How Much Does Dunkin Pay Per Hour In Nh?

Dunkin’ Donuts is a popular chain of coffee shops that was founded in 1950 in Quincy, Massachusetts. The company offers a wide variety of breakfast items, baked goods, and drinks, including coffee, tea, and specialty beverages. Dunkin’ Donuts has expanded over the years and now has thousands of locations across the United States and in many other countries around the world. Let us know How Much Does Dunkin Pay Per Hour In Nh?

How Much Does Dunkin Pay Per Hour In Nh?

The company is known for its fast and convenient service, and for its commitment to using high-quality ingredients and sustainable practices. Dunkin’ Donuts is a beloved brand that has become a cultural icon and a staple of American culture. The business has numerous locations around New Hampshire, and a huge number of people are employed there in a variety of positions, including crew members, shift leaders, managers, and more.

Salaries in Dunkin

The average hourly wage for a Dunkin’ Donuts crew member in New Hampshire, according to Glassdoor, between $10 and $12. Based on information provided by both current and previous employees, this is a rough estimate.

Employees at Dunkin’ in the USA may earn different incomes according on their job title, location, experience, and other criteria. Here are some rough compensation ranges for several popular jobs at Dunkin’:

  • Crew Member: $8-$15 per hour
  • Shift Leader: $10-$17 per hour
  • Assistant Manager: $29,000-$47,000 per year
  • General Manager: $40,000-$70,000 per year

It’s important to note that these are approximate ranges and actual salaries may vary based on individual circumstances. Additionally, salaries can vary depending on the specific Dunkin’ franchise or location, as well as the cost of living in the area.

The factor that can affect the pay

1. Location

The store’s location is one of the most important elements impacting Dunkin’ Donuts pay. Depending on the cost of living in a certain place, pay rates can differ significantly. For instance, due to the high cost of living in the city, the typical pay for a Dunkin’ Donuts employee in New York City is more than in a smaller town in the Midwest. To recruit and keep workers in a tight labour market, wages may also be higher in metropolitan regions.

2. Experience

The degree of experience a worker has might also have an impact on their salary at Dunkin’ Donuts. Employees with greater experience could be paid more since they have more skills and can do their tasks more quickly. This is particularly true for management positions, where prior experience is frequently necessary. Starting salary for new hires may be lower, but as they gain experience and show they can carry out their responsibilities, they may be given raises.

3. Position

Pay scales might also change based on the position an individual has. A store manager, for instance, often makes more money than a staff member. This is so that the manager can oversee the store’s operations and make sure everything goes well. The store’s staff must be hired, trained, and managed by the management as well. On the other side, crew workers oversee duties including receiving orders, making food, and cleaning the shop.

4. Franchise Ownership

Franchisees often own and operate Dunkin’ Donuts locations, and they are free to determine their own wage rates as long as they follow certain rules. Franchise owners have considerable discretion over employee pay and pay scales might change between franchise locations. Franchisees must adhere to the minimum pay standards set by Dunkin’ Donuts, though.

5. Industry Standards

The norms and trends in the business might also have an impact on pay rates. For instance, Dunkin’ Donuts could need to change its pay rates if rival fast food or restaurant businesses are paying their staff higher compensation to remain competitive. Moreover, wage rates may change due to alterations in the economy or other outside circumstances.

6. Employee Performance

Dunkin’ Donuts may offer bonuses or wage increases to employees who demonstrate exceptional performance. For example, an employee who consistently meets sales targets or provides excellent customer service may be eligible for a bonus or wage increase. These incentives can motivate employees to work harder and provide better service to customers.

7. Federal and local minimum wage laws

Finally, Dunkin’ Donuts must adhere to state and municipal minimum wage rules, which may have an impact on employee pay rates. These regulations establish a minimum wage that employers are required to give their workers. In addition, rules governing the minimum wage have been passed in several states and cities that are greater than the federal minimum wage. These regulations must be followed, and Dunkin’ Donuts must pay its workers at least the minimum wage established by the relevant jurisdiction.


The pay rates at Dunkin’ Donuts might vary depending on a variety of factors. Location, experience, position, franchise ownership, industry norms, worker performance, and local and federal minimum wage regulations are some of these considerations. It’s critical for workers to comprehend these elements and how they could affect their remuneration. Employers should be aware of these aspects as well and work to provide their staff with fair and competitive pay.

How Much Does Dunkin Pay Per Hour In Nh?

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