Ohio State Highway Patrol Shift Hours – Know More

Ohio state government prioritizes the safety and security of citizens. As a result, immense security measures are set out across the state. One key player is the Ohio State Highway Patrol. There are several exciting pieces of information about this state patrol, but the focus of this piece concerns their shift hours. It’s a sensitive and high-profile duty to the state and will require top-notch devotion. So people want to know how they handle shift hours. Let us know about ‘Ohio State Highway Patrol Shift Hours’.

Ohio State Highway Patrol Shift Hours

Workers at Ohio State Highway Patrol work a maximum of 40 hours weekly. Breaking this down, they work 8 to 5 daily but have two days off. 

Ohio State Highway Patrol- What Does It Mean?

Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) is a part of the police force. It is a department or agency created by Ohio State Government to deal with traffic and vehicle law enforcement. It was created far back in 1933 for the security and safety of Ohio roadways. 

As an extension of the Ohio Department of Public Safety, the Ohio State Highway Patrol continues to provide safety to people and properties of Ohio.

Ohio State Highway Patrol- What Do They Do?

The primary focus is on traffic law enforcement, but the division spreads its tentacles to provide other related values as well.

Traffic Law Enforcement 

They ensure that every traffic rule concerning vehicles, driving, pedestrian, and even animals is obeyed. They arrest defaulters or give the appropriate punishment depending on the broken traffic law.

Traffic law enforcement is crucial as it facilitates appropriate driving manners and reduces the occurrence of road crashes. Some examples include.

  • Ensuring  drivers have an updated driver’s license
  • Enforce the no drinking while driving policy. Also, investigate drunk drivers
  • Complete adherence to driving rules, traffic lights, and speed limits
  • The use of seat belts
  • And more.

Investigate Criminal Activities

They aid the police force in investigating criminal activities. However, their investigation focuses on properties owned by Ohio State Government or leased properties. 

Emergency Response

Ohio State Highway Patrol officers are well-distributed and readily available across the state. As a result, they offer rapid responses to emergencies on the roads or in communities.

Security To The Government

They are part of the Governor’s security team and offer safety to dignitaries. This involves both close-range security and security beyond the perimeter. 

Does Ohio State Highway Patrol Work On Shift?

Undoubtedly, positions that involve security and order in the state can be demanding. As a result, officers or patrol personnel must always be available. This can arouse the thinking that patrol personnel works around the clock. 

Ohio State Highway Patrol work on shift. The work schedule is balanced and gives officers time to rest or refresh. Workers at Ohio State Highway Patrol work a maximum of 40 hours weekly. Breaking this down, they work 8 to 5 daily but have two days off. 

What Positions Are Available At Ohio State Highway Patrol?

It’s an honor to work for the Ohio State Highway Patrol. It’s a way to express your loyalty, passion, and care for the well-being of Ohio citizens. Careers are available, and the Ohio State Highway Patrol offers fantastic work conditions and compensation.


It will be impossible to carry out operations successfully without an efficient communication system. Ohio State Highway Patrol has the Dispatcher position, and these people are the communication agents. They receive and transmit information via radio communication. 

The department needs these persons because information and communication have proven crucial in its activities.


  • Good command of the English Language 
  • Ability to read and write
  • Ability to use the computer even at the most basic level
  • Must have a GED or high school diploma


Now we move to the guys on the roads. Troopers are officers on the road enforcing traffic laws and investigating criminal actions. They also dig into vehicle crashes. 


  • Must have a valid driver’s license
  • A US citizen
  • Good sights and hearing ability 
  • High School Diploma. A GED will also suffice
  • Minimum of 20 years of age

Ohio Investigative Unit Enforcement Agent

These guys perform a series of operations. Their work is all about investigation, and they cover the following areas.

  • Investigate and enforce state laws on alcohol. This will involve uncovering the illegal use and production of alcohol within the state. They keep an eye on locations where alcohol and liquor are sold.
  • Investigate property crimes
  • Dig into issues of drug use
  • Enforce food stamp laws


  • Valid driver’s license
  • GED or High School Diploma
  • At least 21 years of age
  • US citizen


These are direct assistants to the Troopers. So they also engage in every duty of the Troopers- crash scene, traffic control, etc. However, the Auxiliary role is a volunteer position – someone willing to serve Ohio.


  • Must live in Ohio
  • No crime records
  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • Perfect physical condition, including height and weights

Motor Carrier Enforcement Inspector

Aside from private vehicles, Ohio State Highway Patrol also enforces laws on commercial vehicles. The inspector ensures that carrier rules are obeyed


  • Must have 3months of experience in Public Relations 
  • Experience in commercial vehicle maintenance, usually six months 
  • Must have a driver’s license 

How Can You Join Ohio State Highway Patrol?

You can join the Ohio State Highway Patrol once they announce their recruitment schedule. It all starts with acquiring and filling out an online application form. Ohio State Highway Patrol does not accept physical or hardcopy applications.

After submitting the form, you will receive a date for the test. Other procedures include.

  • You have to write the multiple-choice exam on the assigned date
  • Attend the physical fitness screening according to the assigned date. This involves exercises and drills.
  • The recruitment board will schedule a time for a polygraph examination to test some physiological responses.
  • The committee takes time to conduct background checks on applicants. 
  • In addition to the physiological test, you will undergo a psychological test. 
  • A drug test follows. There is a strict policy on drug tests. It must be negative for you to proceed to the next stage. 
  • A compulsory orientation 
  • Admission into the training academy, usually 24 to 26 weeks


Ohio State Highway Patrol works on shifts, typically a daily 8-5 with two days off. So it’s a blend of commitment and a mole time for rest. It’s a great idea to be part of the Ohio State Highway Patrol and play a role in maintaining law and order on Ohio roadways. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Does Ohio State Highway Patrol Pay Well?

They offer a competitive salary as the least position earns up to $40 000 annually.

2. Is Tattoo Allowed Among Workers Of Ohio State Highway Patrol?

Officers or workers can have tattoos, but they must not be visible in uniform. 

3. Are Long Hairs Allowed In Ohio State Highway Patrol?

No, it’s against the policy

Ohio State Highway Patrol Shift Hours – Know More

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