment lawyer might be for you. The opportunity to combine your interest in the arts with your legal skills is not common in many other fields. There are very limited opportunities for someone who wants to help performers navigate their contracts and protect their interests legally. Let us know about the salaries for Entertainment Lawyer and pros and cons of entertainment lawyer job in this article.

Salaries For Entertainment Lawyer

Salaries for an Entertainment Lawyer 

There is no specific fixed salaries for an entertainment lawyer. The market for these lawyers is highly dependent on the number of professional actors, musicians, and other entertainers who need help with their contracts, business deals, and other legal matters. The typical salary for a new law school graduate with a good combination of grades and extracurricular activities will be less than $60,000 per year. This is significantly less than the median salary for those who hold Bachelor’s degrees: $81,818 per year.

10 Highest Paying Jobs for Entertainment Lawyers

The demand for entertainment lawyers is on the rise, and the job market is expected to be competitive. The best way to get a salaries as an entertainment lawyer is to specialize in a particular area of the law. 

  • Corporate Lawyer – The entertainment industry is especially focused on mergers and acquisitions. Corporate lawyers in this field can earn up to $100,000 per year. 
  • IP and Technology Lawyer – This is the law of intellectual property, which includes rights management, copyright, patent law, and trademarks. IP lawyers can earn up to $130,000 per year. 
  • Music Lawyer – These lawyers specialize in contractual rights and rights of publicity, copyright, songwriting and publishing, and other matters unique to the music industry. Music lawyers can earn up to $210,000 per year. 
  • Video Game Lawyer – This field is increasingly important as video games become a major source of entertainment. Lawyers who specialize in video game law can earn up to $220,000 per year. 
  • Sports Agent – Sports agents help athletes negotiate contracts with teams and leagues, negotiate contracts with sponsors, and manage their business interests. Sports agents can earn up to $300,000 per year.

Role of Entertainment Lawyer

Entertainment lawyers help actors, producers, directors, and other professionals in the entertainment industry manage legal risks. The demand for these lawyers is growing rapidly as the digital transformation continues to reshape how we consume media. Entertainment lawyers have very deep knowledge of copywriting law and making contracts with other companies or professional companies. They issue a license for starting any project like entertainment movies, launching films, etc. 

Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyer

This lawyer will help companies acquire other companies. They will also draft agreements to manage any acquisition risk. The field is highly specialized, and the pay is higher than in other legal fields. Lawyers in this field earn an average of $155,000 per year. A small number of lawyers earn more than $1 million or even more than $10 million per year. Some lawyers handle a wide range of matters for a particular client. In this role, these lawyers manage the client’s deal team, often including lawyers, accountants, bankers, and other professionals. Lawyers in this role may earn an average of $180,000 per year.

IP and Technology Lawyer

This lawyer will help companies protect their intellectual property. They will also draft agreements to manage any acquisition risk. The field is highly specialized, and the pay is higher than in other legal fields. The pay for many IP lawyers ranges between $130,000 and $200,000. Some lawyers earn more than $1 million or even more than $10 million per year. 

Patent Lawyer 

A patent lawyer helps clients understand and protect their intellectual property in the United States and other countries. Lawyers in this field generally earn between $180,000 and $200,000 per year. 

Trademark Lawyer 

A trademark lawyer protects a client’s brand trademarks. Lawyers in this field generally earn between $150,000 and $180,000 per year.

Music Lawyer

This lawyer specializes in contracts and rights of publicity for the music industry. The pay is high, and some lawyers earn more than $220,000 per year. 

Attorney at Law 

Many states have passed “attorney-at-law” laws that allow a non-lawyer to practice law. There is some controversy over whether attorney-at-law is the same as being a law degree lawyer. Many states have passed “attorney” laws that allow a non-lawyer to practice law. There is some controversy over whether the attorney is the same as a law degree lawyer. Law Degree-holders earn an average annual salary of $160,000.

Want to become a high-paying entertainment lawyer

The salary of an entertainment layer depends on skills, the field of interest, and location. Their salary varies from city to city. Some entertainment lawship are high paying with their benefits. If you want to be a high-paying entertainment lawyer then you can opt from these most trending categories:

  • Tax Attorney   $122,00
  • Corporate Lawyer.   $115,000
  • Real Estate Attorney.     $86,000
  • Employment Lawyer.     $87,000
  • Divorce Attorney.      $84,000
  • Immigration Attorney.    $84,000
  • Public Defender.     $63,000

Way to become an entertainment lawyer

Firstly, you have to pass the bar exam and then practice in different fields according to your interest. When you get some experience, then go for any specific field of entertainment law. Then you can find jobs based on your field of law.

Pros and Cons of entertainment lawyer job

Being an entertainment lawyer you can earn a great salary with a high-profit margin. As this field has many charms with high rewards; also has bad impacts on entertainment lawyers. For entertainment lawyers, it’s not quite easy to handle their work pressure. They can go into mental retardation because of work overload and worries. So, this might cause stress for entertainment lawyers.


The entertainment industry is an exciting place to work. There are varieties of job opportunities in the entertainment industry through which you can make a handsome salary. With wages growing and the job market expected to be strong, now is a great time to enter this field. You will have plenty of opportunities for advancement, and you can expect your salary to increase as your experience level increases.


1.Is it profitable to become an entertainment lawyer?

In the entertainment industry, you have a quite high margin of making a profit. Entertainment Lawyers can also make a profit and high through their professional skills.

2.What is the average salary of an entertainment lawyer?

The salaries differ from state to state. But to get a rough idea know that the average salary for an entertainment lawyer is $116,800. This can vary according to different Categories of an entertainment lawyer.

Salaries For Entertainment Lawyer

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