Who Owns Hummer?- Full History

Who Owns Hummer?

Hummer-manufactured SUVs are one of the most strongly built and reliable cars that are made available in the market. The brand first marketed its tough and rigid-manufactured SUVs way back in 1992 when AM General first began selling a civilian version of the M998 Humvee. Unfortunately, the beautiful and well-structured model was discontinued later, in 2010. Here, let’s know Who Owns Hummer?

Currently, Hummer’s name is housed under the banner of Gm’s truck and SUV brand GMC. In December 1999, GMC (General Motors) purchased the rights from AM Generals (Ante Meridiem) to market and distribute Hummer. But, it is not as easy as it sounds. There were many ups and downs in between these ownerships or any type of transaction. 

Establishment Owner 

There is a different story for Hummer when it comes to its foundation or establishment in the market. The brand Hummer might have originated back in 1992 but its history goes way back to the early 1980s. 

Previously during the 1980s, AM General used to sell a civilian version of Humvee which was a family of light, four-wheel-drive, military models. The well-structured model was used by the military of the country and had offered similar mechanical components that are the same as the current version of Hummer. 

In 1981, due to the well-built and rigid body of the Humvee military version, the US Army awarded AM General a prototype contract with development and operational testing conducted over a five-month the next year. 

The civilian version of Humvee might have looked bulky from the outside but had a great and chrome finish from the interior. The SUV was finished in automotive gloss paint, featured an air conditioner, sound insulation, updated upholstery, wood trim, leather seats, updated entertainment system, and convenience packages. 

Later in 1992, the foundation owner AM General began selling the civilian version of M998 Humvee to the market and the public under the brand name of ‘Hummer’. Interestingly, the first two Hummer models’ H1s were sold to famous movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was because of him that the civil version of Humvee came into production when he saw an Army Convoy while filming Kindergarten Cop in Oregon. 

Unfortunately, the AM General-manufactured civilian version of M998 Humvee was discontinued in 2010, nearly twenty years after GM acquired the brand. But, before that AM General was highly known for manufacturing the civilian version of Hummer and the military Humvee. Other than manufacturing SUVs, AM General also manufactured transit buses between 1974- 1979. 

Other Military Vehicles Manufactured by AM General

AM General manufactured thousands of Humvee and sold them to the military units in the country. But, some of the other models manufactured by AM General during the early 1980s are as follows:-

  • M151 Series
  • 2 ½ Ton 3-M35 Series  
  • 5 Ton M809 Series and 
  • M939 Series 

After selling the brand ‘Hummer’ to GM General, AM General was contracted to take over the militarization, sales, and marketing of LSSV vehicles. 

General Motors Acquires Hummer (1998)

Humvees that were sold under the brand name ‘Hummer’ were initially quite successful and were well appreciated by many people in the country but could not run well under the leadership of AM General. Unfortunately, AM General sold the brand name ‘Hummer’ to General Motors (GM Motors) in 1998 but, thankfully, AM General continued to manufacture the well-structured vehicles. 

This acquisition was made because AM General in some way found out that despite being a wonderful and super SUV the marketing is not being well done to the public. It was the duty of General Motors to advertise, market, and distribute all the civilian Hummers that were manufactured by AM General. 

But, General Motors did not leave a chance of designing and building their version of Hummer SUVs. Shortly after the acquisition of AM General, GM introduced two of their designed models and they were, the H2 and H3. After designing these two brand new versions of Humvee, General Motors renamed the original vehicle H1. 

On the other hand, AM General was continuously building the H1 until it was discontinued in late 2006, and they contracted with GM to manufacture H2. The H2 and H3 were built on the same platform and the interior quality and management were eye-catching; there was no denying that. 

The acquisition was made in such a way that both the American-based heavy model manufacturing company played a significant role in marketing and selling models under the brand name ‘Hummer’. 

The H3 model built by General Motors was manufactured in Shreveport alongside another great company, Chevrolet’s Colorado and GMC Canyon Pickup trucks. The H3 shared the same chassis or platform with the other two models that were being manufactured at the same station that is GMT-355 platform. This version of the platform is a modified version of GMT-345. H3 might have been manufactured in a combined area but the dealership buildings of Hummer featured a Half Quonset Hut style roof that was themed to the brand’s military origins. 

