Who Owns Kroger?- Full History

Who Owns Kroger?

Kroger, formerly known as The Kroger Company, is an American-based retail company. The company was first established back in 1883 by the American businessman Bernard Kroger. The company was and still headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. Here, we’ll know Who Owns Kroger?

The Kroger Company, Kroger Grocery, Baking Compan,y, and Great Western Tea Company are American-based supermarkets and retail businesses. The Kroger Company name the world’s third-largest retailer supermarket in the United States of America. 

The establishment of Kroger was with the name of Great Western Tea Company which Bernard Kroger and B. A founded. Branagan. The company only dealt with grocery-related products and had four chains by 1885. A few years later, the company established a bakery and many other food processing facilities. By, 1904 Kroger Grocery and Baking Company bought a meat company and set up their first in-store meat departments.  

Slowly the business chain of The Kroger Company grew more and more. Now, Kroger is the seventh-largest American-bought private employer in the country, and the CEO is Rodney McMullen. In addition, the Kroger Company is the only important U.S. supermarket company that operates a three-tier economic distribution system. 

As per thekrogerco.com, more than 35% of the food produced on American soil throw away, and more than 40 million Americans are victims of starvation. Kroger’s Zero Hunger is a program that is committed to helping reduce the wastage of food. 

Steps to Work At The Kroger Company

There will be very few in the country who will deny working at The Kroger Company. But, the ones who are willing to apply for such a highly reputed company should go past the eligibility criteria and the selection process. 

Getting hired at Kroger is relatively easy as they go through some straightforward checks and tests. The basics are a background check and a drug test. The minimum age to work at The Kroger Company is 14-years-old. 

Below are the steps and process of applying at The Kroger Company:-

  • The application process of the company- Filling out the application form can be done online only. An offline application form is made available in any Kroger store but, it is always better to fill it out privately rather than publicly. 

For online application following are the procedure that you need to fill:-

  1. Visit their official Kroger application website. 
  2. Create an account using any of your email IDs’
  3. Search for the position you are willing to apply for and see if there is any vacancy for the job. 
  4. If you are unsure of which position to apply for, opt for the hourly retail associate.  

The following details will ask to fill:-

Full Name

Home Address


Education or Qualifications 

Work Experience and 


  • Company’s Employment exam- After all the application details fill the candidate will direct to the company’s employment exam. Candidates will be asked fundamental questions with multiple choice answers. There will be a choice of four answers for each question. 
  • Phone call confirmation- If the hiring department shortlists you, one can expect a call in one or two business days. You can also directly call the hiring manager, inform them of your name, and mention that you have submitted your application. The candidate should let the manager know that you are ready for an interview at any time. 
  • Interview process- You are very close to the job in the interview process. As per few reports, candidates who previously have been hired by Kroger say that the questions asked are straightforward and the interview is just a formality. Still, the candidate needs to answer everything with confidence and mention your past customer experience to the hiring manager. 
  • Induction and Training of the selected candidate- The candidate will go through a simple family background check and drug test before this procedure. Once they are done and passed, the candidate will call for induction and training. The training at Kroger takes a maximum of two days, which significantly depends on the job position you hired. 

The Kroger Company Job Positions and their Roles 

The available positions at The Kroger Company are as follows:-

  • Bagger 
  • Clerk
  • Fuel Attendant
  • Cashier 
  • Manager
  • Stocker
  • Store Associate 
  • Store Clerk
  • Pharmacy Technician

The beginner-level job in the company is courtesy clerk, cashier, store clerk, and other department associates. The employees have the option to work both full-time and part-time in their respective departments. 

The roles of different job positions are given below:-


  • The courtesy clerks collect and bag all the groceries and put them out to the customer vehicles. 
  • The employees in this department should be very active, cheerful and should be able to perform the basic labor. 
  • Bagger should keep everything in its place, retrieve carts and make sure that everything is neat.
  • Baggers need to unload and load the daily deliveries and stock the shelves during slow periods. 

Store Clerk 

  • The primary duty of a store clerk at Kroger is to make sure that all the shelves are well organized and the floors swept well. 
  • They make sure that the customer service provided well. 
  • They should have some knowledge to perform simple administrative tasks to support the daily business operations. 
  • They often need to make phone calls or send emails to maintain an organized filing system in the department. 


  • The cashier needs to know how to operate the computerized cash registers. 
  • They should take the payments from the customers and answer anything related to the product. 
  • Cashiers should be very calm-minded, calm temperament, be kind, courteous, and patient with individual customers. 
  • Cashiers should communicate with their co-workers about any shortages and should maintain a clean working environment. 


  • The manager should supervise the entry-level workers. 
  •  Managers need to take immediate action if there is any danger in the workplace. 
  • They should be answerable to the customers related to any product, terms, conditions, or complaints. 

