Does Grubhub Pay Weekly? – Know More

Grubhub Inc. is an American online and mobile prepared food ordering and delivery platform. This company has it’s headquarters at Chicago, Illinois, United States. It was founded in 2004 and is a subsidiary of the Dutch company Just Eat Takeaway since 2021. Let us know about ‘Does Grubhub Pay Weekly?’.

Does Grubhub Pay Weekly?

Does Grubhub Pay Weekly?

Grubhub has different dates to pay restaurants and drivers. Restaurants which select direct deposit get paid weekly, biweekly or fortnightly. If they opt for check payments, they get paid once a month through mail on the 5th business day of the month. If you are Grubhub driver then you will get paid once every week if you opt for direct deposit payment option. The instant Cash Out option will let you withdraw your earnings anytime.

Grubhub & Restaurants

As mentioned above, restaurants working with Grubhub can choose direct deposit or check payments according to their will. 

If a Restaurateur opt for direct deposit payments, then the answer is YES, Grubhub will pay you once a week or biweekly, according to your preference. Contrary to this, if the restaurateur opts for check payment, Grubhub will mail your check on the 5th business day of every month but Grubhub’s commission fee will be deducted.

Grubhub & Drivers

Also mentioned above, drivers working for Grubhub have 2 payment options. One is Instant Cash Out and the other is Direct Deposit.

If the driver chooses direct deposit, Grubhub will pay him Weekly on every Thursday for the work you have done from Monday to Sunday in the previous week. After the withdrawal of cash is requested from the bank, it will take about 3-5 business days for the money to be credited into your account. 

In contrast to this, if the driver chooses Instant Cash Out option, he can withdraw his earnings instantly into his bank account but it will cost some fee.

Grubhub & Bonuses

Grubhub comes with two bonus paying periods within two weeks.

They provide you with many special missions and on accomplishing them, you will receive your first bonus and the second bonus on second week.

Grubhub & Payment Formula

Payment formula = Mileage per order+ time spent+ tips+ special offers.

Mileage per order

 It means the amount the delivery boy will be paid per mile while delivering the food to the customer from the restaurant.

Recently, Grubhub is paying about 22 cents per mile.


Customers give tips according to the delivery boy’s services. They get 100% of the tips.

Time spent

 It means the total time drivers spend on the road.

Mileage only, can’t decide the total time spent on road. Sometimes, there is huge traffic at even short distances, so Grubhub pays the time spent on road. 

Recently, Grubhub is paying 13 cents per minute on the road.

Special offers

 Grubhub provides with time and market specific special offers which drivers can earn from bonuses when they accomplish certain goals.

Grubhub Drivers & Payment issues

Grubhub may pay you weekly but there are several payment issues a Grubhub driver will experience. Some of them are listed below:

Unstable payments

Grubhub payment is inconsistent depending upon how busy the company is, drivers available, or weather. At some time, you will be paid more and at sometime you will be paid less. 

Delay in payments

Some drivers have accounts in small banks which may not provide real time payments and in result the driver have to wait for at least three days to get their money.


 Grubhub also penalizes it’s drivers who miss, reject or drop an order. The company make sure that they have a reliable workforce who usually don’t dismiss orders or shifts.

Independent contractor

A Grubhub driver is not an hourly or salaried employee but an independent contractor who has to file a 1099 tax form every year and is fully responsible for his tax liability. 

Dealing with unhappy customers

 Sometimes, customers are not happy about the delay of their meal or disappointed by some other reasons. Only apologizing is the solution. But sometimes, they even deny to pay for the meal.

How long will it take to show my payment in my bank account if I have cashed out?

Instant cash out transactions generally take moments to show but can also extend upto 3 business days according to your bank. Once the delivery is done, all the payments and tips are available  on the system after 15 minutes. Some adjusted pays may take some extra time to be paid. 

How much a driver can cash out in a day using the Instant Cash Out feature?

A driver can cash out up to 500$ in a day and there is no limit of how many times drivers can use the  feature. But they have to pay a fee of 0.50$ for each Instant Cashout transaction which don’t even hold a guarantee of instant payment. The driver can’t  cash out only a portion but has to cash out all of his earnings while using this feature. The drivers will get a message and an email confirming the success  of cash out.


So, to conclude, if you’re a Grubhub driver, you automatically  get a weekly payment if you go with Direct deposit payment and if you go with Instant cash out option, you will get your payment instantly,in most cases. The one’s with Direct deposit payment get their salaries on Thursday. If you are using Instant Cashout feature, you can withdraw up to 500$ a day but you have to withdraw all of your earnings at once using this feature. This feature allows you to get your payment instantly or it can even take up to three business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Grubhub pay weekly or daily?

It depends on the mode you choose for your payment. Opting for Direct deposits allows you to have weekly or biweekly payments while going with Instant cashout lets you have your income daily.

2. Does Grubhub charge any fee for Instant Cash out feature?

Grubhub always charges a fees of 0.50$ with every instant Cash out transaction.

3. How much a Grubhub driver make weekly?

A Grubhub driver usually make around 85$ weekly.

4. Can one work for one day at Grubhub?

One can work whenever they want. Whether it is part-time, full-time or on their own schedule.

Does Grubhub Pay Weekly? – Know More

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