By 2006, models manufactured under the brand name ‘Hummer’ began to be exported and distributed in 33 different countries worldwide. It was in October 2006, where General Motors began manufacturing the H3 at the Port Elizabeth plant in South Africa for all of their international markets. Initially, General Motors manufactured H3 Hummers as a left-hand drive only but, later on, right-hand drive versions were also added and were exported to countries like Australia, European parts, and many others. 

On the other hand, at the beginning of 2006, the H2 model was being assembled in Kaliningrad, Russia, by Avtotor but soon ended in 2009. This plant assembled and produced a few hundred H2 models annually, unfortunately, its output was limited to local consumption with only five dealerships in Russia. 

In mid-2008, General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner revealed that due to the rising of oil prices and demand for large SUVs they announced a pair with Indian automakers. General Motors partnered with Mahindra & Mahindra and expressed their interest in purchasing all or a part of Hummer. 

Discontinuation of Hummer And Rumored Third Owner 

Unfortunately, one year later in 2009, a part of General Motors went bankrupt and the automobile company revealed that the Hummer brand would be discontinued. Soon China-based machinery company Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industry Machinery Company Limited bought the brand Hummer but could not do well. 

Later in February 2010, it was General Motors who announced that the Tengzhong deal had collapsed and the brand ‘Hummer’ would soon be shut down. There were some rumors that the machinery company would purchase Hummer privately from General Motors but nothing like that happened. 

Interestingly, Hummer might have been discontinued in 2010, recently news came up that Hummer will make a return to the market as a sub-brand of GMC from 2021. 


Due to the hard work and efficiency of General Motors, they can bring back the most-loved Hummer series into the automobile market. In mid-2019, the automobile company made great achievements by acquiring three expensive brands: Cadillac, a part of Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC. There is no stopping when hard work, efficiency, and management skills are found. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What is the latest model under the brand ‘Hummer’?

Answer- Hummer has been in the market for quite a time with its superior and powerful oil engine versions. In the upcoming years, Hummer EV will be launched and will be an all-new model within the GMC line-up. This all-new Hummer EV will go on sale in the fall of 2021 and the first slot for sale will be the most expensive Edition 1 then the less expensive models will go for sale starting in 2022. 

  1. What is the most popular Hummer model that is in the market?

Answer- The H2 is the most popular model that comes under the ‘Hummer’ brand or line-ups. It is also the top-selling model and then followed by its successor the H3. The H2’s overall sale peaked in the year 2006, with a little over 70,000 units sold. 

  1. What is the most luxurious and biggest Hummer ever made under the brand name?

Answer- The luxurious and biggest hummer ever made is the 2004 version Hummer H1. The model is made with customized aftermarket parts and builds, and all of it does not come at a cheap price. 

  1. Who has been named the Chief Executive officer of the Hummer brand?

Answer- The Cadillac general manager Jim Taylor has recently been named as the CEO of the Hummer brand. 

  1. What is the list of colors that the H2 has made available ever since its establishment?

Answer- Ever since H2s establishment in the automobile market is made available in twenty-five different (limited edition included) colors and they are as follows:-

  • All-Terrain Blue
  • All-Terrain Dark Blue
  • Pure Black
  • Birch White
  • Black/Custom Flames
  • Desert Sand 
  • Desert Sand Metallic 
  • Fusion Orange 
  • Normal Orange 
  • Glacier Blue Metallic 
  • Graystone Metallic 
  • Limited Edition Silver Ice 
  • Limited Edition Ultra Marine 
  • Pacific Blue 
  • Pewter 
  • Pewter Metallic 
  • Red Metallic 
  • Sage Green Metallic 
  • Solar Flare Metallic 
  • Sunset Orange Metallic 
  • Twilight Maroon Metallic 
  • Victory Red Color 
  • Pure White
  • Yellow 
Who Owns Hummer?- Full History

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