Does Paid Family Leave Pay Weekly? – Know More

The family paid leave is one of the fantastic packages enjoyed by employees in the United States. It comes with different terms and structures based on the State in question. As a result, the booming question is- is it paid weekly or bi-weekly? Let’s find out in a bit. Let us know about ‘Does Paid Family Leave Pay Weekly?’.

Does Paid Family Leave Pay Weekly?

Paid Family Leave is a weekly pay once the application is approved. 

Paid Family Leave- What Does It Mean?

From the name, it is focused on giving employees good family time with financial packages. A Paid Family Leave is a benefit structure where money is given to an employee who takes time off work to deal with the medical issues of a loved one or care for a child.

Paid Family Leave is a solution to the first established Family and Medical Leave Act(FMLA). The Family and Medical Leave Act allowed employees to take time off work, but it had a shortfall- no payment package was included. So Paid Family Leave adds the payment package to the program.

It’s a program that runs in nine states in the United States. 

  • Massachusetts 
  • Connecticut 
  • District of Columbia 
  • New Jersey 
  • California 
  • New York 
  • Colorado 
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island 

What’s The Payment Schedule For The Paid Family Leave?

Paid Family Leave may have different structures based on the state, so let’s look into the payment schedule as it is done in each eligible state.


Paid Family Leave benefits are paid to Connecticut employees weekly. Upon approval, the Paid Family Leave drops every Tuesday during the leave period. 


Massachusetts offers up to 26 weeks of Paid Family Leave. The payment is made weekly upon approval and the start of the leave. 

District Of Columbia

Washington DC offers;

  • Up to 12 weeks leave for severe personal health issues 
  • Up to 12 weeks leave for taking care of a new child
  • Up to 12 weeks leave for severe health issues of a family member
  • Up to 2 weeks pregnancy leave.

The benefit is paid weekly.

New Jersey

Employees in New Jersey are privileged to receive weekly Paid Family Leave benefits of up to 12 weeks. Payment is made weekly.


California offers eight weeks of Paid Family Leave yearly. Payment is made weekly.

New York

New York offers up to 12 weeks of Paid Family Leave in a calendar year. Payment is made weekly upon the start of the leave and approval of the benefits application. 


Colorado offers four weeks of paid leave for pregnancy or childbirth complications. It then provides the main Paid Family Leave package for up to 12 weeks a year. Payment is made weekly.


Oregon offers up to 12 weeks of Paid Family Leave. Payment is made weekly

Rhode Island

Rhode offers up to 6 weeks of Paid Family Leave. Payment is made weekly.

How Can You Be Eligible For The Paid Family Leave?

The eligibility criteria for Paid Family Leave varies from one US state to another. 


The eligibility policy of Connecticut is not an easy pill to swallow. Connecticut counts the following people as ineligible.

  • Federal Government workers (employees)
  • Employees of non-public elementary and secondary schools
  • Employees belonging to a union 
  • Employees at municipalities 
  • Employees at the educational board

So, if you are an employee not belonging to the above-listed categories, you can have a shot at the Paid Family Leave of Connecticut. Another criterion is that one must have earned a minimum wage of $2,325 in the base period. Aside from that, such an employee must be under a covered Connecticut employer.


The paid leave is available to W-2 employees, including those at state agencies. Some contractor workers are eligible but must confirm by the Massachusetts board. Irrespective of the class mentioned above, employees must have earned the Massachusetts minimum salary of $5,700 annually. 

District Of Columbia

First off, those receiving unemployment benefits are not eligible for the DC Paid Family Leave. Employees under covered employers must spend above 50% time working in the state to be eligible. There’s room for the self-employed, but they must be enrolled in the system.

New Jersey

To be eligible for New Jersey’s Paid Family Leave, you must first be a worker in the state and then must have contributed to the Family Leave Insurance Plan anchored by the state. Employees must have worked for 20 weeks and received a minimum weekly wage of $240. On the other side, employees who have earned up to $12000 during the 18-month frame before they leave are also eligible.


Employees who contribute to the State Disability Insurance are eligible. Another requirement is that an employee must have received a minimum quarterly wage of $300 in a year, void of California State Disability Insurance.

The California Paid Family Leave board also reserves spots for employees who have taken time off for valid reasons and lost their wages in the process. 

New York

Part-time employees who have worked more than 175 days and less than 20 hours weekly are eligible. Full-time workers with a minimum of 20 working hour weekly are qualified. However, they must work for 26 consecutive weeks after getting the job. 


Colorado isn’t so strict with the requirements as they are open to contract workers and the self-employed. However, they must live and work in the state to be eligible. The self-employed and contract workers are not automatically covered, so they must enrol in the system. 

For employees to be eligible, they must have received a minimum wage of $2500 in the previous four quarters. 


Oregon Paid Family Leave requires employees to have worked a minimum of 180 days and currently under employers with over 25 workers. Employees must also perform a weekly average of 25 hours. 

Rhode Island

To be eligible for the Rhode Island Paid Family Leave, one must meet the following requirements;

  • Must be a full-time employee
  • Must have been employed for a year
  • Work a minimum of 30 hours weekly

Paid Family Leaves are great programs that have provided help to several employees across the United States. When we dig into the practising states, it’s clear that the Paid Family Leave is pay weekly. Each state has its requirements, Leave structure, and procedures. So it’s best to work with that which concerns you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Are Funds Generated For Paid Family Leave?

Each state creates a system where deductions are made from employees’ payrolls. These deductions fund the Leave.

2. How Long Does It Take To Receive The Paid Family Leave After Application?

The boards and systems involved try to dispense the funds as fast as possible. However, it should take a maximum of 14 days.

3. Does A Paid Family Leave Secure My Job?

No, Paid Family Leave can’t secure your job; it only provides finances when you take time off work.

4. Must I Be A Tax Payer To Enjoy Paid Family Leave?

Yes, it is compulsory. 

Does Paid Family Leave Pay Weekly? – Know More

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