What Is The Pay At Spirit Halloween?


Spirit Halloween is the world’s number one Halloween costume, decorations, accessories, and props store. It has more than 1500 locations in the United States and Canada. Joe Marver founded Spirit Halloween in 1983. The headquarters of this store is located in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. Because of the many locations in the United States, Spirit Halloween hires a great number of employees per year. Let us know ‘What Is The Pay At Spirit Halloween?’.

What Is The Pay At Spirit Halloween?

If you want to be an employee at any workplace you first look at their pay according to their working hours, before applying for it. Similarly, when you talk about the pay for Spirit Halloween, it ranges from $9.30 to $18.10 per hour. Your pay depends on the position you are hired for. So, if you have experience then there is a chance that you will get a better job position with high pay. 

Basic Requirements to Be an Employee at Spirit Halloween 

Spirit Halloween hires candidates with 1 to 2 years of store and sales experience. The candidates must be 16 years of age or older to apply for employment at Spirit Halloween. If the age requirement is not fulfilled then you cannot apply for a job here. To get hired you should fulfill all the basic skills like high energy, time management, completing tasks, a friendly attitude, working in teams, and good communication skills. The physical demands required from employees at Spirit Halloween is a total of 8 hours of standing, climbing ladders, lifting boxes, etc. Those candidates who can fulfill all of these duties can apply for a job at Spirit Halloween. 

Application Procedure

You can apply for this job online. Follow these steps to complete the application procedure for employment at Spirit Halloween.

  1. Visit their website www.work4spirit.com.
  2. Create new account 
  3. Submit your application with all required information and documents. 
  4. The recruiter will call you for a short interview.
  5. After passing the short interview, you will be called for a final interview with managers. 

Pay at Spirit Halloween 

Your pay depends on your job position and experience level and ranges from $9.30 to $18.10 per hour. Let’s discuss per hour pay of different positions at Spirit Halloween 

PositionsPer Hour Pay
Assistant Store Manager $ 10.00
Cashier $ 10.27 
Clerk$ 9.63
Stocker$ 9.40
Sales$ 11.00
Customer Service Associate $ 10.14
Lead Cashier$ 13.90
Front End Associate$ 10.00
Retail Assistant Manager $ 14.62
Merchandiser$ 9.63

There are many other different job positions you can apply for according to your experience and skills. Visit their office for more information about jobs and salaries.

Payment period

Employees working at Spirit Halloween will receive their payment in a bi-weekly period. This means that you will get your salary every other Monday. The salary will be sent to your linked credit card. 

Dress Code 

Every workplace has some kind of dress code to develop a working environment. To work at Spirit Halloween you must follow the dress code given by the company. It includes a t-shirt and apron with the company logo. The color of the apron is purple or yellow. But if you are wearing a costume, there is no need to wear an apron. You will also receive tags with your name on them and you have to wear them during your working hours. 

Pros of Working at Spirit Halloween

If you get hired or thinking about applying for a job at Spirit Halloween then you should consider yourself lucky because you will get many advantages to being an employee there. 

  1. You will get paid holidays. 
  2. Coverage of your medical and other health-related problems.
  3. Bonuses will be given.
  4. Your educational expenses will be covered by the company.
  5. Short-term and long-term disability insurance. 


Spirit Halloween is best for buying your costumes and decorations for Halloween. There are many stores in the United States. To manage all these stores Spirit Halloween hires a huge number of employees per year. You can easily apply for any job position through the given website. You will receive many benefits if you get hired. The salaries of employees start from $9.30 per hour. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the highest-paid job at Spirit Halloween?

Answer: The highest-paid job at Spirit Halloween is a district sales manager with a $114,719 salary per year.

Q. Is it necessary to follow the dress code at Spirit Halloween?

Answer: yes, it is necessary to follow the dress code. You can wear the apron given by the company over anything. 

Q. Can a 14-year-old work at Spirit Halloween?

Answer: No, the minimum age to work at Spirit Halloween is 16 years old, as the United States law.

Q. What are the parent companies of Spirit Halloween?

Answer: Parent companies of Spirit Halloween are Spencer’s and SSH Holdings, Inc. 

What Is The Pay At Spirit Halloween?

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