The Kroger Company Benefits and Perks 

The Kroger Company offers a long list of benefits and perks to its hired employees. Even the former employees have access to all the help and offers provided by the company. Some of the benefits provided by The Kroger Company are given below:-

  • Health and other wellness-related insurances- Some of the insurances offered from the company include Life Insurance, Dental Insurance, Mental Health Insurance, Supplement Life Insurance, Health Care On-Site, Health Saving Account (HSA), Vision Insurance, Disability Insurance, and Occupational Accident Insurance. 
  • Retirement Plans- Kroger offers many retirement plans to its employees such as 401K Plan, Retirement Plan, Employee Stock Purchase Plan, Stock Options, Elderly Pension Plan, Charitable Gift Matching, and Supplement Workers’ Compensation. 
  • Family and Parenting benefits include Maternity & Paternity Leave, Flexible Work Hours, Full-family Medical Leave, Military Leave, Emergency Leave, Unpaid Extended Leave, and Adoption Assistance. 
  • Vacation benefits from the company include Paid Holiday Packages, Bereavement Leave, Sick Days Leave, and Paid Time Off. 
  • Discounts and Discounts benefits include Employee Discount, Mobile Phone Discount, Employee Assistant Program, Company Social Events, and Yearly Gym Membership. 
  • Professional Support benefits include Off-the-job and On-the-Job Training, Tuition Assistance, Professional Development, Diversity Program, as per our expectations, and Apprentice Program. 

How Much Does Any Kroger Employee Make?

The minimum wage of an employee varies significantly by the region of the store. Recently, Kroger revealed that their average hourly salary had been $15 ever since 2019. The entry-level pay varies by the territory of the store and the job position as well. 

The average hourly pay for most of the job positions mentioned in the table given below:-

Popular Roles Average Hourly Pay
Cashier $9.09
Deli Associate$10.47
Grocery Clerk/Associate$11.21
Bakery Clerk $10.44
Produce Clerk $10.38
Retail Sales Associate$11.58
Attendant $10.05
Courtesy Associate $8.65
Customer Service Manager $15.10
Customer Service Supervisor$14.73
Greeter $10.04
Guest Service Agent $11.56
Customer Service Representative $9.82
Administrative Assistant $16.84
Center Manager $13.36
Front Desk Clerk and Night  Auditor $12.33
Lead Clerk $14.76
File Clerk $10.37
E-commerce specialist$11.27

The average yearly pay of some of the job positions at The Kroger Company are mentioned in the table below:-

Popular Roles Average Yearly Pay
Call Centre Representative $34,250
Customer Relation Representative$59,705
24 Hour Sale Support Representative $71,989
Demand Planner $82,313
Merchandising Assistant $58,953
Office Manager $51,643
Planner $54,399
Operations Associate $61,856
Administration Manager $66,728
Assistant Manager $40,923
Assistant Operation Manager $55,842
Associate Manager $46,303
Change Manager $74,720
Co-Manager $51,009
Director $121,289
Division Manager $158,560


In very recent years, the company has been coming up with unique ideas for the community. For example, the Zero Hunger Plan is Kroger’s commitment to end hunger in the communities and planning to eliminate food waste across their company by the year 2025. 

The Zero Hunger program is planning to pass out more than one billion meals by the end of 2021 and more than three billion meals by 2025 with the help of Feeding America and some other local food banks. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What are the days that The Kroger Company re-stocks its items?

Answer- The days are not exact, but, as per our expectations, Kroger re-stocks around every two to three days a week. The busiest times in a working day are from 3 pm to 8 pm for the Kroger retailers. 

  1. What is the average hourly pay of a Kroger’s cashier position?

Answer- Kroger’s cashiers’ average hourly pay is $10, and the range starts from $8-$14. 

  1. Is Kroger an excellent company to work?

Answer- According to employee reviews, Kroger is an excellent company to work for. The company offers a long list of benefits to its employees and former employees; job security is there, the hourly pay is good, and many other perks. 

  1. How long does it take Kroger to hire new candidates in their company?

Answer- In most cases, after filling out the form and completing all the interviews and other processes, it takes 7-10 days for the applicant to be hired at Kroger company. That also includes the family background check, drug test, and induction or training. 

  1. What is the dress code of Kroger employees?

Answer- Employees working at Kroger should wear aprons as of 2021 data, and they are not allowed to wear any other clothing, caps, hats with visible pictures, logos, writings, or abbreviations. The company has no problem with their employees having tattoos and different hair colors. Below, the employees can wear khaki pants, jeans (black or blue), skirts without cuts or holes. 

  1. What is the job at Kroger that required minimum effort?

Answer- The most straightforward job at the company is Cart Pushing. They just have to place all the carts in their place and wait for the customers to do with their coaches. 

Who Owns Kroger?- Full History

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